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Rainfall News

Gatlinburg, Tenn. up in flames as wildfire rages through area

Gatlinburg - On Monday afternoon, a large wildfire burning in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park spurred on by 70 to 80 mph winds quickly engulfing nearby communities, including Gatlinburg and parts of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Hurricane Matthew now strongest Hurricane since Felix in 2007

Hurricane Matthew became a major storm earlier on Friday and quickly intensified through the day. Matthew is now a Category 5 storm and has become a threat to Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti and the Bahamas.

Utility districts cut water use by 27 percent in California

Sacramento - Drought-slammed California could avoid mandatory water rationing next summer if the state's hundreds of utility districts can keep water under control until the next heavy rains arrive.

California's drought caused by climate change? Maybe not

After examining the data from 16 extreme weather events occurring last year, from severe floods in Colorado to California's on-going drought, scientists have come to a startling conclusion. The drought cannot be linked to climate change.

Increase in stomach bugs maybe linked to higher rainfall

Scientists, through an EU founded project, have predicted that greater quantities of rainfall and bigger storms will lead to more stomach upsets in parts of Europe.

Argentina: heavy rains, severe flooding in Buenos Aires province

Buenos Aires - More than three million hectares in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, are flooded due to heavy rains in recent weeks, forcing the provincial government to declare agricultural emergency to offset the huge losses in cattle and crops.

Aerosols: Their Role in Australian Rainfall

Aerosols may have a greater impact on patterns of Australian rainfall and future climate change than previously thought, according to leading atmospheric scientist, CSIRO’s Dr Leon Rotstayn.

High Fire Danger Remains in Texas

High fire danger remains in the Texas Big Country despite recent rainfall. The Texas Forest Service remains on standby with expected red flag warnings predicted for Tuesday.

Randy Rabbits are Cloud Killers

File under "the law of unintended consequences." Rainfall in farm areas of Western Australia has decreased 20% since the 1970s. Blame it on the rabbits. The 2,000 mile long fence built to keep them out created an accidental climate-changing experiment.

Human Activity and its Effects on Rain Patterns

Did you ever get the feeling that it rarely seems to just rain, but it pours in torrential buckets? A new study by Environment Canada has shown the influence that our civilization is having on the world's rainfall patterns.

Study: Humans Caused Changing Rainfall Patterns

When it rains, it pours — especially when it comes to environmental news hitting the media. According to a major international study, scientists have confirmed human-caused global warming is affecting worldwide precipitation patterns.

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Expect rainfall totals associated with Hurricane Sandy.
Expect rainfall totals associated with Hurricane Sandy.
Extreme one-day precipitation events in the contiguous United States
Extreme one-day precipitation events in the contiguous United States
Screenshot of YouTube video reportedly showing oil-tinged rain in a Louisiana town. The video s alle...
Screenshot of YouTube video reportedly showing oil-tinged rain in a Louisiana town. The video's allegations have not been verified
YouTube screenshot
File photo: Todd River flooding  Alice Springs
File photo: Todd River flooding, Alice Springs
Nic Hanson