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Ransom News

Mac users targeted in first known ransomware attack

The first known case of ransomware designed to attack Apple Mac computers has been reported by a security form. The malware form is popular among Windows-based hackers and encrypts the user's files before demanding a ransom.

Czech govt paid $6 mn ransom for two women held in Pakistan: Report

Prague - The Czech government paid a $6-million (5.4-million-euro) ransom to secure the release last year of two women kidnapped Pakistan, the Respekt weekly reports in its Monday edition.

Norwegian IS hostage's family says unable to pay ransom

Oslo - The family of a Norwegian man the Islamic State is claiming to hold hostage called Thursday for his release and said it was unable to pay the ransom IS was asking.The Norwegian government has ruled out paying for his release.

Alleged kidnapping in Northern California was hoax, police say

Vallejo - This week’s reported kidnapping for ransom of a Bay Area woman was a hoax, California and federal authorities said Wednesday.

New Cryptolocker variant targets gamers by encrypting game files

A new version of the Cryptolocker malware has found its way onto the Internet. Named TeslaCrypt, this time gamers are the target as files of several major games are encrypted and locked down with players held to ransom for their unlock.

Hackers infect thousands of Australian computers with ransomware

Thousands of Australians have been locked out of their computers and told they must pay a ransom in order to regain access to their computer files. Australian government, corporate and individual computers have all been targeted.

Op-Ed: How to behead ISIS

Washington D.c. - The latest terrorist murder of an innocent by ISIS has come as the U.S. government has been forced to send representatives to TV news shows to deny it had threatened families of hostages to stop them from raising ransom money.

Aspiring singer fakes kidnapping to finance CD

Barcelona - A 22-year-old woman from Barcelona, Spain was arrested Thursday after allegedly faking her own kidnapping in the Dominican Republic. Apparently she needed to raise money to record a CD and hoped her father would hand over the necessary cash as a ransom.

Jihadist captors sent taunting letter to Foley family: employer

Washington - Journalist James Foley's jihadist captors sent his family a taunting and rambling email threatening to kill him, just a week before making public a video of his execution, the American reporter's employer said Thursday.

European ransoms now Al-Qaeda's major funding: NYTimes

Washington - Al-Qaeda is increasingly funding terror operations thanks to at least $125 million in ransom paid since 2008, largely by European governments to free western hostages, the New York Times reported.

Al-Qaeda groups reap $100 million in ransoms

New York - The UN Security Council on Monday demanded that countries not pay terrorist ransoms which the British backers of the move said have reaped Al-Qaeda and its allies more than $100 million.

Saudi ship owner paid $2.6 million ransom to Somali pirates

The Saudi owner of an Algerian ship hijacked by Somali pirates in 2011 has admitted paying a ransom of $2.6 million. The crew were released after 10 months when the cash ransom was parachuted to the pirates.

D.B. Cooper Case is forty years old today

Forty years ago on Thanksgiving eve, D. B. Cooper jumped out of an airplane. He had on a parachute and was carrying $200,000 in ransom money. Cooper was never found and the case remains open in the FBI's files.

The Plight of Maritime piracy

Many masters and shipowners do not report piracy for fear of delays due to protracted investigations, increased insurance premiums, bad publicity, and stifling red tape.

Somali pirates capture supertanker carrying $150m of oil

Somali pirates have captured a Greek-registered oil tanker with 25 men on board off the coast of Oman. The supertanker, Irene SL, has lost all communication with its Greek-based shipping company Enesel.

Author's glasses nabbed, ransom note left at book launch

London - Kidnapped glasses, a ransom note, a man jumping into a lake and a chase with a police helicopter were all part of a launch for author Jonathan Franzen’s new book.

Op-Ed: Terrorist hostages – Has France stopped paying ransoms?

Saturday’s execution of a Frenchman held hostage by al-Qaida seems to indicate a change in the way France deals with hostage situations. Often accused in the past of paying for the release of hostages, has France abandoned that policy?

UK government under pressure to bring kidnapped Chandlers home

The UK government is under fire for their continued refusal to consider paying the ransom demanded by the captors of British couple Paul and Rachel Chandler. The couple were snatched from their yacht last year on 23 October.

Huge ransom paid to Somali pirates

Somali pirates aboard a Greek-flagged oil tanker have received the biggest ransom ever paid to pirates. The money was dropped onto the deck of the oil tanker ship.

Op-Ed: Should Governments Pay Ransoms To Pirates?

A hijacked bulk carrier and 25 crewmembers off the Horn of Africa has been returned to its owners . Chinese sources say the ship and crew have been “rescued” by naval forces, but other reports claim a ransom was paid.

Hacker demands $10 million ransom for Virginia medical data

A hacker who claims to have stolen the health records of over 8.3 million Virginia residents is demanding $10 million for their return.The case is now being investigated by federal and state authorities.

Op-Ed: London is Profiting from Somalia's Piracy

Despite attempts by international naval forces to stem back rampant piracy in Somalia's territorial waters, pirates continue to hold hijacked vessels for ransom.

Ransom Demanded For Doctors Without Border Hostages

The kidnappers of three employees of Doctors Without Borders has demanded a ransom for their return. The hostages have been on the phone with authorities, confirming that they are alive. The kidnappers have stated they do not want to harm the aid workers.

Pirates lower ransom demand to $5M

Pirates who seized a Ukrainian vessel off the African coast have lowered their ransom demand to $5 million. The vessel was loaded with tanks and weapons.

Pirates Get $1.2 Million Ransom to Release Crew of Spanish Fishing Boat

A Spanish fishing that was being held by pirates off the Somali coast was freed after a $1.2 million ransom was paid. The Spanish government said there was no contact with the pirates, though.

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