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Op-Ed: Trump unveils flawed healthcare reform plan

Republican presidential contender Donald Trump has finally unveiled a detailed policy platform for reforming healthcare in the United States.

Op-Ed: Scientists discover why we tend to be know-it-alls

Recent studies give insight into why we believe things so strongly without evidence — it's an evolutionary trait hard-wired into our brain. And it has troubling implications.

Study: Fortified cereal may endanger kids with megadoses

Washington - A new report from a food-related political action group is calling cereal manufacturers to task for putting too many vitamins and minerals in food. Those involved say it is a risk factor for developing children.

'Inequality for All' in many American cities tonight

The feature documentary film "Inequality for All" opens tonight in 28 cities across America. The movie follows former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich as he looks to raise awareness of America's widening income inequality.

Michigan’s no-fault debate calls insurance practice into question

Car insurance is something that every motorist has to deal with, and most deal with differently. However, Michigan's new no-fault policy has caused quite the stir.

UK: Thousands of prisoners have Sky pay-to view TV

Shipley - Thousands of prisoners have Sky subscription television in their cells at taxpayer expense. The figures were released by the government in response to a query by Shipley MP Philip Davies.

UK: Taxpayer funded aid for poverty consultants

An investigation by the Sunday Telegraph reveals how taxpayers' money devoted to foreign aid actually ends up in the pockets of very wealthy people.

Study: British democracy in 'terminal decline'

Democracy in Britain is in terminal decline, claims new study. The research finds the growth of corporate power, increasingly unrepresentative politicians and disillusioned voters are undermining democracy.

State schools 'fail' most able children

England's state schools are failing to meet the needs of the most able children, according to research commissioned by the Sutton Trust. The research ranks England 26th out of 34 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries.

The 70th Annual Midwest Political Science Association Conference Special

Chicago - The Midwest Political Science Association Conference is the largest political science conference in the world and thousands of US and international scholars presented cutting-edge research on multiple topics.

Op-Ed: Science - Why We Don't Trust It and When We Should

Science and its role in the world fascinates many, insofar that popular perceptions of its role are often based on shallow interpretations and through the scope of sociology, politics and economics rather than separately.

Nanotechnology and the Regulation of New Technologies

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers found in a recent study that “the production of carbon nanotubes gives rise to the creation of a slew of dangerous chemicals some are known to be toxic.

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