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Philippines set to leave ICC over drug war inquiry

Manila - The Philippines is poised to officially quit the International Criminal Court on Sunday, though the beleaguered tribunal has pledged to pursue its examination of possible crimes in the government's deadly drug war.

Greek defence minister announces resignation ahead of Macedonia vote

Atenas - Greece's defence minister, who is head of the main coalition partner of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, announced his resignation on Sunday ahead of an upcoming parliamentary vote to end a 27-year name dispute with Macedonia.

How Twitter can help smokers quit

A new study shows that Twitter can be a big help for smokers trying to kick the habit. It demonstrated clearly that regular tweeting between those trying to stop greatly enhances their chances of success.

E-cigarettes help smokers quit more than nicotine patches

A study has appeared to show than e-cigarettes are more effective than nicotine patches and gum in helping people to quit smoking.

Amazon willing to pay you up to $5,000 to quit your job

Although it may sound counter-intuitive, Amazon is proposing a policy that no other company dares try. This probably isn't surprising coming from Amazon though, a company known for its wacky parcel delivery drone idea.

Man cages his head in order to quit smoking

A Turkish man has been trying to quit smoking for years, but time after time he has failed. Now he has created a helmet-like contraption that may be able to help him finally quit smoking.

Dad promises 14-year-old daughter $200 to quit Facebook

Scott Baier has signed a "Facebook Deactivation Agreement" with his daughter as a way to keep her off Facebook so she can have more time for studies. The two have reached an agreement that Rachel would quit Facebook for five months in exchange for $200.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas rewrite has Santa butting out

After almost 200-years, the Christmas classic "'Twas The Night Before Christmas" has been rewritten to take out any reference to Santa smoking a pipe that some say is political correctness that's gone too far.

Man texts, 'I need to quit texting,' before driving into ravine

About six months ago Chance Bothe sent a text message to a friend saying that he needs to quit texting because he could die in a car accident, and shortly after that he veered off the road right into a ravine.

Trayvon Martin case: George Zimmerman's attorneys quit

Sanford - George Zimmerman's attorneys have said at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon that they are no longer representing him. They said they were quitting because they have lost contact with him and he has repeatedly rebuffed legal advice offered to him.

China condemns Google for lifting censorship, exiting country

Beijing - The Chinese government held a media conference yesterday to slam Google after the company made an official announcement it would be closing its search site in China and redirecting traffic to an unfiltered site. Officials say Google violated its promise.

Future of Yahoo in Question as CEO Jerry Yang Steps Down

Late Monday, Yahoo announced Jerry Yang is stepping down as CEO. Yang is the co-founder of Yahoo and his departure raises a number of questions for the future of the company. Investors now wonder when, or if, a deal with Microsoft will materialize.

iPod Chief Steps Down, Will Remain Adviser to Apple CEO

Apple announced today longtime executive, Tony Fadell, will be stepping down. Fadell is largely regarded as the grandfather of the iPod and Apple's audio business. Apple says Fadell will be replaced by Mark Papermaster, a vice president at IBM.

14 Reason Why Hilary Clinton Should Just Quit

TIME writer Mark Halperin has listed 14 reason why Hillary Clinton should quit, noting that is is impossible for her to win the popular vote without a bloody convention battle — after which history and many Democrats would cast her as a villain.

Tony Blair Wanted to Quit One Year Before Iraq

Months before the war in Iraq began, Tony Blair wanted to quit as prime minister of Britain and not lead the labour party into a third election, his former chief media aide has revealed in an upcoming book.

Donald Trump to NBC: "You can't fire me, I quit"

NBC removes "The Apprentice Show" first, but Donald Trump says he quit first.

Wolfowitz Continues to Put Himself Above What's Best For All

It's certainly not surprising, considering Wolfowitz came up under and administration that values it's own advancement above any of the people they serve, but when is it time to realize, no matter what, you're leaving; do it with a smidge of dignity.

Will He Or Won't He? The Debate On The Resignation Of The UK PM Continues

As his term in office draws to a close, we ask, will the PM announce his departure from number 10 in the May the third elections?

Bush isn't withdrawing troops from Iraq

Bush has made a statment claiming that US security would be 'under a devastating security threat' if he pulled troops out of Iraq.

Study: Quick walks may help smokers quit

As little as 5 minutes of exercise may help smokers quit smoking

Simon Cowell Will Quit American Idol If Sanjaya Wins

Simon Cowell did not like Sanjaya staying and Sundance leaving last week.

US Generals may quit if Bush orders attack on Iran

This is the headline: "SOME of America’s most senior military commanders, (up to 5 Generals and Admirals), are prepared to resign if the White House orders a military strike against Iran, according to highly placed defence and intelligence sources". The

U.S. Attorneys quit; senator blames Bush

Alleged political pressure pushing federal prosecutors out of their jobs.

First Tory Cabinet Minister Quits Over Quebec Nation Resolution

Quitting the cabinet is Michael D. Chong, President of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and Minister for Sport.

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