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Radioactive News

Essential Science: The major radioactive cloud no one noticed

Did you hear about the most serious release of radioactive material since Fukushima 2011? If not, you’re not alone. But in September, 2017, a radioactive cloud moved across Europe. Scientists have been investigating the source.

Diamond battery built from nuclear waste lasts for 10,000 years

Scientists have demonstrated a new battery that could simultaneously solve the power issues plaguing modern devices and alleviate the problem of nuclear waste. By placing a diamond inside a radioactive field, the researchers found a current is created.

Imagine Dragons fantastic on new 'Smoke + Mirrors' live DVD Special

Toronto - On June 3, Imagine Dragons released their CD and DVD for "Smoke + Mirrors Live," where they partnered with Live Alliance and Eagle Vision.

Radioactive Maxi pads seized at airport

Beirut - The 30 boxes of maxi pads seized at Beirut airport Friday contained a level of radioactivity 35 times higher than is considered safe, Finance Minister Ali Hasan Khalil announced.

January is National Radon Action month

This January the s National Radon Action Month. This is a campaign focused on the U.S. but it is also one with a global scope. The awareness campaign is designed to educate people and to promote improved safety measures.

Wild boars in German forests still suffering effects of Chernobyl

It has been almost 30 years since the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, and its effects are still being felt as far away as Germany. Many wild boars roaming the bucolic countryside of Saxony, some 700 miles away from Chernobyl are still radioactive.

Radioactive Fukushima waters detected by Canada's coastlines

Radioactive cesium isotopes have been detected in the waters off the coast of Vancouver, British Columbia, although the levels detected are said to be below the permissible limits for drinking water.

New highly radioactive leak at Fukushima

Fukushima - Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has admitted that another leak was discovered last Wednesday. The leak is estimated at 100 metric tons of highly radioactive material. It is the worst admitted leak since last August.

Op-Ed: Fukushima nuclear plant leaks pollute Pacific Ocean

Fukushima nuclear plant water leaks continue to contaminate most of the Pacific Ocean. The long-term impact of the radiation leak on Japan and its neighboring countries will continue for many years. Are Japanese leaders covering up this disaster?

Radioactive bacteria used to target metastatic pancreatic cancer

New York - Researchers have developed a therapy for pancreatic cancer that uses Listeria bacteria to selectively infect tumor cells and deliver radioisotopes into them.

Retired couple find their French dream home is radiation hazard

A retired Dutch couple who moved to a village in the Corrèze department in deepest rural France are facing financial ruin after it was discovered that the house they had purchased had been built of stone mined from a former uranium ore mine.

Radioactive material lost by Halliburton, in Texas

Pecos - Don't pick it up, it may look innocuous, and it doesn't look at all dangerous, but if it looks like a metal cylinder and it's between Pecos Texas and Odessa, just leave it where it is and call 911.

300 radioactive Japanese cars seized by Russian customs

Russian officials started monitoring imports from Japan soon after the Fukushima Daiichi disaster in March 2011. They state that they have stopped 300 radioactive cars from entering the country.

Is Mike Apatow a radioactive man?

Are we safer or simply under more scrutiny by our government when we can be pulled over for being radioactive? One man may have the answer.

Op-Ed: The Earth is getting younger

Today, many geologists theorize that radioisotope dating shows the Earth is 4.6 billion years old. New dating techniques could offer the scientific community more accurate dates for the Earth’s age.

Spent fuel assemblies home to nuclear radioactive spiderwebs

Savannah - A nuclear reservation located in South Carolina, the Savannah River Site, has recently found a white, string-like growth that resembles a radioactive spiderweb growing on the racks of their spent fuel assemblies.

High levels of radioactive water at Fukushima leaking into ocean

Tokyo - The operator at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan announced on Sunday as much as 45 tons of highly radioactive water has leaked through the cracked wall of a treatment facility, possibly entering the Pacific Ocean.

Tons of radioactive sewage in Japan is latest crisis

Tokyo - Growing piles of contaminated sewage, located hundreds of kilometers from Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear meltdown, are loaded with high levels of radiactive cesium, and the government has yet to come up with a policy for the country's latest crisis.

Japan’s Fukushima nuclear area off-limits for ‘several decades’

Tokyo - Areas close to Japan’s Fukushima Dai Ichi nuclear facility are likely to remain off-limits for “several decades” due to high levels of radioactive contamination, even if the government lifts the 20-kilometer no-go zone currently in place.

Japanese kids speak with officials to share nuclear crises fears

Tokyo - Children from Fukushima Prefecture have met with government officials to voice their concerns about the ongoing nuclear crises that's affecting their region and their worries about the unsafe levels of radiation in places where they live, swim and play.

Radioactive cesium found in meat sold in Japan

Fukushima - Officials in Japan have announced that meat from at least six cows raised in the Fukushima Prefecture was shipped to stores and markets where it was sold to customers who were unaware it was contaminated with high levels of radioactive cesium.

Radiation in Fukushima parks, schoolyards limits playtime

Fukushima schools limit outdoor recess time and city implements a one-hour time limit on playground use due to radiation threat to children. Soil removed from school grounds has no place to go.

Low levels of radiation detected in Massachusetts' rainwater

Boston - Officials from Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) confirmed on Sunday that traces of radioactive iodine-131 have been detected in samples of rainwater taken from an undisclosed location within the state.

David Hahn, 'Radioactive Boy Scout'

The man who was the subject of the book "The Radioactive Boy Scout" which told the tale of his attempt to build a nuclear reactor in the shed at the back of his mother's home in Commerce Twp.,MI when he was just a teenager, has been arrested again.

Are nuclear waste mausoleums in our future?

A nuclear industry study suggest storing radioactive waste fuel underground in and around Ontario cities may be a wise choice.

Radioactive Boy Scout

About a week ago, the department of health from Michigan called my principal,” Olson says. “They wanted to come over and inspect it. They did that, they were impressed, and it checked out.” I Wonder Why?

Radioactive waste on its way out of Sault Ste. Marie Ontario

Maybe you didn't even know there was radioacitve waste in the city, but companies are going to bid for the job of disposing of the low-level material.

Radioactive traces on British Airways planes

Traces of a radioactive sunstance have been found on two British Airways planes at Heathrow Airport, says BA.

Traces of radioactive substance found in U.K.

"Traces of a radioactive substance have been found at two locations after the death of a former Russian spy in London, Sky Television News reported Monday."

Police probe radioactive find at N.M. fairground

About 500 people were evacuated from the New Mexico State Fairgrounds Expo on Saturday evening as a precaution after low levels of radiation were detected.
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Radioactive Image

A memorial in Chernobyl  Ukraine.
A memorial in Chernobyl, Ukraine.
flickr/Stuck in Customs
Sign next to map in a Fukushima City park expresses apologies from city for declaring one-hour park-...
Sign next to map in a Fukushima City park expresses apologies from city for declaring one-hour park-usage time limit due to radiation level on soil and equipment.
A boulder of uranium ore similar to the building material used for the Dutch couple s house in rural...
A boulder of uranium ore similar to the building material used for the Dutch couple's house in rural France
By Wusel007 (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons
Sign in park in Fukushima City expresses apologies from city for declaring one-hour park-usage time ...
Sign in park in Fukushima City expresses apologies from city for declaring one-hour park-usage time limit due to radiation level on soil and equipment.

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