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Public health News

Op-Ed: Over 3,000 people died from COVID-19 in the U.S. on Wednesday

On Wednesday, hospitalizations for coronavirus topped 100,000, while the total number of cases in the United States climbed close to 14 million. The most distressing figure is the 3,008 deaths recorded in one day.

COVID-19 testing delays presenting a real problem

Surging COVID-19 outbreaks in several states are straining testing capacity across the country as people wait several days or even weeks to get their results back, causing another setback to the U.S. response to the months-long pandemic.

Review: Michael H. Forde releases powerful new book on success Special

Public health professional Michael H. Forde released his powerful book "Success Begins From Where You Are." Digital Journal has the scoop.

Canada expects coronavirus deaths to soar by end of pandemic

Ottawa - With strong public health measures, between 11,000 and 22,000 Canadians could die from COVID-19 in the months ahead, though the death toll could be much higher with poor containment measures, federal modeling shows.

Social distancing really does work — But what is it?

In the wake of the World Health Organization classifying the coronavirus outbreak as a pandemic, some health officials have begun suggesting “social distancing” as a means for limiting virus transmission. What does this mean?

U.S. schools are updating emergency plans due to COVID-19

Schools across the United States are canceling trips abroad, preparing online lessons and even rethinking “perfect attendance” awards as they brace for the possibility that the new coronavirus could begin spreading in their communities.

Prescription drug shortages — A problem affecting many countries

In both Canada and the United States, common drugs needed for patient care are becoming increasingly hard to find — being either discontinued or back-ordered, creating a public health crisis.

Neurotoxin found in Lake Winnipeg during periods of algae bloom

Winnipeg - A new study by UBC Okanagan researchers has found that BMAA — a neurotoxin linked to several neurodegenerative diseases — is present in high concentrations during cyanobacteria blooms in Lake Winnipeg.

Tech companies have joined the fight against mosquitoes

Technology companies in the U.S. are using automation and robotics to engage in the age-old fight against mosquitoes in an attempt to halt the spread of the Zika virus.

CDC's canceled Climate Summit back on but with new hosts

Al Gore and others have revived the CDC's climate change and health summit, but it is apparently minus the federal government's agency.

Experts suggests food packages with how long to burn calories off

Put down that candy bar. The UK’s Royal Society of Public Health is suggesting food labels display how much activity is required to burn off calories that have just been consumed.

Op-Ed: American beef producers say 'No' to antibiotic-free beef

Even though consumers, scientists and the Food and Drug Administration have called for reining in the use of antibiotics on food-producing animals, cattle farmers are balking at changing over to natural or organic production methods.

Plague claims life of adult in Colorado

The plague, one of the most fearsome diseases in history, has claimed another life after an adult Colorado resident succumbed to the disease in recent days.

Op-Ed: Use of e-cigs in public spaces to be banned in Wales

Cardiff - The Labour controlled devolved government in Wales, UK, announced, June 9, that it would seek to introduce a wide ranging ban on e-cigarettes in public places.

California measles outbreak over, state health officials say

Anaheim - An outbreak of measles at two Southern California theme parks that infected scores of people in December and January has been stopped, California public health officials said Friday.

Op-Ed: Obama dodges lame-duck weakness through healthcare spending

Since the midterm victories that put both the House and Senate under GOP majorities, U.S. President Barack Obama’s lame-duck status has been popularly viewed as a foregone conclusion coloring every speech and initiative he has presented in 2015.

Op-Ed: Viruses are adapting faster than the vaccines

If the next pandemic is inevitable, and if entire categories of cancer are known to originate from infections, should society not be investing more money more urgently into viral research - or are we comfortable relying on vaccinations?

Over half of UK's fresh chicken found to be contaminated

Experts say consumers should be freezing chickens to reduce poisoning risks, after a food standards and hygiene agency reported high levels of the potentially lethal bug campylobacter, present in poultry sold at British supermarkets.

Oregon authorities warn of toxic algae in Willamette River

Portland - After a blue-green film was discovered on the surface of the Willamette River earlier this past week, health officials in Oregon have now confirmed the culprit to be Microcystis aeruginosa, a toxic algae dangerous to humans and animals.

Op-Ed: Wounded vets need universal health care, not 'separate but equal'

The VA scandal has shocked America to its core and exposed a bloated bureaucracy run amok. What veterans, and all Americans, need is universal health care with equitable access to all citizens. Playing "separate but equal" will no longer work.

Study links 'Big government' to better health and well-being

Lincoln - U.S. citizens whose sympathies lie with the Democrats can take comfort from a new study suggesting that those who live in states whose politics lean to the left tend to enjoy better health.

Op-Ed: Is fracking dangerous to human health? Special

Four states — Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Texas — have confirmed that hydraulic fracturing, also called "fracking," has caused water pollution near oil and gas wells.

Traffic-related air pollution a growing concern in Canada

There's Evidence showing a link between traffic-related air pollution (TRAP) and the development of asthma in children and adults and it's a growing Public Health concern in Canada, according to a paper printed in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Op-Ed: GMOs, shoddy science, and the credibility black hole

Sydney - Genetically modified organisms are news for more than one reason. The stonewalling and hyper litigation by manufacturers ask a few questions which result in total silence, a black hole full of nothing. That silence alone deserves to be examined.

Ontario aims to have the lowest smoking rates in Canada

Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable disease and premature death in Ontario. It kills 13,000 people a year - three times the combined deaths caused by alcohol, drugs, suicide, homicide and car crashes and AIDS.

Dallas Mayor cites state of emergency — Aerial spraying to begin

Dallas - Texas health department reports that the cases of West Nile virus in Dallas and across Dallas county have reached 465 with 17 confirmed deaths so far.

Op-Ed: 85% abnormal sperm counts as chemicals play hell with guys

Sydney - Forget about lunatic Illuminati and tyrannical corporate wannabe Hitlers for now. There’s a bigger threat. Male sperm counts are plummeting. Quality is now lousy, with 85% abnormalities. WHO and everybody else are ducking the issues.

Op-Ed: Father’s job can cause birth defects — New study

Sydney - A new and truly groundbreaking study has confirmed a pattern of birth defects related to the jobs of fathers. This grim bit of news is also possibly the start of a whole new field of study related to job-related birth defects.

Video: Zombie flash mob for public health in Málaga, Spain

In scenes similar to the TV series "The Walking Dead", zombies were seen dancing in the streets of Málaga on April 15, 2012, as the people protested against cuts in the social health system.

Two studies on effect of wind turbines on health released in Jan.

An independent panel of experts in Massachusetts has released a report on the health hazards posed by wind turbines. Although the panel found no conclusive evidence of serious health problems, their findings left the door open for further research.
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Michael H. Forde
Michael H. Forde
Photos by Barry Daly
California Department of Public Health has issued a warning over dangerous levels of domoic acid fou...
California Department of Public Health has issued a warning over dangerous levels of domoic acid found in shellfish.
Kirt L. Onthank / Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Mitchel Herian  a faculty fellow with University of Nebraska-Lincoln s Public Policy Center who led ...
Mitchel Herian, a faculty fellow with University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Public Policy Center who led the study highlighting a link between states' 'political color' and individual health and well-being.
Craig Chandler/University Communications/University of Nebraska-Lincoln
FANTASY: Tourists visit Toontown at Disneyland in Southern California. State officials say a measles...
FANTASY: Tourists visit Toontown at Disneyland in Southern California. State officials say a measles outbreak that sickened dozens at the park in September and January is over.
SolarSurfer/Wikimedia Commons

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