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Q&A: Brands are leveraging interactive and story-driven content Special

Trends suggest more publishers, brands, and agencies are leveraging interactive and story-driven content to increase engagement and revenue. Expert Moti Cohen explains why interactive content is changing the way consumers engage with online content

Spotify launches an analytics platform for music publishers

On November 8, it was announced that the streaming service Spotify has launched an analytics service for music publishers.

President Trump signs historic Music Modernization Act into law

U.S. President Donald Trump signed the Music Modernization Act, which offers better compensations for singers, songwriters, and musicians in the digital world. It is now the law of the land.

Facebook is killing the controversial 'Trending' news section

Facebook has announced plans to discontinue its Trending news module next week. The feature, located at the top-right portion of the News Feed, provided links to news stories that people were sharing and commenting about on Facebook.

Facebook's new info button lets you check a page's reputation

Facebook has started a trial of a new button meant to help combat fake news. The small "more info" link lets you view information about a story's publisher, giving you context on the articles they post. The details are sourced from external sites.

Facebook tweaks Trending to help you find new stories quicker

Facebook has announced it's expanding the search results page for its Trending feature on mobile devices to include more alternative viewpoints on major stories. The company is also improving the visibility of Trending to help you quickly access the news.

Google may have to pay publishers when content shows in results

Lawmakers in Europe are proposing an update to copyright law. If the proposal passes and is implemented, then news aggregators, such as Google News, may change the way they show news to you.

Facebook to emphasise friends above pages, harming publishers

Facebook has announced it is changing the algorithm used for News Feed posts once again, this time to place your friends' status updates above those of publishers and groups. It said it wants to make Facebook a more personal place, emphasising closeness.

Journalists support World Copyright Day, April 23

April 23 is World Copyright Day, a day designated so by a group of journalists with the aim of protecting their content. The event is supported by the United Nations. The date is also World Book Day, designed to encourage reading.

Op-Ed: The onslaught of ad blockers is killing websites and the Internet

The vast majority of websites rely on revenue from adverts displayed on their pages to be able to operate. Yet many consumers install ad blockers that hide them from sight, preventing websites from getting much needed money - and the trend is growing.

Facebook is asking publishers to post their articles direct to its mobile app

Facebook is proposing a revenue share deal with publishers that could see newspapers, magazines, and websites send their articles for the social network to host direct on its mobile app, the New York Times reports.

NZ political party sued by Eminem's publishers

American rapper Eminem's music publishers filed a lawsuit against New Zealand's ruling party over music that it used in a infomercial.

Smart content marketing relies on smarter efficiency in scale Special

Digital content marketing solutions are evolving at an ever faster clip, and the answers are now aligned along intelligent distribution lines.

RebelMouse brings curated social media for publishers, marketers

As advertisers become more aware of the issues facing social media marketing, one social media service firm is working to aggregate social media material into content modules for publishers and marketers alike.

Remaking classic book covers is causing controversy

Do you judge a book by its cover? Should you? Recently there has been some controversy over the remaking of classic book covers and their portrayal of women.

Price of ebooks set to fall

New York - In a landmark decision on Thursday, US district judge Denise Cote upheld the $96 million Department of Justice penalty imposed on publishers Simon & Schuster, Hachette and HarperCollins for conspiring to fix the price of ebooks.

Content is king but transactions are everything

Toronto - The transition to digital has been challenging for many publishers because with opportunity has come an equal amount of pain. An upcoming Toronto presentation will look at the future of mobile and creating new revenue streams.

'Just the Way You Are' is Song of the Year, according to ASCAP

Los Angeles - "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars took the Song of the Year title this week as the music world gathered to celebrate.

nextMEDIA liveblog: Publishers talk digital media trends

Toronto - At the annual nextMEDIA conference, publishers will discuss how they are taking advantage of digital media trends to power their publications into the next generation. Digital Journal will be liveblogging the panel discussion.

Survey: News sites' comment tools can attract young readers

A new survey found younger news readers are three times more likely than those 55 and older to say that engagement tools will make them more likely to visit a site. Overall, though, a third of those surveyed said they never comment on sites.

Op-Ed: Social media presents new continuum in second great expansion

As social media environments give shape to the Internet's second great expansion, publishers and content producers need to travel the new digital continuum with their commercial partners.

Op-Ed: The web's information highway hums on destinations and ecosystems

A number of careful redefinitions are changing the traditional means in which information is distributed and consumed - forging new business models that have promise for a new field.

Op-Ed: The rising price of ebooks

The Great E-Book Swindle is in full flight, with publishers producing more justifications than they do books. The people who can move new books from full retail to bargain bin in a month have struck again. Readers, understandably, aren’t pleased.

Amazon offers new royalty program for Kindle books Inc. said Wednesday it will begin offering do-it-yourself authors and publishers a bigger cut of book sales through its Kindle e-reader.

Published About, By And For Women Special

Roughly, two years prior to the start of World War I, The New York Times published a brief, yet riveting news under the “London Literary News” section of its book reviews. It was dated October 20, 1912, and read:

Economic downturn threatens free online news

A report released today suggests that a debate is re-emerging relating to whether people should pay to access online news.

Authors, Publishers, and Google Reach Landmark Settlement

The Authors Guild, the Association of American Publishers (AAP), and Google announced a settlement agreement on behalf of authors and publishers worldwide that expands online access to millions of in-copyright books and other written materials.

Even Jane Austen wouldn’t get a publisher these days- literally

Yep, it’s true. Somebody sent 18 chapters of Jane Austen novels to publishers. Only one of them figured out they had a copy of Pride and Prejudice. The others didn’t want to know. What a surprise.

The top 20 publishers of 2006

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Numerous publishers and professional associations  including Cambridge University Press  were in the...
Numerous publishers and professional associations, including Cambridge University Press, were in the Exhibit Hall of the Palmer House during the 2015 MPSA Conference. Chicago, IL

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