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'Heroic' Londoners praised for tackling knifeman

London - Members of the public were praised as heroes on Friday after tackling a knife-wielding terrorist on London Bridge, unaware he was apparently wearing an explosive device.

Dog days of campaign as Israelis return to polls

Jerusalem - Elections are the only time Israeli Gruny Tzivin regrets naming her dog after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but lately it always seems to be election time.

Dropbox secures $600 million credit pool anticipating IPO

Dropbox is moving into new, public territory. With a $600 million credit pool secured for a push to go public this year, the success of the file hosting service has been brought into sharper light.

A year of bombing in Syria stirs little debate in Russia

Moscow - Veteran Russian opposition activist Sergei Davidis was among 300 people who showed up to a protest in Moscow against the start of the Kremlin's Syria bombing campaign. But that was pretty much the last demonstration.

California appeals court restores state's teacher tenure system

Los Angeles - A California appellate court has restored the state's system of awarding job security to teachers after two years on the job.

Grandma died after snake bit boy at Disney park, family alleges

Orlando - An Alabama family alleges that an escaped snake at Disney's Animal Kingdom plopped out of a tree and bit a boy, leading to the death of the boy's grandmother. Matt Morgan, the family's attorney, said Thursday that the family plans to sue Disney World.

Spain fends off finance critics ahead of elections

Madrid - Spain's government was forced to defend itself Tuesday against claims it polished its outlook for its recovering public finances ahead of a general election.

Apps and websites caught collecting personal data from children

A group of privacy advocates has found many apps and websites aimed specifically at children collect personal information and then share it with third parties. Others run marketing campaigns or prompt children to sign-up to mailing lists.

70% of people 'have no confidence in passwords'

A study has found that over 70 percent of ordinary Internet users believe that passwords are an inadequate and ineffective method of protecting personal details online. It also found that many are suffering from a chronic case of "password fatigue."

Like the canary in a coalmine, birds tell real story of Fukushima

Like a canary in a coalmine, birds are a good indicator of the quality of an environment. A study has found that Fukushima prefecture has not been friendly to our feathered friends since that fateful day four years ago, and things are not getting better.

ICANN investigates inappropiate usage of .sucks domain name

ICANN is investigating a Canadian domain registrar that is using the ".sucks" domain to get sums of up to $2,500 from celebrities and brands who are eager to protect themselves from the domain being used to negatively portray their company.

Posting on social media will ruin your life, study finds

A study has confirmed the idea that obsessing over creating the "perfect" social media post will end up ruining your life, finding that 60 percent of people have missed an experience because they were trying too hard to take a picture or post about it.

Wikipedia filing lawsuit to NSA challenging mass surveillance

Wikipedia is to take legal action against the National Security Agency and the U.S. Department of Justice that will challenge the government's program of mass surveillance of Internet traffic and suggest that this undermines democracy.

Pay for transport or phone credit by recycling bottles in Beijing

Beijing - A new system introduced in Beijing is allowing people to get free phone card rebates or passes to public transport in exchange for simply recycling a used drinks bottle.

Google Now can alert you at your stop on public transport

A new alarm feature integrated into Google's digital assistant for Android devices, Google Now, is reportedly able to alert you to get off public transport at the stop nearest to your destination.

Singapore-based companies sell at record pace to investors

Singapore-based companies are seeing a huge surge in purchases of public businesses as take-private transactions have hit a record $7.94 billion in the four months to April 2014.

Schaeuble 'can't bear' growth vs austerity debate anymore

Berlin - German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble reacted Wednesday to IMF advice to boost investment by saying he "can't bear hearing" the debate over fiscal austerity versus pro-growth policies anymore.

Italy to cap top salaries at public companies

Milan - Italy will cap salaries at some of the country's biggest public companies, the new government of 39-year-old Matteo Renzi announced on Friday, though some major groups will be exempt.

Italy economy shrank 1.9% in 2013 but deficit within EU limit

Rome - Italy's economy shrank by 1.9 percent in 2013 but its public deficit stayed within the European Union's limit of 3.0 percent of GDP in mixed news for the country's new government, official figures showed Monday.The contraction -- which followed a shrin...

Merkel 'vetoes quick aid' for Greece

Berlin - German Chancellor Angela Merkel has blocked a bid by her powerful finance minister to offer fresh aid to Greece ahead of European elections in May, Der Spiegel magazine reported on Sunday.Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble had wanted to give the ailin...

Op-Ed: Prison Paradigm Shift Away from Big Government Needed

We face a massive prison crisis in the United States, and some thinking outside the box is necessary. Earlier in American history, incarceration was rare or non-existent. Shouldn't we figure out what they were doing right?

Op-Ed: Keystone XL pipeline delay a major coup for environmentalists

Calgary - On November 10, 2011, the U.S. State Department delayed plans to build the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline to get additional information. It was a major coup for environmentalists who opposed the project that would have straddled Canada and the US.

Greece imposes heavy fines for smoking in offices and restaurants Special

Starting today, Greece prohibits smoking in all enclosed public spaces and will slap offenders with heavy fines in a bid to reduce nicotine consumption in the country where 42 percent of the population are smokers.

Newly released Shrek video tells kids 'Discover the Forest'

West Hollywood - Shrek, Dreamworks and the USDA Forest Service have teamed up to get kids away from the television and out of the house in a series of new PSA's. The loveable Shrek encourages kids to "get outside and explore nature, there are surprises everywhere."

Ultrasound of Jesus-like image with halo chosen for holiday ads

Wolverhampton - By using the concept of an ultrasound and the images created, ChurchAds has chosen an image of a fetus with a halo for their 2010 holiday advertising campaign. These will be placed in public transportation sites across the United Kingdom and the US.

Safe sex for dogs and cats says Cloris Leachman in hilarious PSA

Intercourse - Cloris Leachman may be 84 years old and having problems opening a condom package but one thing she can do is be a spokesperson for PETA. Leachman in a new commercial is asking everyone to spay and neuter their pets. A no-birth nation is Leachman's goal.

Can a chimp beat scientists in 2010 hurricane predictions? Special

Washington - NOAA's track record in predicting the number of Atlantic hurricanes is so abysmal that a trained chimp could do better, says The National Center for Public Policy Research, and they're putting him to the test in storm, climate and weather predictions.

30 Democrats in the Senate Demand Public Option

A total of 30 Democrats signed an open letter to Majority Leader, Senator Harry Reid, to implement a "robust, Medicare-like public option" in the upcoming health care reform bill.

Guantanamo files to be made public

A US. court has ruled that evidence concerning over 100 prisoners held at Guantanamo must be made available to the public.

Swine Flu Prompts U.S. to Declare Public Health Emergency

Health officials in the U.S. declared a public health emergency over increasing cases of swine flu, saying that they had confirmed 20 cases of the disease in the country.
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