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Trump refuses to halt rallies as coronavirus surges

Palm Beach - US President Donald Trump signaled Saturday that he has no intention of halting campaign rallies despite surging coronavirus infections, as a case was confirmed for the first time within miles of the White House.

Prayers and flamethrowers: Liberia's raucous rallies

Monrovia - Liberia's presidential campaign neared its close on Sunday with a quiet day of prayer, but campaigning in the west African nation is not for the faint-hearted -- or those sensitive to noise.

Op-Ed: Justin Trudeau engaged the crowd in Brampton ON pre-election 2015

Brampton - On October 4th, 2015, Justin Trudeau engaged a huge crowd at the Brampton, Ont. rally where he offered hope for Real Change and a better future for Canadians. Working together is vital where opportunities and growth will secure a prosperous Canada.

Actions in Edmonton concerning government, equality of women Special

Edmonton - Several politically-motivated actions in Edmonton on March 7 and 8 brought out hundreds of concerned citizens on a range of current events.

Worldwide marches in solidarity with France

Washington - About a hundred thousand people rallied worldwide in solidarity with France on Sunday, with marchers across Europe and the Middle East chanting "Je suis Charlie" and holding pens in the air.

More than 700,000 rally in France after Islamist attacks

Paris - More than 700,000 people on Saturday took to streets across France in tribute to the 17 people killed in three days of violence by Islamist extremists, the interior minister said.

Taiwan to review minimum wage after thousands rally on Labor Day

Taipei - Dozens of trade union members, labor rights groups and student groups marched in the streets Thursday, protesting against low pay and the use of temporary workers.

Canada: Idle No More protests spark meeting with PM Harper Special

Calgary - On January 11, 2013, Prime Minister Stephen Harper will meet with First Nations leaders to discuss treaty, Aboriginal rights, and economic development. First Nation Leaders demanded this meeting that was inspired by the grassroots movement Idle No More.

Op-Ed: Spain to ban photos or videos of police in action

Madrid - Allegedly to protect the lives of law enforcement officers, but more likely a crack-down on freedom of expression, Spain's government is drafting a law to ban citizens from photographing or filming police officers at their work.

'Global Noise' takes on the world against austerity (videos)

All over the world people were banging pots and pans and generally making themselves heard on Saturday, in the popular "Global Noise" movement against austerity.

Op-Ed: Keystone XL pipeline protesters rally in North America (Part 1)

Calgary - The controversial Canada-U.S. collaboration of the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline project provokes protesters to rally in Canada and the U.S. It doesn’t look as if it’s calming down any time soon.

Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart staging Washington rallies Oct. 30

Talk show hosts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are teaming up to hold opposing rallies in Washington on Oct. 30. While Stewart's rally is ideal for people who want to "take it down a notch for America," Colbert's is a "march to keep fear alive."

Thailand's Prime Minister warns of more violence in the country

Thailand's Prime Minister, Abhisit Vejajjiva, is warning the public that more violent attacks are likely to happen after a former soldier was arrested in connection with the recent attacks, including the bombing in the capital city.

Thailand 'Red Shirt' protesters back in Bangkok streets

The militant 'red shirts' protesters are back in the capital city of Bangkok after almost three months of inactivity following a tumultuous uprising that caused the death of close to 100 people last May.

Detained member of 'Red Shirt' protesters to run for parliament

A member of the pro-Thaksin 'Red Shirt' protesters were given a pass by Thai authorities to leave his detention cell in order to register as candidate for a seat in parliament which will be up for grabs in a by-election on July 25.

Former Thai Prime Minister denies funding 'Red Shirt' protesters

Lawyers for the Thaksin family denied accusations made by Thai authorities that they funded the recent bloody confrontations between the government and the "Red Shirt' protesters.

Thai Prime Minister survives ouster move in parliament

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejajjiva of Thailand survives a move in parliament to oust him as Prime Minister for for allegedly using excessive force in dispersing participants in the two-month old mass protest in the commercial district of Bangkok.

Thailand Wants Interpol to Arrest former Thai Prime Minister

A criminal court in Thailand has approved a warrant of arrest for former Prime Thai Minister Thaksin Shinawatra who is in exile in an unknown country. Thai authorities have asked the Interpol for assistance in his arrest and extradition.

Thai authorities show stockpile of weapons held by protesters

Bangkok - Large cache of weapons were discovered by Thai authorities at the stronghold of the 'Red Shirts' protesters in the commercial district of Bangkok after the government successfully quelled the two-month old standoff.

Former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin denies leading protesters

Bangkok - Former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said Wednesday he is not the leader of the 'Red Shirts' protesters or its political organization United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD)

Violence spreads north of Thailand as protest leaders surrender

Bangkok - At least four people died Wednesday in a renewed fighting between the hardcore protesters and Thai troops after the leaders of 'RedShirt' protesters surrendered to government authorities.

Thai troops breaks into protest barricades with armored vehicles

Bangkok - Ignoring the protesters' Senate-sponsored ceasefire proposal and resumption of talks, Thai authorities have started breaking into the barricades put up by the 'red shirt' protesters which were designed to protect their one square-mile encampment area.

Thailand declines talks until protesters leave occupied area

Bangkok - Thai authorities led by Prime Minister Abhisit Vejajjiva appear to be succeeding in its efforts to flash out the remaining 3,000 protesters holed up in the one square mile encampment in downtown Bangkok.

Thai protesters agreed to new round of talks proposed by senate

Bangkok - Leaders of the Thai 'Red Shirt' protesters have agreed to go back to the negotiating table on talks brokered by a Senate leader to end the two-month old anti-government protest that claimed more than 50 lives.

Thai protesters defy order to leave, 5000 remained after deadline

Bangkok - The deadline set by Thai authorities for the 'Red Shirts' protesters to leave their occupied site in downtown Bangkok has passed as around 5,000 more people remained in the one square mile encampment and continue to defy the order.

Wounded Thai renegade general dies as fighting continues

Bangkok - General Khattiya Sawasdipol, the renegade general who was shot in the head while being interviewed by journalists five days ago, has died in a hospital in Bangkok. His death is expected to spark another violent confrontation between protesters and troops.

Thailand crisis could turn into full blown civil war

Bankok - Thailand's political turmoil could turn into a full blown civil war if the 'Red Shirt' protesters who have occupied a huge commercial block in downtown Bangkok continue to resist the government efforts in sealing the area they are occupying.

Three people die as Thai troops opened fire on protesters

Thailand's political unrest continues to deteriorate as government troops opened-fire at the thousands of protesters who are camped in a one-square mile area in downtown Bangkok.

Thailand Army denies shooting protest leader as unrest continues

Thai authorities denied shooting a renegade military official who is identified with the 'Redshirt' protesters as one more victim died Thursday, bringing to 30 people killed since the start of protest more than two months ago

Thailand Protests Could Plunge into Civil War

A international crises group based in Brussels has called on the government of Thailand and the 'Red Shirt' protesters to seek foreign mediation with neutral views to avoid possible 'undeclared civil war' from taking place in the country.
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