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Quadriplegic News

Disabled man controls robot arm with his mind

California - A group of researchers has helped a paralyzed man gain control of a robotic arm with the power of his mind — all thanks to a chip implanted in his brain.

U.K. conman pretends to be comatose for two years to avoid court

The crook thought he had gotten away with stealing $64,000 out of the bank account of an elderly neighbor with Alzheimer's disease. To avoid prosecution, he pretended to be quadriplegic and comatose for the past two years. Then he went to Tesco.

Op-Ed: How one man's spinal cord injury is still healing 24 years later Special

“I remember hitting the bottom, being face down, and my entire body getting a tingling feeling like when your foot falls asleep. It was then that I knew I broke my neck. I couldn't move, not even to lift my head up.

Website supports Canadian hockey player left a quadriplegic

Vancouver - An injury that occurred quickly in a play that appeared routine has produced tragedy after a Canadian recreational hockey player was left a quadriplegic last week. Richard Morrison, 47-years-old with a wife and two young kids, faces life in a wheelchair.

Paralysed man without speech for 19 years tells Mom 'I love you'

A quadriplegic 37-year-old man who has not had speech for 19 years began talking again this Christmas and the first thing he told his mother had her in tears: "I love you," Simon Ellis told his Mom.

Using a mind-guided robotic arm

Scientists and engineers are working to meld mind and machine, combining the most humanlike bionic arm with cutting edge computer chip technology in a brain-machine interface to help quadriplegics and amputees, according to recent news stories.

Horrible Death Of Quadriplegic Man Finally Going To District Attorney

The case of a quadriplegic man who won a multi-million dollar lawsuit and died January 6, 2008 at the hands of his care providers has finally been sent to the district attorney. The providers were said to have stolen thousands of dollars from him.

Deputy dumps quadriplegic out of wheelchair

Brian Sterner is a quadriplegic and he was being booked at a Florida county jail on Jan. 29 and this past week a surveillance video of Sterner being dumped out of his wheelchair by a jailer has been making rounds all over the news.

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A screenshot of a YouTube video showing a man controlling a robot arm.
A screenshot of a YouTube video showing a man controlling a robot arm.

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