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Quantum News

New phase of light holds the key to quantum encryption

A new phase of light has been discovered. This has been named a "super photon". It is formed of thousands of individual light particles (photons). This could help unlock quantum encryption.

Caltech and NTT developing the world's fastest quantum computer

Researchers are developing a Coherent Ising Machine that will apply quantum computing power into the fields of drug discovery and with process logic problems.

Quantum leap in computing as scientists claim 'supremacy'

Paris - Scientists claimed Wednesday to have achieved a near-mythical state of computing in which a new generation of machine vastly outperforms the world's fastest super-computer, known as "quantum supremacy".

British government invests $193 million in quantum computing

London - The quest for “quantum supremacy”, to develop 'true' quantum computers that can do anything far faster than an ordinary computer and more, is playing out on the global stage. The U.K. government, keen to be part of this, has pledged a considerable sum

New world record set for quantum memory efficiency

Hong Kong - A new world record of quantum memory efficiency has been established by technologists in Hong Kong. This used photonic quantum memory and edges 'true' quantum computers closer to reality.

Is Quantum cryptography ready for the Internet?

Viena - Quantum cryptographically is set to make data flow more secure. However, has remained something of an unrealizable goal, except for encrypted communication between two participants. However, there has now been a breakthrough.

How secure will blockchain be in the world of quantum computers?

According to researchers from the Russian Quantum Center, Moscow, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will be vulnerable in the future unless they integrate quantum technologies.

Physicists create new form of light

Physicists have demonstrated that photons can be made to interact with each other, creating what is, in effect, a new form of light. This development could help with the creation of quantum computers.

Google previews Bristlecone, its new quantum computing chip

Google has announced a new quantum processor design. Known as Bristlecone, the chip is being designed as a "testbed" for quantum research. The company said it's "cautiously optimistic" that Bristlecone will allow it to achieve quantum supremacy.

Microsoft's quantum computing dev kit is now up to 5x faster

Microsoft's announced the first set of updates for its Quantum Development Kit, an early version of a software suite that lets developers write apps for quantum computers. The new release improves performance by up to 5x, accelerating development.

Quantum algorithm helps AI to think faster

Technologists have developed a quantum speed-up algorithm for machine learning. The effect will be to enable artificial intelligence system to think faster.

Complete quantum silicon chip design revealed by researchers

Researchers have announced a "complete" design for a quantum silicon computer chip. The component allows quantum calculations to be run on existing semiconductor components. The blueprint shows how a quantum computer could be made from standard tech.

Microsoft launches preview of its quantum development toolkit

Microsoft's launched a preview of its quantum development kit. The set tools include a quantum programming language designed to help developers get started with quantum models. It includes everything needed to run quantum programs on a regular computer.

Accenture partners with 1QBit to help create quantum analytics

Accenture has announced an undisclosed minority investment and strategic alliance with quantum computing company 1QBit through its Ventures arm. It expects the partnership to help it "expand its capabilities" in quantum computing analytics.

Microsoft creates a quantum programming language

Microsoft has announced it's ready to put its full support behind quantum computing and wants to encourage developers to follow its lead. The company has created a new programming language so coders can write their first quantum programs.

Big scientific breakthrough at sub-atomic level holds promise for secure comms

Washington - Chinese scientists have pulled off a major feat with one of the sub-atomic world's weirdest phenomena: photons that behave like twins and experience the same things simultaneously, even over great distances.

IBM's new quantum processor is its most powerful yet

IBM has announced a new quantum processor that runs at 17-qubits, a notable performance improvement for the company. It brings IBM a step closer to creating quantum computers with more power than the very fastest traditional PCs.

China launches world first quantum satellite

Bejing - China launched the world's first quantum satellite on Tuesday, state media reported, in an effort to harness the power of particle physics to build an "unhackable" system of encrypted communications.

Google's quantum computer '100 million times faster' than your PC

Google has developed a working quantum supercomputer that has 100 million times greater performance than a typical desktop machine. D-Wave can compute in a second what a standard desktop would take 10,000 years to do.

Intel pledges $50m investment in quantum computing research

Intel has announced that it is making a long-term investment into the development of quantum computing systems. It will contribute $50 million over the next 10 years to help shape the future of computing for when semi-conductors are obsolete.

Memristor circuit recreates the brain and carries out human tasks

Researchers have developed a new kind of neural circuit that uses memristor technology to replicate the complex human brain. The "intelligent" circuit was able to perform some human tasks that computers usually struggle at, such as image classification.

Quantum technology advances digital communications

Technologists have shown that information stored as quantum bits can be "exponentially compressed" without losing information. This technological feat will be useful for a new generation of communications and computer storage.

Quantum computing: breakthrough in electron alteration technique

Princeton University -- A researcher has discovered a method in altering a single electron without disturbing the trillions of electrons surrounding it. This discovery is a quantum leap forward in the future of computing.

Physicists Get Two Atoms to Communicate: Quantum Internet Soon to Follow

Researchers at the University of Michigan have succeeded in getting two atoms to communicate, even at a distance from each other. This provides great insight into creating what has been called the "Quantum Internet".

Wizardry at Harvard: Physicists Move Light

In a quantum mechanical sleight of hand, Harvard physicists have shown that they can not only bring a pulse of light to a complete halt, but also resuscitate the light at a different location and let it continue on its way.

Magiq proposes new quantum encryption scheme

Startup MagiQ Technologies thinks it's got a sure way to keep data from prying eyes, using Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle...

Its an elegant bleeping universe

In string theory, physicists tell us that the subatomic particles that make up our universe are created within ten spatial dimensions (plus an additional dimension of time).....but how to imagine them?

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Quantum Image

Artist s impression of a silicon CMOS architecture for a spin-based quantum computer.
Artist's impression of a silicon CMOS architecture for a spin-based quantum computer.
© Illustration by Tony Melov / UNSW Newsroom
Dr. Rulin Xiu
Dr. Rulin Xiu
Photo courtesy of Waterside Press
From left  Charles Marcus  Krysta Svore  Leo Kouwenhoven and Michael Freedman are leading Microsoft...
From left, Charles Marcus, Krysta Svore, Leo Kouwenhoven and Michael Freedman are leading Microsoft’s quantum computing efforts.

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