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Public Schools News

Springfield caught out in ransomware attack Special

The Springfield Public Schools district in Massachusetts has become the victim of a ransomware attack that has caused the closure of schools while authorities investigate the cyberattack.

New York City public schools to close amid Coronavirus concerns

On March 15, it was announced that New York City public schools will close amid overwhelming Coronavirus concerns. They will transition to remote learning and regional enrichment centers.

Op-Ed: School vouchers and 'school choice' may be thorny issue for Bush

Austin - George P. Bush, Jeb Bush's son and rising political star in Texas, attended a "school choice" rally in Austin and argued that citizens should be able to remove their kids from public schools and put them in charter and private schools. It's a bad move.

Op-Ed: Why we must care that half of public school students are poor

The Southern Education Foundation reports that 51 percent of all public school students are now on the federal free and reduced-price lunch programs, the highest percentage in at least 50 years. Why this matters:

Florida public school sets grade minimum

A public school in Florida has instituted a hard floor along its grading scale to help students pass classes that they were on the brink of failing.

Letter describing beheadings the latest terror threat

Johnston - Parents in three Rhode Island communities are on-edge this week after a letter was sent to the Johnston, R.I. Police Department on Tuesday, threatening to behead elementary school children on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Missouri Governor doesn't want teachers packing heat

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon recently vetoed legislation that would have allowed teachers and other school staff members to carry firearms on campus.

Op-Ed: School segregation proves to be an issue even today

On Tuesday, a California court struck down state teacher tenure and seniority protections as a violation of the rights of poor and minority students. This is part of a wider issue that policymakers do not understand and are afraid to take on.

CA schools prepare to implement new school transgender laws

Sacramento - The law allowing transgender K-12 students to choose what bathroom they want to use, what gender-specific sports they want to play, and what dress code they adhere to is set to go into effect, and public schools are gearing up to comply with the law.

Send in the SWAT Team! That boy has a pencil!

Suffolk - Two second graders in Virginia have been suspended after they made shooting noises and pointed their pencils at each other.

Op-Ed: Our Broken Education System and Possible Solutions to Fixing It

The state of our education system has been on my mind lately, I have some opinions on how I think we can make immediate changes to improve it. It requires sacrifice and give on both sides of this debate but I am positive as a nation we can do anything.

Op-Ed: Hockey vs. School — Why not just combine them? Special

Sports in our society take precedence over school work and in Canada that sport is usually hockey. Kids and parents alike dream big of the NHL but what do the children's report cards look like and how can we fix them?

Op-Ed: Teacher Appreciation Week: May 7-11

Lodi - It's Teacher Appreciation Week so let's all take the time to talk about what teacher's do for children and how they can help in rebuilding our education system.

Operational in America — Sharia influence in schools

The growing influence of Islamic teaching in U.S. public schools is causing concern in several different states such as Massachusetts and Virginia.

House passes In God We Trust for public schools, Fed buildings

On November 1, 2011, the Republicans in the House voted and passed a non-binding resolution that reaffirmed “In God We Trust” as the United States national motto. Public schools and government buildings are encouraged to display the motto openly.

Report demonstrates teacher's opinions governing evolution lesson

In a report on an Ohio high school teacher's struggle with balancing his creationist beliefs with those of the evolution lessons he is trusted with instructing, a gulf in scientific learning is exposed.

Op-Ed: Creating a real TEAM HISD

Houston - The expansion plans of Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP) and YES Prep charter schools are threats to the quality and number of public school teacher jobs in the Houston Independent School District (HISD).

Op-Ed: Detroit public schools in peril; would you send your kids? Special

Detroit - Detroit public schools are in financial despair. The dropout rate in the district is around 75 percent. Would you send your child to school in Detroit?

Advanced Placement scores low in many Houston ISD public schools

The Houston Independent School District has increased the number of students in Advanced Placement (AP) courses, but the quality of these courses at many schools appears low based on student test scores.

Op-Ed: Issues Of Power, Authority And Control In Democratic Education

There is a constant fight in public education over money, power and authority - does anyone remember to educate the children?

Op-Ed: Boy’s Suspension from Colorado School Good Decision

Although I’m not a supporter of Barack Obama, I have to agree with a Colorado school for suspending Daxx Dalton, a fifth grader at Aurora Frontier K-8 School in Aurora, Colo.

Study Says Public Schools As Good As Private Schools In Raising Math Scores

Students in public schools learn as much or more math between kindergarten and fifth grade as similar students in private schools.

Taxpayers in Minnesota Paying For An Islamic School?

The title question is one that has kicked off investigations from the ACLU of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Education and it was asked by a Star Tribune columnist, first in March and followed up today with an eyewitness account.

NYC Reaching Out To Feed Children Over The Summer

School's out. This means children are home, and chances are, most families are going through two to three times the amount of groceries per week then when the children are in school. Certain school districts across the US are doing their best to help.

Teaching the Bible in Public Schools

“Why We Should Teach the Bible in Public School.” Has anyone seen the Time's headline? The cover story [i]reveals how popular Bible literacy classes have become—and why almost no one is complaining about them.[/i]

Why Public Schools are Failures to the Best Students

Growing up through the public school system, I can attest that our school system does not bring out the full potential of students. Not even from the best students either. Sure, the public school system has a plethora of success stories, however I stro...

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