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Bin Laden documents: worry over IS tactics, 'aging' Al-Qaeda

Washington - Months before his death, Osama bin Laden fretted about the Islamic State group's impatient, violent tactics and the fading of Al-Qaeda, documents released by the CIA Thursday showed.

US strike killed Afghanistan Al-Qaeda leader Qahtani: official

Washington - The US military confirmed it had killed Al-Qaeda's emir for northeastern Afghanistan during an air strike last month, in a major blow to the group as it seeks to re-establish safe havens in the country.

Al-Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan killed, spy agency confirms

Kabul - Two top Al-Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan were killed in a US drone attack, the nation's spy agency confirmed Thursday, in a major blow to the group as it seeks to re-establish safe havens in the country.

Third deadly drone strike in a week hits Yemen Qaeda

Aden - An apparent US drone strike has killed five suspected Al-Qaeda members in Yemen in the third such attack this week, a security official said on Saturday.

Bin Laden's son urges overthrow of Saudi rulers

Dubai - The son of Al-Qaeda's slain founder Osama bin Laden has urged Saudis to "overthrow" the kingdom's rulers in order to "free" themselves from US influence, SITE Intelligence Group reported Wednesday.

The Syrian Al-Nusra Front

Birut - Al-Nusra Front, whose leader on Thursday announced its break from Al-Qaeda, is a well-organised, battle-hardened jihadist group allied with rebels fighting the Syrian regime.

Coalition air strikes hit Qaeda in Yemen

Aden - Saudi-led coalition warplanes struck Al-Qaeda positions in southern Yemen on Saturday killing several jihadists, as government forces appeared set on a new offensive, military officials said.

Qaeda chief backs new Taliban head as 'emir of believers'

Dubai - Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri has pledged allegiance to new Afghan Taliban leader Haibatullah Akhundzada, a low-profile religious figure whose predecessor was killed in a US drone strike.

Syria Qaeda kills 19 civilians from Assad's Alawite sect

Birut - Al-Qaeda fighters and their allies shot dead 19 civilians from President Bashar al-Assad's Alawite minority in their own homes after seizing their village in central Syria, a monitor said Friday.

Yemen Qaeda suicide bombers kill 13 troops near Mukalla

Mukalla - Militants, including suicide bombers, killed at least 13 Yemeni troops outside the southeastern port city of Mukalla on Thursday, the army said, in an attack claimed by the Islamic State group.

U.S. sends troops to Yemen, steps up anti-Qaeda strikes

Washington - The Pentagon acknowledged for the first time Friday it has deployed US troops to Yemen since the country's collapse last year to bolster government and Arab coalition forces battling Al-Qaeda.

Navy SEALs grab limelight in years since bin Laden death

Washington - They are supposedly bound by a code of silence, but several of the US Navy SEALs involved in killing Osama bin Laden published accounts of the raid -- to the dismay of fellow fighters who fret the disclosures could put future missions at risk.

Where they are now? Key players in the bin Laden raid

Islamabad - Five years ago, United States special forces shot and killed Osama bin Laden, ending a manhunt that began in earnest after his Al-Qaeda operatives hijacked planes and flew them into buildings in New York and Washington in September 2001.

Five years on, bin Laden doctor languishes in Pakistan jail

Peshawar - Five years after his fake vaccination programme helped the CIA track and kill Osama bin Laden, Pakistani doctor Shakeel Afridi languishes in jail, abandoned by the US, say supporters, in its bid to smooth troubled relations with Islamabad.

With five-year delay, CIA 'live-tweets' bin Laden raid

Washington - The CIA has marked the anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden by live-tweeting -- with a five-year delay -- the raid by US special forces on the Al-Qaeda founder's compound in Pakistan.

Five years after bin Laden, Al-Qaeda down but far from out

Dubai - Five years after the killing of Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden, the network he founded is far from dead even if it has suffered a series of setbacks.

Al-Qaeda after bin Laden

Dubai - The jihadist group Al-Qaeda has survived the death of its founder Osama bin Laden on May 2, 2011 and bolstered its notoriety with attacks in Africa, Europe and Yemen.

Global Al-Qaeda franchises

Dubai - Al-Qaeda franchises have emerged on several continents since Osama bin Laden founded the Sunni jihadist network in 1988.

Yemen govt forces seize Qaeda-held military camp, arms

Mukalla - Yemeni government forces backed by an Arab coalition seized an Al-Qaeda training camp in the southeastern province of Hadramawt Saturday along with "large amounts" of weapons, its governor told AFP.

Arab coalition claims 800 Al-Qaeda fighters killed in Yemen

Sayyan - Yemeni troops backed by Arab coalition air strikes killed more than 800 members of Al-Qaeda in an attack on a southeastern provincial capital held by the group for the past year, the coalition said Monday.

Yemen government forces make key gains against Qaeda

Sayyan - Yemeni troops backed by Arab coalition air strikes on Sunday recaptured a southeastern provincial capital held by Al-Qaeda for the past year and an oil terminal, military sources told AFP.

Yemen launches southern operation against Qaeda militants

Aden - Yemeni forces backed by air power from a Saudi-led Arab coalition launched an operation Saturday to drive Al-Qaeda fighters out of a southern provincial capital, military officials said.

Suicide bomber kills 4 Yemen troops near Aden airport

Aden - Four Yemeni soldiers were killed Sunday in a suicide attack on a checkpoint near the international airport in second city Aden, home to a growing jihadist presence, a security official said.

Qaeda ambush kills at least 20 Yemeni soldiers: military source

Sayyan - Al-Qaeda militants killed at least 20 Yemeni soldiers on Saturday when they ambushed their convoy in the south of the war-torn country, a military source said.

Syria's Qaeda spokesman, 20 jihadists dead in strikes: monitor

Birut - The spokesman for Al-Qaeda's Syrian affiliate, Al-Nusra Front, his son and 20 other jihadists were killed in air strikes in the northeast of the country, a monitor said.

US strike kills 40 Qaeda militants at Yemen camp

Aden - A US air strike on an Al-Qaeda training camp in Yemen has killed at least 40 fighters in a major blow to the jihadists who have been expanding their territory in the war-torn country.

Ivory Coast toll rises to 19 with body found on beach

Grand-bassam - The toll from a deadly attack in Ivory Coast by an Al-Qaeda affiliate rose to 19 on Wednesday, with the body of a young man shot in the head found on the beach.

France ups Africa anti-terror support after Ivory Coast attack

Abidjan - France vowed Tuesday to step up anti-terrorist cooperation in Africa after Al-Qaeda's North African branch said it carried out a deadly weekend attack on an Ivory Coast beach resort.

Egypt orders release of jailed Qaeda chief's brother

Cairo - An Egyptian court ordered on Tuesday the release of Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri's brother, who is under investigation for calling for the creation of a "terrorist group," an official said.

U.S. drone strike kills top Qaeda chief in south Yemen

Aden - A senior Al-Qaeda operative in Yemen with a $5 million US bounty on his head was killed Thursday in one of two suspected American drone strikes in the war-torn country.
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