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Campaign pressures mobile networks to turn on smartphone FM radio

A Canadian campaign is attempting to force mobile operators to turn on the FM radio chips in modern smartphones. The majority of devices do support FM radio but the chip is factory disabled, preventing people from accessing news, weather and free music.

Nigerian radio joins the fight against Boko Haram

Kano - When Boko Haram Islamists raided a remote village on Nigeria's northeastern border with Niger last year, frightened and confused residents fled into the bush to escape the marauding attackers.

Donald Trump Jr. appears on radio show with white supremacist

Donald Trump Jr., active in his father's campaign for the United States presidency, has drawn the ire of many this week for appearing on a radio show with a host active in the white supremacist movement.

BBC faces huge cuts to news budget

London - The BBC is to spend less money on news and current affairs following a £80 million ($130 million) cut to its funding. The reduction will be phased over a four year period.

Interview: Dan Romano talks new radio show 'Pizza Talk' Special

Farmingdale - Pizza owner Dan Romano, from Frankie's East Side Gourmet Pizza, sat down and chatted with Digital Journal about his latest venture, his radio show "Pizza Talk."

Canada radio host Ghomeshi's sexual beating trial begins in Toronto

Ottawa - The trial of syndicated radio host Jian Ghomeshi on charges of beating three women during sex began Monday in a packed Toronto courtroom.

Calais migrant camp gets its own Jungala Radio station

Calais - In the heart of the Calais migrant shantytown in northern France known as the "Jungle", a cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" rings out from the ramshackle headquarters of the camp's very own radio station.

iTunes Radio free streaming to end as it folds into Apple Music

Apple has announced it will be folding iTunes Radio into Apple Music from the end of January, discontinuing free streaming and requiring users buy an Apple Music subscription to keep listening. The company will continue its free Beats 1 service.

Review: Yanni mesmerizes on new radio single 'Desert Soul' Special

World renowned pianist Yanni is back with his brand new single "Desert Soul," and he comes back stronger than ever with his new music.

Kristi Lee of the 'Bob & Tom Show' announces departure from show

After nearly 28 years on the air, Kristi Lee has announced that she's leaving the nationally syndicated 'Bob & Tom Show.'

Qaeda in Syria abducts prominent media activists

Birut - Syria's Al-Qaeda affiliate abducted two of the country's most prominent media activists from a radio station in the northwestern Idlib province on Sunday, opposition officials told AFP.

StoryCorps lets Americans share snippets from their lives

- "How have I impacted your life?" asks Niya, an American high schooler. "I loved you from day one," answers the warm voice of her grandmother.

Gunman kills three at Christian radio station in Mali

Bamako - A gunman killed three people outside a Christian radio station in the Malian city of Timbuktu overnight, local officials said on Friday.

Ex-POW Bowe Bergdahl breaks silence, says he wanted to be Bourne

New York - The US soldier who was held five years by Taliban-linked insurgents says he walked off his base in Afghanistan in a stunt to prove he was like fictional CIA movie spy Jason Bourne.

Lynn Anderson's final single 'Drift Away Gospel' goes to radio

Veteran country music star Lynn Anderson passed away on July 31, after she finished recording her "Bridges" studio album.

John Legere says T-Mobile is 'saying yes to FM' on new phones

Following in the footsteps of AT&T's announcement last month, T-Mobile has said its users will be able to enjoy FM radio on Android smartphones bought from next year. The news comes amid a resurgence of support for analogue FM and local radio.

Brazilian radio host gunned down during live broadcast

Rio De Janeiro - A reform-minded Brazilian journalist and talk show host was murdered while on the air Thursday during his daytime radio show.

Simon Badinter talks syndicated radio show 'The Rendezvous' Special

French radio show host Simon chatted with Digital Journal about the success of his syndicated show, "The Rendezvous with Simon and Kim."

Biafra casts long shadow over Nigeria, nearly 50 years on

Lagos - Its name is synonomous with the declaration of independence and updates on the brutal conflict that followed, but nearly 50 years after Nigeria's civil war, Radio Biafra is again making headlines.

Burundi authorities shut down main independent radio station: editor

Bujumbura - Authorities in Burundi on Monday shut down the central African nation's main independent radio station following an upsurge in protests over a bid by the president to stay in office for a third term, the station said.

Mediator named as French public radio strike enters fourth week

Paris - The French government said it had appointed a mediator to ease bitter relations between management and unions at Radio France, as the longest strike in the public broadcaster's history entered its fourth week.

Radio signals from outer space baffle scientists

Bizarre radio waves pulsating from outer space have left astronomers stumped. Standard physics is neither capable of explaining the signals' patterns, nor giving the precise origin of their synchronized bursts.

Interview: Ashley Monroe talks new single 'On To Something Good' Special

Country songstress Ashley Monroe chatted with Digital Journal about her latest radio single "On To Something Good," as well as her duet with Blake Shelton.

Survey deems newspapers 'least essential' news medium

A new survey asked Americans 12 and older, "Among the Internet, newspapers, radio and television which one is the least essential to your life?" Almost half said newspapers.

Cockroaches show conformity in numbers

Brussels - According to a new study, individual cockroaches can be shy or bold. However, they alter their behavior to fit in with a group.

Op-Ed: Still dreaming BIG at age 65 Special

Chicago - When you hit age 60, what will you be doing? Playing golf? Lounging at the beach? Or will you be growing and developing your gifts and talents?

Review: R5 delights on new radio single 'Smile' Special

Pop-rock group R5 has released their newest radio single, "Smile" and it is a fun, laid-back and mellow track, with an infectious chorus.

Jian Ghomeshi withdraws CBC lawsuit, must pay costs

Embattled former CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi is back in the news today as he did what many said last month he would do - he withdrew his $55 million lawsuit against the broadcaster. He launched the suit the day following his firing on Oct. 26.

Gareth Emery launches 'Electric for Life' radio show

Acclaimed DJ Gareth Emery launched his brand new radio show "Electric for Life" on November 22 at his Los Angeles show at the Holly Palladium.

Mysterious radio signals coming from Rosetta comet

The European Space Agency (ESA) has released a tape of mysterious radio signals coming from the “Rosetta comet,” or more precisely, comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko on which its probe will land.
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Bill Martinez
Bill Martinez
Tapestries  textiles and much more will be part of the 45th annual KPFA Arts and Crafts Holiday Fair...
Tapestries, textiles and much more will be part of the 45th annual KPFA Arts and Crafts Holiday Fair this coming Dec. 20 & 21.
Beppe Sabatini, via courtesy of KPFA
David Grande-Maison in the announcer s booth at Webphre radio Magog press conference 12/01/15
David Grande-Maison in the announcer's booth at Webphre radio Magog press conference 12/01/15
Daphne Oxenford
Daphne Oxenford
The Times/BBC
Eddie Trunk
Eddie Trunk
Eddie Trunk
Cindy Sheehan.
Cindy Sheehan.
Courtesy of Cindy Sheehan
CBC Music in web browser view
CBC Music in web browser view
Station manager Johanne Michaud introduces on air hosts for Webphre Radio Magog
Station manager Johanne Michaud introduces on air hosts for Webphre Radio Magog
Mysterious millisecond radio bursts
Mysterious millisecond radio bursts
Lorimor et all
The Kuba  Komet (1957  West Germany; foreground)  has a striking design which combines a television ...
The Kuba, Komet (1957, West Germany; foreground) has a striking design which combines a television, radio and phonograph into a single unit. The upper “sail” that houses the television and main speakers can be rotated while the radio and phonograph are concealed by the front door of the lower cabinet.
Mia Klein
The record for wireless data transmission now stands at 6Gb/s due to the use of new high-power E-ban...
The record for wireless data transmission now stands at 6Gb/s due to the use of new high-power E-band radio transmitters
Fraunhofer IAF / Jörg Eisenbeis, KIT