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Rabies News

Toronto police warn of virus carried by raccoons after man bitten

Toronto - Toronto police warned residents to be cautious around raccoons, after responding to a call in Scarborough where a man said he had been chased and bitten by a raccoon he feared was rabid.

Virginia woman with rabies may have exposed others to virus

The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) confirmed on Friday that while traveling in India, a Virginia woman was bitten by a dog and contracted rabies.

Call for mass rabies vaccination

The Global Alliance for Rabies Control has called for a mass vaccination of dogs in order "to make rabies history." Some 60,000 people die each year from the viral disease.

The clock ticks over new rabies treatment

Treating rabies is a race against the clock. Once someone has been bitten, medical help must be delivered quickly. Researchers are proposing a new treatment that can be delivered a little later.

Discovering how rabies kills

Tel Aviv - Saliva transmitted by the bite of a rabid animal allows the rabies virus to enter a victim’s muscle tissue. However, a new study finds, to cause violent behavior and eventual death of the victim, the rabies virus must first reach the brain.

Surprise delivery as baby raccoons found on agency's doorstep

Mount Kisco - The Westchester County Health Department had a surprise Friday morning when they found five healthy and well-fed baby raccoons on their doorstep. The babies were apparently around a month old and were in a cage, surrounded by milk, toys and blankets.

Philippines seeks to end rabies deaths in two years

Manila - The Philippines plans to vaccinate seven million dogs within two years to end its status as one of the world's most rabies-prone nations, the health department said Monday.By making at least 70 percent of the country's 10 million dogs resistant to the ...

First case of rabies in France for 12 years prompts alert

Argenteuil - France’s Ministries of Agriculture and Health issued an alert Thursday, Oct. 31 after a kitten was found to be suffering from rabies in a suburb of Paris.

Anti-rabies treatment from tobacco plants

A genetically altered version of the tobacco plant might provide a relatively inexpensive cure for the rabies virus, according to a new science paper.

CDC: People in Amazon communities survived exposure to rabies

Atlanta - A new study by researchers from the CDC in collaboration with the Peruvian Ministry of Health, says that some people living in two Amazon communities in Peru survived exposure to the rabies virus, without receiving vaccination.

Crazed otter bites triathlete 25 times in Minnesota lake

Anoka - A swimmer training for a triathlon was attacked while training by a very unusual creature, an otter. Despite her ordeal, Leah Prudhomme plans on swimming in the event next Sunday.

Hunter exposed to rabies after field dressing a deer

Harrisburg - Pennsylvania Game Commission officials announced yesterday that a Lancaster County man has been forced to undergo post-exposure rabies shots, after field dressing an infected deer.

Toe-eating dog quarantined and awaiting adoption

Roseburg - An Oregon dog responsible for eating three infected and diseased toes off the foot of his diabetic owner has been turned over to a pet adoption center where he is now quarantined for a mandatory ten days. After, he will available adoption.

Peru fighting rabid vampire bats who've bitten 500 people

A remote Amazon community in Peru is under attack from rabid vampire bats who swoop down quietly and bite, often killing their prey. Four children have already died, and the entire community is being vaccinated against further attacks.

Bats infected with rabies attack 500 people in Peru, 4 dead

Lima - At least four children are dead after bats infected with rabies attacked approximately 500 people in Peru's Amazon in the northeastern region of the country. Emergency teams have now been dispatched to the immediate vicinity.

Deer attacks dog in graphic scene caught on video

Cranbrook - As man continues to encroach on the forest that has been both home and refuge to countless numbers of wildlife, vicious attacks are becoming common. In this extremely graphic video a female deer pummels a dog while defending her fawn on a city street.

Montreal Man Bitten by Rabid Bat

Montreal's public health officials are warning residents to be wary about contact with wild animals since a man was bitten by a rabid bat last week.

As China clubs 37,000 dogs to death, public outrage swells

Chinese authorities in Hanzhong have ordered 'dog beating teams' to roam through neighborhoods and beat dogs to death - a culling that has resulted in 37,000 dead dogs. The brutality has stirred outrage worldwide.

China Kills 20,000 Dogs in Lieu of Rabies

In an effort to to prevent the further community outbreak of Rabies. Chinese authorities ordered the mass killing of 20,000 dogs.

69 children die of rabies in Angola

The number of children killed from rabies in Luanda thus far this year stood at 69 on Wednesday. This viral infection is caused by bites by the many roaming feral dog packs in the slums of Angola and children who die from this perish in agony.

Brazilian Teen Survives Rabies Infection

A teenager in Brazil has enjoyed a rare recovery from the rabies infection. He is in a very select group of survivors from the virus and the first ever from Brazil.

Coffee With Extra Kick For Iowa Woman Now Undergoing Rabies Treatment

An Iowa woman is undergoing rabies treatment after drinking her morning coffee with a little extra kick. The woman from Cedar Rapids drank coffee and cooked bat.

Man Bit By Rabid Bat Being Sought

An unidentified man is being sought after having been bit by a bat, which later tested positive for rabies. The man was at a small park when he picked up the bat and was bitten. This individual needs to be found to begin the sequence of rabies shots.

Those Cute Little Puppies May Have Rabies

Toronto Public Health is advising anyone who touched or bought puppies at Pets R Us at Dr. Flea's Market to get in touch with their local health unit. The puppies were exposed to rabies and anyone who had contact is at potential risk.

Minnesota Residents Warned to be Wary of Bats, Following Death from Rabies

Apparently bats in Minnesota are carrying a rare form of rabies. What makes it even more frightening is that bat bites are so small that those bitten often times are unaware. Anyone having had a close encounter recently with a bat may need treatment.

Good Samaritan May Have Been Exposed To Rabies

A Toronto woman doing a good deed may be walking around with a death sentence if she is not found. The woman turned in a bat to Toronto Wildlife Centre on Sept. 4. That bat has tested positive for the rabies virus.

OpEd: Rabies could be wiped out in a decade with vaccinations; but there are problems

Rabies could be eliminated in a decade with vaccinations, according to Edinburgh University’s vets. If so, it'd be the first trans species disease ever eradicated. The idea epitomizes serious major global health problems, and their possible solutions.

September 8: World Rabies Day

World Rabies Day is new as of this year. The event is being recognized internationally, and it's goal is to educate people that although rabies is deadly, it is preventable. Last year, 55,000 people died from rabies worldwide.

Bat Bite Infected Alberta Man With Rabies

In August of 2006, an Alberta man was awakened in the middle of the night when a bat bit him. He thought nothing of the bite at the time and so failed to get a vaccination.

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The white  black and tan kitten at the centre of a French rabies alert in Argenteuil  a suburb north...
The white, black and tan kitten at the centre of a French rabies alert in Argenteuil, a suburb north of Paris
French Ministry of Agriculture
Rabies can affect all mammals  but is seen most often in raccoons  skunks  foxes  and bats. It is le...
Rabies can affect all mammals, but is seen most often in raccoons, skunks, foxes, and bats. It is less common in deer.
Stray dogs from Kozhikode Kerala  India. There are over 30 million stray dogs in the country.
Stray dogs from Kozhikode,Kerala, India. There are over 30 million stray dogs in the country.

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