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Report: Trump to focus counter-extremism program solely on Islam

Washington - President Donald Trump is seeking to rename and reshape a federal program targeting all violent extremism so it focuses exclusively on "radical Islam," sources briefed on the matter said.

Most Americans appear to support torture against terror suspects

According to a recent poll, nearly two-thirds of Americans believe torture is an acceptable way of extracting information from suspected terrorists -- a level of support similar to that of Nigeria, where attacks are more common.

Op-Ed: ISIS and Apocalyptic Islam — The threat and how to overcome it

The non-Muslim world, approximately 6 billion of us, is facing a challenge from fatalistic voices and actions born of Apocalyptic Islam — and we need to take action against this challenge.

Op-Ed: Congress must approve force, with ground troops, against ISIS

President Barack Obama wants Congress to vote to authorize U.S. military force against ISIS, and may ask for it as early as Friday, February 6. Why Congress must approve this request, including the use of boots on the ground.

Op-Ed: Holy War ticking time bomb for America

With Egypt on fire and Christians running for their lives under threat from the Muslim Brotherhood, is this only the beginning of the war against Christians around the world? Will the United States be next?

Abu Qatada to be deported from UK to Jordan overnight

After a lengthy and expensive legal battle, the UK will finally deport radical cleric Abu Qatada to Jordan. He'll leave the country tonight.

French Interior Minister to expel radical imams ‘in coming days’

French Interior Minister Manuel Valls announced yesterday that, as part of the French government’s fight against radical Islam and “global jihadism,” several radical Moslem clerics were likely to be deported from France over the coming days.

Nigerian Muslim group slaughters 20 young women

Maiduguri - Friday, about a day after 10 men were killed in Maiduguri, at least 20 women, some clad in mini-skirts and others in slacks, were slaughtered in their Maiduguri homes and college dormitories.

France expels radical Tunisian cleric Mohamed Hammami

French authorities yesterday expelled radical Tunisian imam Mohamed Hammami after accusing him of advocating “violent jihad”, violence against women and anti-semitism.

Integration and radical Islam in the Netherlands Special

How to integrate the new immigrants into Dutch society? Why it is so hard and how come some people on both sides become radical? Since September 11, 2001 the magic Dutch integration experiment has sparked some changes.

French Minister slams burka obscurantism, oppression of women

French State Secretary Fadela Amara called upon France to fight what she called the slavery of women as represented by the burka as well as the gangrene and cancer of radical Islamism which she said are deforming the message of Islam.

Will Radical Islamists win control of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal?

That question has often been asked in recent years and, speculation apart, there has been precious little hard information available to help answer it. A new report concludes that it would be almost impossible for Islamists to achieve that aim.

Two Chicago muslims plead guilty to supporting terrorists

The FBI in Cleveland says that two Chicago men, Zubair Ahmed, 29 and Khaleel Ahmed, 29, pleaded guilty on February 22 to supporting terrorists between April 1 2004 and February 21 2007.

Op-Ed: Profiled Based on Their Appearance?

When a traditionally-dressed Muslim family was removed from an AirTran flight last Thursday, it provided another opportunity for Muslim advocacy groups to claim profiling based on perceived race, religion or national origin. Was it a set-up?

Al-Zawahri's New Book Justifies Violence

On Sunday, March 2, a new book was published by Al-Qaeda’s second in command, Ayman al-Zawahri on the various websites belonging to the militant Islamists. He justifies violence while criticizing those that have turned their backs on it.

Op-Ed: Global Jihad...Reality Or Myth

So many misguided individuals in the ever shrinking world have an intellectual pitfall when it comes to understanding the Jihad Menace the world faces in these modern times. Some say the Jihad Menace is a reaction to the policies of the United States.

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