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Care home workers suffer Covid trauma, anxiety: study

Paris - Nearly half of care home workers in northern Italy may be suffering from post-traumatic stress or anxiety following the first wave of the pandemic, new research showed Wednesday.

Study finds 55% of COVID-19 survivors suffer mental disorders

A new study suggests that the majority of people who recover from COVID-19 suffer from at least one mental disorder one month after treatment, raising serious concerns about lingering psychological effects of the virus.

Op-Ed: A new kind of stress for the modern military – ‘Moral injury’

Washington - Historically, few people are as neglected and ignored by their governments and people as the military. The multigenerational horror stories of vets are grim enough. Now, there’s a whole new form of stress, and not much idea what to do about it.

Review: U.S. vet Chris Van Etten melts hearts with 'Walk' film about PTSD Special

U.S. Marine veteran Chris Van Etten released his short film, "Walk," which hits the viewer like a shot in the heart. He serves as the narrator of the film, and it was directed by Rome Grant.

Meet Chris Van Etten: 'General Hospital' actor, U.S. Marine vet Special

U.S. Marine veteran and actor Chris Van Etten chatted with Digital Journal about "General Hospital," the short film "Walk" and he offered advice to other veterans dealing with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Many veterans say serving has impacted them negatively

Last Thursday the US Army tweeted a simple question "How has serving impacted you?" As Memorial Day was the following Monday perhaps the Army's social media hoped that many replies would relate the benefits of serving. The response was different.

Mexican journalists bear invisible scars of drug war

Chilpancingo - After drug cartel thugs kidnapped him and threatened to burn him alive, Mexican journalist Jorge Martinez was so traumatized he couldn't leave the house.

Mental health issues studied one year after Fort McMurray fire

Fort Mcmurray - A psychiatrist with the University of Alberta is studying how the 2016 wildfire has affected the lives of children in Fort McMurray. Other studies are also being conducted regarding anxiety, depression and PTSD among those who lived through the ordeal.

Yoga for army vets could help with PTSD

The Veterans Health Administration has launched four pilot programs that offer veterans yoga, acupuncture, Qigong, guided imagery and equine therapies, as an alternative to medication, to help with PTSD.

Op-Ed: PTSD, veterans and crime — Serious legal problems arising

Washington D.c. - The idea that PTSD sufferers should be exempt from the death penalty has opened a lot of different cans. Not least of which is “discriminatory law,” the issue of separating a group of people with a medical condition by legal classification.

White House intruder decorated war veteran 'crying out for help'

Washington D.c. - The Texas man arrested for scaling the fence surrounding the White House Friday evening has been identified as a decorated Iraqi War veteran.

Yoga could help veterans with PTSD

New research from the University of W-Madison has looked at how yoga can help war veterans dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.

Op-Ed: Breakthrough — MIT finds new way of managing memories for PTSD

Cambridge - A new MIT study has found that it’s actually possible to manage bad memories using the mechanics of a process called “reconsolidation.”The process involves re-configuring memories, using the mechanics of reconsolidation to change them.

Mountie who witnessed Greyhound bus beheading commits suicide

Winnipeg - A retired Mountie who witnessed Vincent Li stab and behead a fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus in 2008 has taken his own life. The former dog handler had been suffering from PTSD.

Op-Ed: Behind enemy lines — World War II Special

I could see them scurrying in utter confusion, trying to escape being killed or captured. Others avoided capture by holding grenades to their chests and blowing themselves up. ~CJ Miller on PTSD

How to fix traumatic memories?

Is it possible to take traumatic memories disappear? A group of scientists think that this might be possible for the most recent, trauma-inducing events.

PTSD study: Magic Mushroom psilocybin may treat conditioned fear

Researchers have found that low doses of psilocybin, the active substance in magic mushrooms, help mice overcome conditioned fear response, opening up the possibility of use of psilocybin in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Iraq war vet's suicide letter alleges 'war crimes,' abandonment

Phoenix - A US Army veteran who killed himself last month penned a poignant suicide letter in which he agonized over 'war crimes' he was a part of in Iraq, as well as what he calls his 'abandonment' by the government that forced him to commit them.

A new drug target for the treatment of post-traumatic stress

A compound that targets a particular opioid receptor in the brain appears to reduce the formation of PTSD-like systems in mice subjected to severe trauma. It is hoped this could become a drug target site for people suffering with PTSD.

PTSD sufferers 'linked to higher diabetes risk'

A research report suggests a link between post-traumatic stress disorder and an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes in later life.

Op-Ed: Inability of the military and law enforcement to deal with PTSD

Surrey - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is common in the military, law enforcement officers and first responders. PTSD has resulted in homelessness, domestic abuse, substance abuse and suicides. While PTSD is recognized, the response has been inadequate.

'Collateral Murder': Soldier relives infamous WikiLeaks video

By now, most people know about the infamous "Collateral Murder" video, taken in Iraq, released by WikiLeaks, and which put Bradley Manning behind bars. On the 3rd anniversary of the release of the video, someone who was at the scene speaks out.

Lee Goldman's story: Surviving hell to give back to the community Special

Toronto - Being a teenager is never easy for the child or for the parents. For Toronto's Jane Doe, 26, that is an understatement. School problems led to her being sent to a 'boot camp' in Utah that left her with PTSD.

Op-Ed: Veteran violence — Lancet study in UK raises some questions

Sydney - The mix of PTSD, violence and combat service has attained urban legend status, but as usual with urban legends, facts have been sparse. A new study published in The Lancet at last provides some working numbers and opens the gate for more study.

Op-Ed: Veteran's Advocate takes Feinstein to task over PTSD and Gun bans

Senator Feinstein has set off a fire storm of controversy and debate over her remarks at a recent Senate Judiciary Committee meeting that were against expanding the exemption from a gun ban for retired military veterans.

Op-Ed: Afghanistan — The cost of war — Post traumatic stress disorder

Washington - Military casualties for the first two months of 2013 have been relatively low, with a total of ten NATO soldiers killed, of which six were American. With the war winding down what are the real costs of war in terms of mental illness of our veterans?

Canada: Ex-Canadian Veterans Ombudsman treated for PTSD

Ottawa - Colonel Pat Stogran (retired) is a long time advocate of veterans rights. He was appointed Veterans Ombudsman in 2006, but his contract was not renewed in 2010. Stogran says that he is being treated for PTSD as a result of Ottawa's treatment of veterans

Update: Missing Veteran in Iowa found safe

Des Moines - The veteran community is currently pulling together to find a missing warfighter, Brian Rollins. Brian a member of the Minnesota national guard has been found and is safe at his home.

Ron Paul's tweet on murdered Navy SEAL sniper sparks outrage

Former presidential candidate Ron Paul posted a tweet Monday that blamed the Navy SEAL who was killed at a Texas gun range this weekend for his own death.

MDMA for PTSD: Studies shows benefit but spark controversy

New research supports the notion that the psychedelic drug MDMA or pure Ecstasy, in conjunction with psychotherapy, could provide treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The findings have also sparked some controversy.
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Soldiers at Camp Adder practice yoga.
Soldiers at Camp Adder practice yoga.
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Letter to President Obama
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Daniel Somers.
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An image showing the effects of PTSD on soldiers
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