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Are Police Psychics Really Able to Solve Crimes?

Not long ago a psychic claimed he knew exactly how Caylee Anthony was killed. Marlon Michaels-Richter declared that he had a vision of how the child had been murdered and gave the gory details. Is he right?

Psychics see ‘boom’ from credit crunch

Wealthy city workers are turning to psychics seeking their advice and guidance on how to survive the credit crunch. Many workers have even started taking in contracts and job offers to be analysed.

British Government Set To Crack Down On Psychic Community

By the end of May, if British legislators have their way, a series of new EU-inspired consumer protection regulations will be in place to safeguard against fraudulent activity in a widening range of commercial activity.

3 Psychics predict the gaming future of 2008

Get ready to here the top games of 2008 before they are even made, 3 extrasensory professionals were approached recently to give us the inside sight of what will be big and what will be rubbish.

Psychics May Soon Have to Pass a Test to Practice, But They Already Knew That

Real Estate agents have to pass a test in order to get a license. Teachers have to pass an accreditation exam in order to teach. Pretty soon, Salem psychics may have to pass a test in order to tell fortunes. How will they practice?

Didn't Psychics Know They were Illegal in Philadelphia?

Apparently not, because the law against fortunetelling for "gain or lucre" has been on the books for at least three decades.

The Ministry of Defence hoped psychics could find enemy

British army found to have been hiring psychics to "remotely view" hidden weapons caches in Iraq and find Osama bin Laden. In all fairness, it worked about as well as anything else that has been tried

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