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Queensland News

Rare white humpback whale filmed off Australia coast

Queensland - A rare white humpback whale has been spotted off the coast of Queensland on Monday, and whale watchers are hoping it is Australia's famous whale Migaloo.

Interview with Aussie newcomer Greta Stanley Special

She's a mere 20 years old, but this formidable singer/songwriter, who has just released her first musical offering, has a sound and an apparent understanding of the world that belie her tender age. Digital Journal found out more.

Australia's infamous, toxic cane toads hop into breeding problems

They are lumpy and bumpy, and they look like hopping clumps of mud, so "cute" isn't the word that comes to mind when describing Australia's invasive and non-native cane toads.

Interview with Australian country icon James Blundell Special

Ahead of what will surely be a triumphant return to Tamworth, the veteran musician spoke to Digital Journal about what the festival means to him, the new song he'll be unveiling there and his ambitious new album.

Interview with Martine Cotton Special

The Australian music industry veteran has unveiled 'Music Industry Inside Out', an online database and professional development resource designed to help aspiring artists and young professionals get started in the business. She spoke to Digital Journal.

North Queensland Rainforest is home to cancer-fighting berry

Brisbane - An observant pair of forest ecologists, Victoria Gordon and her husband Paul Reddell were exploring a North Queensland Rainforest in the early 2000s. They noticed the rat kangaroos were avoiding eating the berries of the Blushwood tree. That seemed odd.

Slow life: Amazing time lapse video of coral life

As the world continues to dump oil, dangerous chemicals and tons of garbage into the oceans, a very precious Eco-system is living and struggling to survive under those waters.

New species of marsupial discovered in Australia

Scientists in the Australian state of Queensland have discovered three new species of a rodent-like marsupial. With the species, the males fornicate until they collapse.

Queensland neighborhood puts on amazing Christmas light show

Ormeau - With the computers of today, it is not uncommon for people to set their outdoor Christmas lights to music, but one Queensland, Australia neighborhood is going all out, designing several different musical light shows for people to enjoy.

Queensland tenancy laws to be reviewed

The Queensland Government has announced a targeted review of the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 in order to reduce red tape and balance the competing interests of landlord and tenant.

Three arrested over penguin prank in Australia

Dirk the penguin was having a quiet night in with his girlfriend, Peaches, at the breeding colony of Fairy penguins at Sea World in Queensland, Australia, when three drunken Welshmen decided to steal him for a prank.

New QLD Premier axes Queensland Literary Awards

Brisbane - Premier Campbell Newman wasted no time in his promised budget cuts, axing the Queensland Literary Awards after just 10 days in office.

Newman, LNP sweep to landslide Queensland election victory

Campbell Newman and the LNP have swept to an historic election victory in Queensland. Bligh, Newman, and Peter Beattie comment on the day's events.

Australia's Great Barrier Reef damaged by Yasi but will recover

Record floods and Cyclone Yasi have taken a toll on the world's largest living formation but scientists are confident the Great Barrier Reef will recover.

Australia's tropical resorts hit hard by Cyclone Yasi

The Australian tropical resort islands in the path of Cyclone Yasi have been devastated but fortunately no lives have been lost.

Cyclone Yasi aftermath

Brisbane - Cyclone Yasi is going to leave a mark on the psyche of Queensland for a while. People who have lived through several cyclones described Yasi as "terrifying". The real terror may be yet to come, as people assess the damage, which is colossal.

Cyclone Yasi starts hitting - Radar KO’d, trees uprooted on coast

Brisbane - Yasi is coming in like a movie script. The Bureau of Meteorology weather station on Willis island off the coast is reportedly knocked out. Last recorded wind speeds were 185kmh. Pre-cyclonic winds are reported to have uprooted trees on the Ayr coast.

Cyclone Yasi now Category 5, could hit 320 kmh winds

Brisbane - Even Queenslanders are getting out. The monster cyclone Yasi has picked up speed, and is now expected to hit as a strong category 5 cyclone. It’s being called the most potentially lethal cyclone in living memory.

Giant cyclone Yasi heading for Queensland

Brisbane - Cyclone Yasi, a monster cyclone with a core the size of France, is heading for battered Queensland. Residents in low lying areas have been urged to leave. In 2006 a smaller cyclone, Larry, devastated northern Queensland.

Leaving home behind, a Queensland flood story Special

Brisbane - "Hurry, hurry. Please come over my home is going to flood." These were the worried words of a poor woman who just watched the horrific sights of Toowoomba going under water, waiting for her home to be next.

Long way home - A Queensland flood story Special

Brisbane - In the city of Brisbane, Australia, it would usually take a carpet cleaning company owner, Bob 28, around five to 10 minutes to get to work. However, on Wednesday 11 January, it took almost an hour due to the roads all being blocked off.

Sharks in the streets? Brisbane flood peaks as stories emerge

Brisbane - Brisbane is now being compared to a war zone. The flood peaked, below expected heights at around 4 metres, but the city is going to be soggy for a week or so. Sharks have been reported in flooded streets.

Brisbane flood: 9,000 homes predicted to go underwater

Compared with the flood that inundated Brisbane in 1974, the flash flood sweeping Australia’s third biggest city is the worst in history as 9,000 homes are predicted to go underwater.

Violent floods force some Brisbane residents to evacuate

Brisbane - Violent flash floods storming across Queensland are now reaching the third most populous city in Australia. Parts of Brisbane have been urged to be evacuated as fast-rising water runs through the region.

Queensland floods: US offers aid as Rockhampton awaits flood peak

US assistance has been offered as the city of Rockhampton suffers the worst floods in memory A big storm is coming in from the southwest over the flood zone bringing more rain, and the situation is looking grim.

Queensland’s giant floods – Damage $6 billion, towns evacuated

Brisbane - Unheard-of levels of flooding have covered a million square kilometres of Queensland, Australia. The town of Emerald has been completely evacuated and the city of Rockhampton threatened. Mining and agricultural industries have come to a standstill.

Oil from grounded Chinese ship threatens Great Barrier Reef

While authorities believe there is no risk that the Chinese ship, grounded on the Great Barrier Reef, will not break-up, the ship is still in a precarious situation and the potential for disaster remains.

Ship runs aground on Great Barrier Reef

A Chinese ship ran aground off the Australian coast on the Great Barrier Reef. Officials now fear that the ship may break apart.

Greenpeace Australia take on major coal terminal

One of three activists representing the Australia-Pacific branch of environmental activists Greenpeace has been arrested after the three individuals climbed onto a coal loader in a Queensland export terminal and shut it down.

Memorial to Famous Australian Tree Draws Criticism

A memorial erected to the famous "Tree of Knowledge" in Barcaldine, Queensland has met with a mixed reception amongst locals.
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Queensland Image

The Abbot Point Coalport.
The Abbot Point Coalport.
GVK Hancock
James Blundell
James Blundell
Anna Gilfillan
Flooding in a Queensland city
Flooding in a Queensland city
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
BCEC Marketing
Floods in Queensland have soaked the region for days
Floods in Queensland have soaked the region for days
snake fights crocodile.
snake fights crocodile.
Tiffany Coralis
An oil spill up to 20 kilometres long has reportedly been spotted along Australia s iconic Great Bar...
An oil spill up to 20 kilometres long has reportedly been spotted along Australia's iconic Great Barrier Reef.The slick was reportedly spotted by a fisherman near Cape Upstart, south of Townsville.
Cutshot Media
Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly found in Queensland  Australia.
Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly found in Queensland, Australia.
Vicki Nunn
A Fairy Penguin similar to Dirk.
A Fairy Penguin similar to Dirk.
J P Bennett
A woman being helped off her car in Queensland during the flood
A woman being helped off her car in Queensland during the flood
Reconstruction of the primitive ichthyodectid Cooyoo australis  of Cretaceous Queensland.
Reconstruction of the primitive ichthyodectid Cooyoo australis, of Cretaceous Queensland.
Apokryltaros at en.wikipedia
Chillagoe Smelters looking south  the powerhouse chimney in the fore ground and high on the hill is ...
Chillagoe Smelters looking south, the powerhouse chimney in the fore ground and high on the hill is the main smelter flue and chimney.
Duncan T Ray
Flooding in Queensland has caused only treetops to be visible in many areas.
Flooding in Queensland has caused only treetops to be visible in many areas.
Flood water over bridge in Warwick Queensland.
Flood water over bridge in Warwick Queensland.
By David Marsh
Tornado hits Bundaberg  Queensland
Tornado hits Bundaberg, Queensland
9News / Screengrab
KFC in Beaudesert  Queensland  Australia
KFC in Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia
Google Maps
A paleontologist lies next to the biggest fish fossil ever found in Australia  the prehistoric fish ...
A paleontologist lies next to the biggest fish fossil ever found in Australia, the prehistoric fish the Cooyoo.
Kronosaurus Korner
Australia: Queensland  flooding  December 30  2010. Photo taken from jet by Capt. W. M. Run-way in t...
Australia: Queensland, flooding, December 30, 2010. Photo taken from jet by Capt. W. M. Run-way in the airport was almost flooded.
Tatiana Gerus
The Keysborough Fire Station was flooded in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Yasi - despite being almost...
The Keysborough Fire Station was flooded in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Yasi - despite being almost 3,000 km (1,800 miles) to the North.
Sascha Grant

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