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Has Apple put money back into the pockets of publishers? Special

Following a public disagreement between Apple and Epic, a resolution has been reached and subsequently Fortnite is coming back to iOS devices. How has the settlement come about and what does it mean?

Nancy Berger, Cosmopolitan Publishing Director, talks 'Hauliday' Special

Nancy Berger is the SVP/Publishing Director of Cosmopolitan, Women's Health and Seventeen. She chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about "Hauliday," and being a publishing director in the digital age.

Shifting Brexit date gives map-makers a headache

Lempdes - In or out? The repeated delays to Brexit are a nightmare for map makers and guidebook printers who have to decide how to depict Britain's relationship with the European Union."We are completely lost," said Henri Medori, manager of publisher AEDIS.

Thriving trade in pirated reads vexes Moroccan bookshops

Rabat - With a backpack filled with pirated books, Khalid wanders the streets of Rabat peddling cheap reads -- part of a flourishing black market eliciting howls of protest from bookshop owners.

Canaan Smith signs with music publishing house Tree Vibez Music

Chart-topping country artist Canaan Smith has just signed with Tree Vibez Music, the trailblazing music publishing house.

Paul McCartney sues to take back Beatles catalog

New York - Paul McCartney has filed a lawsuit to secure the copyright to the Beatles back catalog in a case that could have wide ramifications for the music industry.

Canadian newspaper publishers discuss how to make news pay Special

Toronto - It's been a grim few weeks for Canadian newspapers, so the Canadian Journalism Foundation's latest talk, "Spotlight on Publishers: The Challenge of Making News Pay," was a very timely one.

Ukraine's France ambassador slams atlas for placing Crimea in Russia

Paris - Ukraine's ambassador to France has voiced his "shock" at the new 2016 edition of a French atlas which features a map showing "Crimea as being part of Russian territory.

Facebook announces plans to revamp Events and Notes

Facebook has unveiled plans to reinvent its "Events" feature after realising it is used for public gatherings as often as the private ones it is designed for. The little-used Notes is also being completely revamped to rival platforms like Medium.

Tabloid web startup Ratter lays off staff but wants to stay alive

San Francisco - Q: What do naked car chases, overcast skies in San Francisco, the Zodiac killer and Silicon Valley sex workers have in common?

German court denies sites' plea to oust AdBlock Plus

Two news publishers who want to see advertisement-banishing AdBlock Plus unable to use its tech on their pages have lost their case in court.

Science publications enter into merger mega-deal

London - Major science publisher Macmillan Science and Education, the publisher of Nature and Scientific American, is to join forces with Springer Science+Business Media.

Op-Ed: Hachette v. Amazon e-book feud must consider needs of new authors

Book publisher Hachette and entertainment powerhouse Amazon are locking horns over e-book pricing. Amazon wants to lower the prices of e-books, citing higher readership and high price elasticity, while Hachette wants to avoid a possible price war.

New York Times begins running marijuana ads

New York - Administrators with the New York Times have decided to begin publishing ads for marijuana. After dozens of articles promoting the use of marijuana this is a move for them which is easy to understand.

Newsweek's print revival starts Friday

Washington - Newsweek magazine, online only since the end of 2012, will return to print starting Friday in the United States and Europe.Parent company IBT Media is taking a gamble in re-launching the once-iconic news weekly, which has nearly disappeared in the face...

GE Capital and Slate win Midas Award for content marketing effort

In 2013, GE Capital partnered with Slate to create the "Roadshow For Growth," and the long-form content strategy and tour was recently recognized with a Midas Award.

The Washington Post Company becomes the Graham Holdings Company

The Washington Post Company, having sold the Washington Post newspaper and digital concern to Amazon's Jeff Bezos, announced its new name on Monday.

Rogers Media bringing Next Issue e-magazine service to Canada

Like Netflix for magazines, the new Next Issue Canada app will give tablet readers on-demand access to over 100 publications, including everything from The New Yorker and Sports Illustrated to Vanity Fair.

Slate: Redesign accommodates content volume and audience growth

Slate magazine relaunched in a thorough redesign on Monday, bringing its content marketing offerings and its advertising into the middle of the conversation.

Media startup Assignmint adds journalist Maer Roshan to Board Special

Journalism startup Assignmint today announced the addition of veteran journalist Maer Roshan to their Board of Directors. The announcement of Roshan's addition comes just as Assignmint launches the private beta version of their software for enterprise.

RebelMouse brings curated social media for publishers, marketers

As advertisers become more aware of the issues facing social media marketing, one social media service firm is working to aggregate social media material into content modules for publishers and marketers alike.

Paywalls or not, newspapers to see revenue declines through 2017

With the Washington Post implementing a paywall on their flagship digital property next week, a report from PricewaterhouseCoopers suggests paywalls will not stop revenue declines at newspapers.

In a content marketing first, GE Capital hits the road with Slate

In a remarkable and dynamic first in the content marketing space, GE Capital and Slate magazine have partnered to deliver the middle market Roadshow For Growth - celebrating the job-oriented achievements of middle-market businesses.

Nas invests in 'Mass Appeal' magazine

Eleven years ago, HipHop veteran Nas appeared on the cover of Mass Appeal magazine. Now he has bought a stake in the magazine, and is now partial owner.

Op-Ed: As content marketing breeds complexity, knowledge deficits exist

The commercial side of the digital media industry is entering a considerable challenge to its intellectual sustainability, and the solution resides in the courage and will of middle management to train the next generation.

Alligator Pie comes to the stage Special

Toronto - Alligator Pie is a book beloved by generations of kids and parents since its publishing in 1974. Now a theatre group in Toronto is translating Dennis Lee's work to the stage.

Penguin Books and Random House in new venture

The publisher of the world famous Penguin books (Pearson) has entered into a deal with the German media group Bertelsmann, who publish the Random House imprint. The deal will create a new global player in the book market.

Magazine ordered to surrender topless photos of Kate Middleton

A French judge has ordered Closer magazine to stop re-publishing or distributing photos of the Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing topless. It also has 24 hours to hand over the original photos or face a daily fine of 10,000 euros.

Digital Journalists landing more opportunities thanks to digital publishing and community experience

With the rise of social media and communities such as Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram, news organizations and brands are facing increased pressure to find editorial talent who can work seamlessly in the fast-paced world of digital media.

Authors troll 'Fifty Shades' trilogy with new book

There’s nothing like trolling soccer moms. Two men have realized this all too well, and they plan to make a few bucks along the way.
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 The Tender Hour of Twilight  is a memoir by Richard Seaver. It covers the  experiences he had in Pa...
"The Tender Hour of Twilight" is a memoir by Richard Seaver. It covers the experiences he had in Paris and New York in the 1950's and '60's and highlights his contacts in the publishing industry at that time.
Annerae Vasquez and Josefina Rosado.
Annerae Vasquez and Josefina Rosado.
Managers at the New York Times have taken the next step in their support of marijuana legalization.
Managers at the New York Times have taken the next step in their support of marijuana legalization.
Alexander Torrenegra
The Kobo eReader  available April 30 in Canada. It costs $150
The Kobo eReader, available April 30 in Canada. It costs $150
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