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Punished News

Russian President Putin signs law punishing terrorists' relatives

Moscow - On Sunday, Russia's President Vladimir Putin signed into a law an anti-terrorism law which requires the relatives of terrorists to pay for the damages their attacks have caused.

California teacher punishes student for saying 'Bless you'

Steve Cuckovich, a health teacher in Vacaville, California, penalized a student by taking 25 points off his test score for saying "Bless you" to another student after she sneezed.

Farting on school bus irritates driver, gets Ohio boy detention

An 11-year-old boy in Ohio gets in trouble after letting one too many farts rip on his school bus. The driver was anything but amused and decided to take swift action to stop any more deadly wind from letting loose out of the boy's nether regions.

Student, 9, Busted as Florida School District Cracks Down on Cough Drops

We all know about those well-intentioned policies called "zero-tolerance" and just how effective they can be. In Florida, a 9-year-old girl was busted for dealing at school because she handed out a couple of cough drops to her friends.

British parents to be punished for children's net piracy

In a move to combat net piracy, British Government officials have said that they are planning to blacklist users who download copyrighted content from the net.

Pupils punished over Facebook comments

Five Grade 8 students in Thornhill, Ontario have been bumped from end of year trip after ridiculing their teachers on Facebook.

Student Punished for Spaghetti Beliefs

A student has been punished for wearing a Pirate costume to school and following the "Pastafarian religion." The School said his pirate garb was disruptive to the school and the students, so they suspended him.

Teacher Punished for Slavery Film Clip

Teacher is disciplined for showing R-Rated clips for fifth graders in School.

MADD's outspoken founder punished

The founder of MADD Canada has been stripped of his role on the charity's two key committees when he spoke out about where the money goes that is raised.

Cop Punished for trying to Ticket a Top Sports Star in India

A Police Offer is punished for doing his duty, he gave a ticket to a major sports star in India.

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