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Rain News

Flash floods 'kill 11 in Pakistan'

Quetta - At least 11 people were killed and scores more people were injured in flash floods triggered by heavy rains in Pakistan's southwestern province of Balochistan, officials said Sunday.

Heavy desert rain brings millions of shrimps back to life

Millions of mysterious prehistoric tiny shrimp, lying dormant in the desert for many years, hatch in Central Australian desert after record-breaking rain and flash flooding.

Torrential rain in Moscow beats century-old record

Moscow - Torrential rains in Moscow on Monday beat a 129-year-old record for the heaviest August downpours, the state weather service said.Muscovites splashed through flooded streets after more than 48 millimetres (1.

Strong summer storm packs rare punch — Tornado strikes Ashburn

Oshawa - Teams from Environment Canada began cleaning up debris Saturday after powerful summer storms toppled trees and damaged homes south of Toronto, even spawning a small tornado.

Two schoolchildren killed, nine missing in Pakistan avalanche

Chitral - Pakistani rescuers on Sunday found the bodies of two schoolchildren hit by an avalanche in the mountainous northwest, while nine more remain buried beneath the snow.

Rainfall in San Francisco Bay Area prompts flooding concerns

Monterey - Rainfall in Northern California is expected to continue most of the day Saturday leading to a major rainstorm late in the day into early Sunday.

Weekend rainstorms expected to keep Bay Area soaking on Monday

San Francisco - Frances Picazo of San Francisco couldn't sleep Saturday night, not with a new storm bearing down on the family home in the city's Mission District.

Winter storm slams East Coast with snow, rain and cold

New York - More than 1,000 flights from East Coast cities in the U.S. had to be cancelled Monday as a major winter storm moved into the region with snow, ice and high winds.

Winter storm dumps 4.3 billion gallons of water into Lake Tahoe

Truckee - A Monday storm brought a bit of drought-relief to California's parched Lake Tahoe by dumping 4.3 billion gallons, boosting the lake's level almost two inches, said Tim Bardsley, a National Weather Service hydrologist.

Rainstorm, winds expected to drench Bay Area on Sunday

San Francisco - Bay Area residents braced Sunday for the second rainstorm in a week as a widespread weather system approached from the northwest.

Floods spark evacuations as Japan is deluged

Oyama - Tens of thousands of people were ordered to flee homes across Japan on Thursday as heavy rain pounded the country, sending radiation-tainted waters into the ocean at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant.

Landslides kill 30 in India's Darjeeling tea region

Khargram - Rescuers were digging through piles of debris to search for survivors after landslides triggered by heavy rain killed at least 30 people across India's famed tea-growing region of Darjeeling, police said Wednesday.

Earthworms rained down on Norway

In southern Norway, earthworms have been raining down from the skies, and biologists and meteorologists have been scratching their heads.

'Blood rain' falls on Britain

"Blood rain" is forecast to fall on Britain Friday night, as sand from the Sahara sweeps north from Africa to blanket parts of the island.

Geckos found to have self-drying skin

Tiny water-repellent spines on a gecko’s skin help keep the lizard dry in humid conditions. This property, similar to the way rain drops react on a waxed car, was recently found by scientists.

Rain and snow storms finally soak Northern California

Monterey - The biggest rainstorms in years are expected to continue to pound Northern California for days after resuming Wednesday, bringing a welcome end to three years of drought but ushering in concerns about landslides, flooding and falling trees.

Days of rain could relieve severe Northern California drought

San Francisco - Rain is expected to start falling this afternoon in Northern California and could continue for several days in the largest storm to reach the region in years.

Pre-Thanksgiving travelers get taste of winter before dinner

Hagerstown - The winter of 2014-2015 is already one to remember for millions of U.S. residents living on the country's East Coast, and the season hasn't officially started yet.

Study: Hailstorms are 'biological events'

A study has found that hailstones form around certain biological materials. This presents a new way of thinking about the formation of snow and rain.

Storm leaves most parts of Metro Manila submerged in floodwater

Tropical Storm Mario made landfall in Northern Luzon in the Philippines late Friday after dropping heavy rains in Metro Manila, causing widespred flooding that prompted government to suspend classes in grade schools up to college level.

Op-Ed: 6 Reasons François Hollande Is ‘The Ice-Bucket’ President

If French King Louis XIV was known as ‘The Sun King’, President François Hollande should be remembered as ‘The Ice-Bucket President’ or ‘The Rain Man’ for after only two years of mandate, he keeps appearing under the rain everywhere he goes.

UPDATED: Massive mudslide kills 17 in India, dozens buried

Pune - At least 17 people are believed to have been killed and dozens are thought to be buried under mud and debris after torrential rainfall causes a massive mudslide.

Insurance company sues Chicago for inadequate flood protection Special

Chicago - It seems that at least part of corporate America is learning to use climate change to its advantage. In terms of liability, insurance companies have begun to embrace the reality of climate change and the fact that it has been going on for decades.

Relentless rains drench U.S. East Coast

Miami - Streets collapsed and flights were delayed as heavy rains lashed the U.S. East Coast as far south as usually sunny Florida, after tornadoes ripped through other parts of the country leaving dozens dead.

Earnhardt Jr. wins Daytona 500

Dale Earnhardt Jr. ended a 55-race winless spell when drove his Chevrolet to victory in a rain-interrupted, crash-marred Daytona 500 on Sunday in the season-opening NASCAR race.

Some Spanish towns have endless rain so far in 2014

You know that song, "The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain?" Well, its official, they lied. Since the start of 2014, some towns in northern Spain, including the coast, have had rainfall virtually every day, making it the wettest since 1969.

Britain faced wettest January in 100 years with rain to continue

Two weather agencies in Great Britain have reported that the country faced its wettest January since their records began more than 100 years ago.

Many parts of England record wettest January since records began

Early figures have suggested several parts of England and Wales have experienced its wettest January since records began over 100 years ago.

Top tips to cope with the U.S. winter

The severe weather affecting the U.S. has been widely reported. To help those affected, the U.S. CDC has provided some advice on dealing with the wintery conditions.

Revealed — How butterflies stay dry

Why don't butterflies get damp or wet when it rains? The answer is inked to the make-up of the surface of the wings of the butterfly.
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Rain Image

Artwork by Placide
This is what we have dealt with since early Saturday morning  10/27/12.
This is what we have dealt with since early Saturday morning, 10/27/12.
Rain on my office window during January gales
Rain on my office window during January gales
Rain over London  England
Rain over London, England
ON THE MOVE: A cable car keeps working in the rain on Powell Street in San Francisco in 2010.
ON THE MOVE: A cable car keeps working in the rain on Powell Street in San Francisco in 2010.
Mcsalo/Wikimedia Commons
Lee Jordan
This is what we have dealt with since early Saturday morning  10/27/12.
This is what we have dealt with since early Saturday morning, 10/27/12.
Nova Friburgo (RJ) - Areas hit by the rains in Nova Friburgo in the mountainous region in the state ...
Nova Friburgo (RJ) - Areas hit by the rains in Nova Friburgo in the mountainous region in the state of Rio de Janeiro (Valter Campanato/ABr)
Valter Campanato
Clouds left over from a thunderstorm.
Clouds left over from a thunderstorm.
A holly bush still shows signs of the hard rain that accompanied a thunderstorm.
A holly bush still shows signs of the hard rain that accompanied a thunderstorm.
Brocken Inaglory
Heavy Adriatic Sea in Dubrovnik Croatia
Heavy Adriatic Sea in Dubrovnik Croatia

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