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What they said: 'historic' Israel to UAE flight

Abu Dhabi - Israel and the UAE made history on Monday when an El Al jet flew from the Jewish state to Abu Dhabi, the first time an Israeli commercial flight made the journey.

Fair trade and fair dinkum: Top quotes from the G20

Osaka - From a stunning admission over the final communique to some slang used mainly in Australia, here are a few choice quotes from the opening day of the G20 summit in Osaka.- Nobody?

Hungary's 'hero' or 'Viktator'? Viktor Orban's greatest hits

Budapest - Hungary's fiercely nationalistic Prime Minister Viktor Orban, 54, is running for a record third consecutive term in elections on Sunday. Polls suggest he will succeed.

Power, whites and gays — Mugabe in quotes

Harare - Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, 93, who resigned on Tuesday, has a long history of making colourful or controversial remarks during a reign that has spanned nearly four decades.

Vivid accounts of Spain attacks from five witnesses

Paris - Following are some vivid accounts by witnesses of the deadly attacks using vehicles that took place Thursday evening in Barcelona and in the early hours of Friday in the seaside resort town of Cambrils, and the aftermath:- Barcelona attack -- "All of a...

French president Macron's top quotes at inauguration

Paris - Emmanuel Macron took over as French president on Sunday, promising to heal the country's divisions and breathe new life into the European Union.

He said what? Prince Philip in quotes

London - Britain's Prince Philip, who is to retire from public engagements at the age of 95, earned a reputation for his off-the-cuff remarks during his long career as the queen's consort.

Kim Jong-Nam killing: War of words after death of North Korean

Seoul - The murder of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un's half-brother in a crowded Malaysian airport has made headlines worldwide -- although not, in so many terms, in the North itself.

Brexit reactions, in quotes

London - Britain's historic vote to leave the EU has sparked a torrent of reactions from around the world, from anguish in Brussels to delight from eurosceptics elsewhere in Europe.

Global warnings on Brexit consequences

London - Britain's EU referendum has prompted a global outpouring of warnings in recent months about the potential consequences of a Brexit, ranging from the gloomy to the downright apocalyptic.- End of Western civilisation?

Blame game as Kenya hopes to dodge Olympics ban

Nairobi - Kenyan officials on Friday scrambled to work out what had gone wrong as the country faces a possible Olympics ban after being ruled non-compliant by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Ten quotes from the Republican debate

Manchester - Republican candidates for the White House held their eighth debate ahead of the all-important New Hampshire primary election, which takes place Tuesday.Here are 10 of the most memorable quotes from the event, which took place late Saturday. - Buckle up!..

'Cooking up history': Best quotes from Paris climate talks

Le Bourget - Here are 10 of the best quotes from the 13-day UN climate conference in Paris, which sealed a historic pact on Saturday to curb global warming:- Cooking up history -China's chief climate negotiator, Su Wei, serves up a culinary analogy for Paris succes...

Key quotes from Obama's terrorism speech

Washington - President Barack Obama sought on Sunday to calm a nation put on edge by the California shootings, in a rare address to the nation on the threat posed by the Islamic State group.

Republican debate: The good, the bad and the Trump-y

Cleveland - Republican White House hopefuls took to the stage for a packed debate that touched on fiercely divisive issues, including abortion, immigration, gay rights and national security.

Varoufakis's verbal salvoes during the Greek crisis

Paris - The five-month tenure of Greece's pugnacious former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, who notably accused the country's creditors of "terrorism", was marked by his outspokenness and refusal to submit to convention.

Op-Ed: Freedom, Liberty & Peace: Top 10 Ron Paul quotes of 2012

Washington - As the year ends and Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul finishes his career in Washington, now would be a great time to look back at some of the best quotes iterated by Dr. Paul over the past year.

Sarah Palin Heads List of Top Quotes

Sarah Palin lost the elections but she came a winner in Fred Shapiro's list of the Top 10 Quotes brought out in the Yale Book of Quotations.

Op-Ed: And Now For Something Completely Different

I don't know about you, but every day I read tons of web based news posts and blogs ... some of them good, some bad, some are biased, some are insightful and some of them are just downright hilarious. I mean really, who knew kittens could do gymnastics?

The United States' Most Memorable Quotes For 2007

Are you up to date with the most memorable things that were said in the U.S. throughout the year? Quite a few of this year's most memorable sayings were newsworthy. Do you remember the story they go with?

'Don't Tase Me, Bro' tops 2007 memorable quote list

Yale's Book of Quotations calls the "Don't Tase Me, Bro," phrase as the top quote in its list for 2007. The quote from Andrew Meyer beat out Don Imus’ zingers and the Iranian President’s statements.

They Risked It All

The men that signed the Declaration Of Independence did so knowing that they would be in danger. They wanted freedom more than their personal safety. They believed in the cause and were willing to risk it all. And they did lose much.

Words To Think About

I love quotes. Words spoken or written that last the passage of time. In my stumbling around the Internet I have found some amazing words about writers and writing. I hope you don't mind that I share a few with you.

All about Steve Jobs- All-time favorites Quotes

Steve Jobs, All-time favorite quotes

Get Real-time Stock Quotes for free in Google

Get Real time Stock quotes in Google Finance, Google Mobile and Google Products.

Excerpts And Quotes: Beatles Influences

"With the release of 'Revolver´ in 1966, the Beatles began to transform themselves from teen idols into storytellers. ... One of the album´s chart hits, the sing-song 'Yellow Submarine,´ reaches back beyond rock for its inspiration. A children´s song,

''The Ego Has Landed''... Some Of The Quotes That Made The Year 2000 So Memorable

LONDON - "The ego has landed," was Frank Dobson's line on Ken Livingstone's independent candidacy for Mayor of London. Jeffrey Archer responded with the comment that "If the Archangel Gabriel had stood with the name of Winston Churchill, Ken would st...

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