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Elicity Public Relations launches in Nashville

On October 7, Elicity Public Relations officially launched in Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville Music Media has rebranded as Elicity Public Relations.

Agency33 Public Relations in Nashville adds Tour Press Division

Agency33 Public Relations in Nashville has launched a tour press division for their company, which helps artists that earn their revenue from touring.

Review: PRPLI celebrates 27th anniversary with Awards Dinner ceremony Special

Westbury - On May 9, Public Relations Professionals of Long Island (PRPLI) celebrated its 27-year anniversary with an exquisite Awards Dinner Ceremony that took place at Westbury Manor on Long Island.

Op-Ed: Data scientists identify influential consumers who increase sales

New York - Data scientists have identified a new group of influential consumers who can increase sales for any business. This group of consumers use emotions to influence brand loyalty with others.

Op-Ed: Why SEO firms are a dying industry and PR is the future of rank

New York - Google quietly updated its algorithm, Panda 4.2, over this summer and even today, it continues to change the way businesses are discovered on the web. Here is what we can learn about the latest version of Panda and what you can do to improve your SEO.

Oscars invite 271 to join

Los Angeles - Invitations to join The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have been sent out. This time around, 271 artists and executives have been invited to join.

Op-Ed: Is the World Economic Forum working for regional economies?

The World Economic Forum's annual conference in Davos concluded this weekend during a turbulent period in emerging markets and yielding questions on the impact the WEF is making globally.

Two industry reports help shape a bullish Twitter valuation

As equities analysts struggle to find a consensus and an overall value for Twitter, just months after the company went public, important details are emerging on how wrong the commercial social media community is viewing Twitter.

Interview with one of Hollywood's most powerful publicists Special

Los Angeles - Liza Anderson is one of Hollywood's most powerful celebrity publicists, public relations expert, as well as founder and president of Anderson Group Public Relations, an international PR firm based in Hollywood, California.

SAG Awards give momentum to 'American Hustle,' Lupito Nyong’o

West Hollywood - The Screen Actors Guild Awards, which were handed out in West Hollywood, CA. tonight (Jan. 18), truly set the stage for "American Hustle" come Oscar time

EA releases survey to better understand 'Battlefield 4' problems

EA has released an online survey in an effort to better understand the problems and glitches that have plagued 'Battlefield 4'.

Oscars: Logo unveiled, museum to open and 298 films are eligible

Beverly Hills - The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) is honoring its heritage as in unveiled its new logo. It was also announced that 298 films are eligible for the 2013 Academy Awards.

Funny Or Die parodies Chipotle's 'imagination' advertisement

Following the release of Chipotle Mexican Grill's long-form animated advertisement, comedic site Funny Or Die issued a spoof of the commercial - tying Chipotle's video to a commentary on consumer manipulation.

Op-Ed: Marineland's odd response to abuse allegations and fuzzy math

Niagara Falls - Recently Digital Journal published an article about two visitors to Marineland who had vowed never to return over the treatment of its animals. Marineland's rebuttal was not only strange, it was downright wacky.

Op-Ed: Changes in media industry forcing businesses to adapt

Traditional advertising and public relations have historically forced businesses to grab people’s attention through the use of creative and provocative ads.

Profile: Donna Loughlin Michaels changing the world of PR

San Jose - The public relations agency is a dog-eat-dog world, but many people have found success in the difficult industry, including Donna Loughlin Michaels, the president and founder of LMGPR. The award-winning PR specialist is still innovating.

Op-Ed: The 'cost problem' of content marketing lives in misunderstanding

Claims made in some corners that content marketing programs are "expensive" have not been fully thought through when compared to the costs of existing creative services and lack of ROI from banner advertising.

Op-Ed: As content marketing breeds complexity, knowledge deficits exist

The commercial side of the digital media industry is entering a considerable challenge to its intellectual sustainability, and the solution resides in the courage and will of middle management to train the next generation.

Video: Shell's fake rig spews liquor over guests at PR event Special

Seattle - A recently uploaded video shows a Shell launch event gone horribly wrong: a small fake oil rig designed to pour drinks malfunctioned and ended up spraying fancily dressed guests with liquor like an out-of-control hose. Some believe it's a hoax.

Report: Five-year-old Twitter seeking public relations assistance

New York - The social media network Twitter, now in its fifth year, is seeking some public relations help. A new report suggests that Twitter is looking for an agency to help out in its public relations department after setting up new offices in the Big Apple.

Op-Ed: Edelman's perspectives parallel modern branded content solutions

Speaking at the Holmes Report's Think Tank Live summit in Prague last week, Edelman CEO Richard Edelman positioned the opportunities for public relations companies along 'complexity' lines versus the 'simplicity' produced in advertising agency circles.

Op-Ed: How a 160 character communication could be read so inaccurately

A digital encounter with a new Twitter follower leads to a completely different picture, assembled only by a scrolling collection of tweets in time.

Facebook retained PR firm to smear Google on privacy concerns

After an email string surfaced on the Internet from an employee at PR shop Burson-Marsteller looking for a blogger to write an op-ed piece against Google's privacy position, the client behind the push was revealed to be Facebook.

Op-Ed: Email string reveals PR challenges and need for branded content

An email exchange between a vice president at public relations concern Burson-Marsteller and an activist blogger revealed the underpinnings of the modern challenges facing corporate communications professionals and the need for branded content solutions.

Op-Ed: Tweet and thou might be heard — Big PR discovers social media

Media cynics, rejoiceth ye good! Big PR hath moveth boldly into 2007 and discovered-eth Twitter. The ancient Tweeting Saga hath permeated-eth even unto the unspeakably brilliant, previously also comatose, world of spin.

Op-Ed: Julian Assange's new PR revamp? He needs it, that's for sure

I wrote recently to the leader of a French WikiLeaks copycat site to ask him for an interview only to learn that he had tried to take his own life. Assange’s reaction to that news? “Continue the combat.” He needs new PR? He needs more than that.

Op-Ed: An unhappy anniversary of one year on the streets

The regulars down at Sparky’s Diner were at a loss for words, and to be frank, so was I. This past week marked the one-year anniversary of being let go from my place of employment for the past ten years.

Op-Ed: The White House needs to embrace the 'four Cs of communication'

White House honchos and others use the term “communication failure” to explain the inability of Congress to pass healthcare legislation and other key parts of President Obama’s agenda.

Op-Ed: Drowning, an understatement in news release

The turning point for physical media: In an industry defeated by the invention of the internet and the rapid advancements in day-to-day technology, one market remains fighting, but most likely a losing battle. Newspapers.

Octo-Mom's PR Team Quits After Death Threats

The anger against the 'Octo-Mom' as Nadya Suleman is now being called is mounting. And people unhappy with her delivery of 8 babies through in-vitro fertilisation are taking their feelings out on her PR team.

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