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Rafael Correa News

President of Ecuador: '¡Heil Hitler!'

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa tweeted "Heil Hitler" on Thursday in response to an opposition politician's tweet about his regime.

Ecuador’s Correa on Snowden: 'World order unjust and immoral!'

Quito - Ecuador is facing heavy criticism in the US media for potentially granting political asylum to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Ecuador's President Rafael Correa has responded with scalding online remarks.

Op-Ed: In Ecuador President Correa scores easy re-election win

Quito - Exit polls by the private firm of Opinion Publica gave Correa 61% of the vote as compared to his closest opponent Guillermo Lasso at 21%. A separate exit poll by Cedatos showed similar results with Correa at 59% and Lasso at 20%

Video: Ecuador President Rafael Correa on Assange's asylum

Quito - RT's Spanish channel interviews President Rafael Correa of Ecuador on the country's decision to grant asylum to Julian Assange.

Julian Assange's mother visits Ecuador to plead son's case

Quito - Christine Assange has arrived in Quito, Ecuador to meet government officials and the country's foreign minister. She hopes to plead her son's case for political asylum.

Assange 'The World Tomorrow' Ep. 6 Ecuador fights its media

London - This week Julian Assange interviews President Rafael Correa of Ecuador, one of the most democratic leaders in South America and a champion for the poor.

Is the US infecting South American leaders with cancer?

One of the Socialist leaders in South America has presented as a possibility that the United States is responsible for the outbreak of cancer in South American leaders.

Ecuador expels US ambassador over WikiLeaks cable

Quito - The government of Ecuador declared the U.S. ambassador in Quito "persona non grata" and asked Heather Hodges to leave the country immediately in reaction to her alleged comments about corruption in the Ecuadorian police.

Ecuador engulfed in violence, nation on lockdown (video)

Quito - The nation of Ecuador is on lockdown as upheaval has caused President Rafael Correa to be hospitalized after being hit by bottles during a protest by the police. There have been numerous reports of looting, fires and general violence.

Ecuador's new leader, Rafael Correa has no kind words for the United States

In a ceremony he took office pledging to fight corruption and U.S.-inspired economic policies.

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Rafael Correa Image

Not concerned with political correctness  the president dances
Not concerned with political correctness, the president dances
Ecuador's political party
Ecuador President Rafael Correa on Ecuador TV
Ecuador President Rafael Correa on Ecuador TV
by Presidencia de la República del Ecuador
With supporters  as President  he exclaims   Today I won Ecuador.
With supporters, as President, he exclaims, "Today I won Ecuador.'
Campaign winning
Photo from election ballot
Photo from election ballot
Election photo
Winning look of Correa
Winning look of Correa

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