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German spy agency 'helped US find bin Laden': Report

Berlin - Germany's foreign intelligence agency helped the CIA track down Osama bin Laden in Pakistan where US special forces killed the al-Qaeda leader, according to a German news report published Sunday.

Bin Laden aide gets life for East Africa attacks

New York - A New York court sentenced Saudi exile Khalid al-Fawwaz to life in prison Friday over his role in the 1998 Al-Qaeda bombings of US embassies in East Africa which killed 224 people.

Adam Gadahn: California rocker turned Al-Qaeda mouthpiece

Washington - Adam Gadahn, the Al-Qaeda spokesman believed killed in a US operation, was a teenage rock music fan who grew up on a Californian goat farm before he was drawn into radical Islam.

Al-Qaeda seizes provincial airport in southeast Yemen: Official

Aden - Al-Qaeda militants in Yemen on Thursday seized control of an airport in the southeastern provincial capital of Mukalla, an airport official told AFP.

Qaeda in Yemen says ideological leader killed by drone

Dubai - The ideological leader of Yemen-based Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula was killed in a drone strike this week, allegedly by the United States, AQAP said in a statement published Tuesday.

Top Qaeda leader, commanders reported killed in Syria

Damascus - The military chief and several top commanders of the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Al-Nusra Front have been reported killed in northwestern Syria, where the jihadist militia has made major gains in recent months.

Drone raid 'kills three Qaeda militants in Yemen'

Aden - A drone strike Saturday killed three Al-Qaeda militants in Yemen, a tribal source said, in a region where the United States is the only country operating the unmanned aircraft.

Top Qaeda militant in Yemen dead in US drone strike: AQAP

Dubai - Al-Qaeda said Thursday that Harith al-Nadhari, a senior figure who threatened more attacks on France after last month's Charlie Hebdo killings, had died in a US drone strike in Yemen.

9/11 plotter says Saudi royals backed Al-Qaeda

New York - The only Al-Qaeda plotter convicted over the 9/11 attacks has told American lawyers that members of the Saudi royal family donated millions of dollars to the terror group in the 1990s.

Qaeda in Yemen says France top enemy

Dubai - The ideological leader of Yemen-based Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) said Friday that France had surpassed the United States as the top enemy of Islam.

Syria loyalists repel Qaeda attack on Shiite villages: monitor

Birut - Syrian pro-regime militia have repelled an incursion by Al-Qaeda on two Shiite Muslim villages in the north of the country, a monitoring group said.

Qaeda blames Obama for Yemen hostage deaths

Sanaa - Al-Qaeda has blamed President Barack Obama for the deaths of a US journalist and a South African during a failed hostage rescue attempt, warning "the lives of all Americans are in danger".

Tearful widow receives body of slain South African hostage

Johanesburg - The South African government refused to point fingers Tuesday as the body of a hostage killed in a failed US rescue in Yemen arrived home to his grieving widow.

Questions swirl over failed Yemen hostage rescue mission

Johanesburg - Questions are mounting over a botched US rescue mission in Yemen that left one US hostage and another South African hostage dead, the day before he was expected to be released by his Al-Qaeda captors.

US defends failed Yemen rescue operation

Sanaa - US officials Sunday defended President Barack Obama's decision to launch a special forces rescue operation in Yemen that ended with Al-Qaeda killing an American photojournalist and a South African teacher.

Pakistan kills senior Al-Qaeda leader, says military

Islamabad - Pakistan's military said Saturday it had killed a senior Al-Qaeda leader wanted by the US over a 2009 plot to attack the New York subway system.

Drone strikes kill 9 'Qaeda' militants in Yemen

Sanaa - Drone strikes killed nine suspected Al-Qaeda militants Saturday in southeast Yemen, where the US military launched a failed operation last month to rescue an American hostage, security and tribal sources said.

Yemeni Qaeda threatens to kill US hostage after failed rescue

Sanaa - Al-Qaeda on Thursday threatened the imminent execution of an American journalist it kidnapped in Yemen, mocking as "foolish" a failed bid by US forces to free him.

US military tried to rescue American hostage in Yemen

Washington - US and Yemeni forces recently tried unsuccessfully to rescue an American journalist held by Al-Qaeda, which has now threatened to execute him, officials said Thursday.

Yemen's Qaeda threatens to kill U.S. hostage in video

Dubai - Al-Qaeda in Yemen released a video Thursday threatening to execute a U.S. journalist taken hostage last year.In the video dated December 2014, the hostage said his name was Luke Somers, 33, and that he was kidnapped more than a year ago in Sanaa.

Air strikes 'killed' French bombmaker in Syria: US

Washington - US air raids in Syria overnight targeted and likely killed a French bombmaker who was a key figure in an Al-Qaeda offshoot accused of plotting attacks on the West, a defense official said Thursday.

Air strikes 'killed' French bombmaker in Syria: U.S.

Washington - U.S. air raids in Syria overnight targeted and likely killed a French bombmaker who was a leader of an Al-Qaeda offshoot accused of plotting attacks on the West, a defense official said Thursday.

U.S.-led Syria strikes hit Qaeda, Islamist rebels

Birut - U.S.-led air strikes in Syria hit Al-Qaeda-linked militants and an Islamist rebel brigade in a rare expansion of weeks-long raids targeting the Islamic State group, a monitor said Thursday.

U.S. Navy SEALs told to stop spilling secrets

Washington - The commander of U.S. Navy SEALs has issued a stinging rebuke to troops who have broken the elite force's hallowed tradition of secrecy and humility by publishing memoirs and speaking to the media.

Yemen Shiite rebels expand southward, clash with Qaeda

Sanaa - Yemen's Shiite rebels seized more territory south of the capital on Wednesday and set off deadly clashes with Al-Qaeda as they rapidly expand their area of control.

Qaeda branches urge unity against US-led 'war on Islam'

Dubai - Powerful Al-Qaeda branches in Yemen and North Africa called Tuesday for jihadists in Iraq and Syria to unite against the common threat from a US-led coalition.

Belgium told to compensate extradited terror suspect

Strasbourg - Belgium was wrong to extradite a former Tunisian professional footballer turned convicted Al-Qaeda fighter to the United States and must pay him compensation, Europe's top rights court ruled Thursday.

India on alert as Al-Qaeda opens South Asia front

New Delhi - India placed several states on high alert on Thursday after Al-Qaeda launched a new branch to "wage jihad" in South Asia, seeking to invigorate its waning Islamist extremist movement.

Al-Qaeda declares new branch in Indian sub-continent

Washington - Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri launched a new branch of the global Islamist extremist movement on Wednesday to reinvigorate and expand its struggle in the Indian sub-continent.

Saudi arrests 88 in 'anti-terrorism' drive

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia has arrested 88 suspected extremists, more than half of them ex-Qaeda detainees who had previously been released, the interior ministry announced on Tuesday.
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