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Drinking milk may make us taller but may not stop hip fractures

New research findings show that drinking milk during teenage years does not necessarily lower the risk of hip fractures in older adults possibly because milk also helps make us grow taller.

Early puberty in boys may be linked to American food supply

A recent study released this week says that boys are reaching puberty at a younger age than has been consistently observed in the past.

Scientists find a link between early puberty and body fat

Boston - A comprehensive study has not only found 30 new genes which control when a female sexually matures, they discovered many of the new genes appear to trigger menarche in response to body fat.

Study shows girls in the US now reach puberty at a younger age

A new study shows that American girls are showing signs of puberty at an earlier age than ever, especially heavier girls with a high body-mass index. Today, twice as many girls as a decade ago begin breast development at age 7. Scientists are concerned.

Children's Hospital Boston Launched Sex Change Program For Kids

Dr. Norman Spack, who is a pediatric endocrinologist, started a new clinic at Children's Hospital Boston, with the goal of delaying puberty in children so they can decide whether they want a male or a female body.

Study Suggests Connection Environmental Toxins and Early Onset Puberty in Girls

Although scientists have speculated over the negative effects of environmental toxins for years, new data suggest that certain environmental toxins may disrupt the normal growth and hormonal development of girls.

Early hominid had a long puberty and a gorilla-like lifestyle

Paranthropus robustus is an early hominid that lived approximately 2 million years ago and is not a direct ancestor of modern man. It is now thought that the males had a long puberty and probably lived a life similar to that of modern gorillas.

Childhood obesity triggers early puberty: study

A study revealed childhood obesity is causing early puberty to girls in United States

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