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Puppy News

Puppy rapist sentenced to 5 years in jail

Daytona Beach - On Friday, James Guy Bull, 62, was convicted of fondling and raping his eight-month-old puppy. He will now spend five years in a Florida prison.

Allison Veltz kicks off campaign for Nashville Humane Association

Nashville - Country newcomer Allison Veltz's new music video for "Bright Side" features a puppy named "Penny," who was adopted from the Nashville Humane Association.

Pit bull puppy gets head stuck in tire rim, firemen free

Bakersfield - A pit bull puppy in Bakersfield, California that got his head stuck in the middle of a wheel rim was not able to get free until receiving help from local firemen.

Puppy in recovery after being thrown off Northern Va. balcony

Manassas - Last week a puppy plunged to the ground from two stories up. It is believed the dog, a border collie mix, was thrown from a balcony. After receiving leg surgery, the puppy is now in recovery.

Puppy survives after being locked in car for almost a month

An animal shelter in Kansas City is caring for a puppy that authorities say managed to survive in a locked car for almost a month.

Puppy tied to train tracks saved by driver emergency braking

Mecca - A 10-month-old poodle-terrier puppy tied to train tracks was saved from being crushed to death when a Union Pacific railway engineer activated the train's emergency braking system.

Watch Bandit the pittbull puppy on the treadmill with dad

A cute puppy named Bandit shows the pitbull stuff he is made of. He tries to join his dad on the exercise treadmill and keep up with his workout strides. But he finds that keeping up with dad on the treadmill is not as easy as he had thought.

Vodka IV saves puppy from renal failure

Melbourne - A bottle of vodka turned out to be a puppy's best friend after the inquisitive pup drank antifreeze and began to go into kidney failure.

Viral Video: Maymo the lemon beagle in 'puppy vs. orange'

Maymo the lemon beagle has gone viral online once again. A video of the adorable beagle in battle with an orange uploaded to YouTube on January 9, has gone massively viral with almost 1 million views in less than four days.

Watch 'puppy teaching puppy to go downstairs'

Daisy, an 8-week-old puppy, belonging to Canadian Tim Doucette, was not afraid to run upstairs, but she was too scared to run downstairs. Simon, an older, more experienced 6-month-old "puppy," shows her the ropes.

Abandoned puppy breaks into dog shelter, finds good home

Fort Worth - Most dogs would be only too happy to leave a dog shelter, but this pup, left tied up outside all on his own, decided to break in and make himself at home.

Pit bull puppy dragged behind truck survives and is recuperating

A puppy that survived being dragged down a Missouri interstate two weeks ago has undergone surgery and is recuperating. Medical staff overseeing the puppy are cautiously optimistic.

8-year-old Texas boy killed trying to rescue stray puppy

Caddo Mills - The Texas town of Caddo Mills is mourning the death of an 8-year-old boy after he was killed trying to rescue a stray puppy in the roadway.

SPCA searches for owner of puppy found with horrific rope burns

Surrey - The BC SPCA in Surrey, British Columbia is asking for help to find the owners of a puppy that was found in some bushes, with severe rope burns on its muzzle. It's being investigated as a case of animal cruelty.

Top 5 photos of animals in the womb

Scientists are showing us what other mammals look like in the womb, thanks to revolutionary four-dimensional scanning technology. Here are the top five photos of animals in their mothers' wombs.

Man breaks into a pet shop in Long Island and steals a puppy

Long Island City - A man broke into a pet shop in Long Island, but because he could not work out how to open the cash register, he stuffed a puppy down his pants instead.

Video: Ukrainian man risks his life to rescue puppy in a flood

Odessa - A Ukrainian man risked his life to save a puppy from drowning in flood waters. He waded through incredibly murky and filthy chest-deep flood waters.

Puppy falls from the sky, dropped down by hawk

A California family rescued a puppy recently after it fell from the sky and landed in the yard of their Los Banos home. A woman and her grandson were there to witness the pup fall from 30 feet above.

Video: Golden retriever mother saves puppy from drowning

A camera caught the moment a golden retriever mother jumped to rescue her puppy from drowning in a backyard swimming pool. The puppy had apparently been thrown into the water and it was unable to help itself out.

Video: Puppy rescued from underground pipe

Detroit - Last week a puppy was discovered trapped inside an underground drain pipe in Detroit. Rescuers worked for 12 hours to get the tiny 1-month-old pup out of the pipe.

Prince William, Kate Middleton adopt cocker spaniel puppy

London - Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton have welcomed a new addition to their family but it wasn't an heir to the throne that royal watchers are hoping for, it was a puppy.

Puppy rescued from top of moving train

A small black lab puppy estimated to be around 3 months old was spotted on top of a train as it traveled through Easley, S.C. It is a mystery as to how the dog ended up on top of the train.

World's most expensive dog: Tibetan Mastiff sold for $1.5 million

Qingdao - A male Tibetan Mastiff puppy has created a stir in the dog breeding world and gained the title of the world's most expensive dog after being sold in China for a record 10 million yuan ($1.5 million).

Woman tries to mail dog using Priority Mail

Minneapolis - An 11-year-old boy will not be unwrapping a dead puppy as a birthday gift thanks to employees of a Minneapolis post office being witted enough to suspect something odd about a moving package, which tumbled off the counter.

Puppy tossed from car now settled after reunion with owner

Chicago - The puppy known as "Ralphie" to the local media instantly made Chicago headlines after he was tossed from a moving vehicle on December 10. Ralphie, actually named Bentley, was reunited with his owner, Guillermo Roman, on December 27.

Real puppy replaced with digital version

The adorable Labrador retriever puppies usually seen on Andrex adverts have been replaced by computer generated images in a new commercial.

Puppy love for Putin

Moscow - Russian PM Vladimir Putin has just added another to his family. Bulgarian PM Prime Minister Boiko Borisov presented the Karakachan dog to a smiling Putin, after sealing the South Stream gas pipeline deal.

Puppy-throwing girl may have been caught

Bugojno - Police in Bosnia said that they have identified the girl who was filmed throwing six puppies into a river one by one. They have not released her age or name.

$50,000 reward offered in case of puppy-throwing girl

Rewards have now been offered for information leading to the conviction of the girl who was filmed throwing puppies into a river. The latest reward is for $50,000.

Girl throwing puppies into river on video

A video which appears to show a teenager throwing some very young puppies into a river has appeared online and upset many people.
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Puppy Image

The New Puppy that needs a name...
The New Puppy that needs a name...
The aptly named Foster  in need of a foster home.
The aptly named Foster, in need of a foster home.
The aptly named Foster  in need of a foster home.
The aptly named Foster, in need of a foster home.
Siberian Times via YouTube
Tiny Tim doing what he does best...napping  sleeping  cuddling
Tiny Tim doing what he does best...napping, sleeping, cuddling
Badly burned puppy victim of cruel abuse was rescued by Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society
Badly burned puppy victim of cruel abuse was rescued by Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society
AARCS / Handout photo
The New Puppy that needs a name...
The New Puppy that needs a name...
File photo of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier
File photo of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Craig Ralton
Labrador retriever puppy
Labrador retriever puppy
Herwig Kavallar
Photo by Robee
Puppy found with severe rope burns in Surrey BC
Puppy found with severe rope burns in Surrey BC
City of Surrey BC SPCA
Puppy breaks into a dog shelter and befriends Duke.
Puppy breaks into a dog shelter and befriends Duke.
A  catdog  breastfeeding
A "catdog" breastfeeding
YouTube screenshot
West Highland Terrier
West Highland Terrier
Cloe receives a vodka IV to recover from antifreeze poisoning.
Cloe receives a vodka IV to recover from antifreeze poisoning.
Screen Capture
Turbo learns to walk thanks to a cart made from children s toys.
Turbo learns to walk thanks to a cart made from children's toys.
Screen Shot
Chihuahuas in a puppy mill.
Chihuahuas in a puppy mill.
By PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
The Mosby Foundation / Amiee Stubbs

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