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Archos entering portable gaming industry with the GamePad

Archos, historically being a smaller player in the mobile communications industry, is taking another leap towards making a mark with their latest release.

Nvidia's 'Project Shield' handheld, look out Nintendo & Sony

With the unveiling of "Project Shield," Nvidia could become a possible competitor to Sony and Nintendo in the mobile game console market.

Video: 'Photo Kano Kiss' trailer

The trailer for the upcoming spring 2013 Japanese dating simulator called "Photo Kano Kiss" has been made available. This game will be for Playstation Vita consoles in Japan.

Gamers outraged over Sony terminating servers for ‘SOCOM’

After 10 years, Sony plans to terminate all ‘SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs’ servers for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable by August 31, 2012.

Grand Theft Auto Returning to PSP

Rockstar Games has announced plans to bring an enhanced port of Chinatown Wars to the PlayStation Portable in North America and Europe this fall.

Sony Sparks New Life into Struggling PSP with 2009 Line-Up

The embattled handheld looks to have a strong year thanks to a healthy mix of first-party hits and key third-party exclusives announced at this year’s Destination PlayStation event in Scottsdale, AZ.

Echochrome, hard to wrap your head around

Update on the new game. Echochrome is the upcoming mind-breaking puzzle game from Sony that is like playing an M.C. Escher painting.

Japan: PSP outsells

Last week in Japan, the Sony PSP console outsold more units than the PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS combined.

LittleBigPlanet will be released for little PSP later this year

LittleBigPlanet, a game due out later in the year for the Playstation 3, is in development at Sony Studio Liverpool for the Playstation Portable, sources say.

PSP Update Introduces Enhanced PSone Features

Sony PSP's new updated firmware (3.95) improves the consoles Remote Play Functions as well as tweaking areas of PSone play.

Skype is now available for PSP

The new 3.90 Firmware for the PSP is here and is providing free Skype Service for the PSP Slim as was promised. Unfortunately it has not been released in Japan and Skype service is not available for the Chunky old and durable PSP.

Oblivion for the PSP back on Schedule?

Next to the Halo Movie and Spore, this game has to be one of the most tossed around projects. The game was announced last year, but since then we haven't heard a thing. Is it possible to assassinate a PSP game before it's even bored?

Hackers! Watch out, Sony Fights back

After what seems like little time ever since the new and improved downgrade method for the sony PSP was introduced, Sony strikes back with speed to eliminate illegal gaming methods.

Loco Roco Coming to PS3?

Rumours suggest that the colourful PSP game will be moving on up to the PS3.

Sony cuts prices on PSP

Sony will reduce the price on it's PlayStation 3 to increase sale prices.

Sony cuts price of PSP handheld video game device

Sony Computer Entertainment America said on Tuesday it will cut the price of its handheld PlayStation Portable game device 15 percent, or $30, to about $170 as it battles Nintendo Co. Ltd.'s rival DS handheld.

More PSP music games on the way

Following on from last week announcement of Traxxpad, now Rockstar have revealed their own music creation system - Beaterator.

Redesigned PSP confirmed

After months of rumours, Sony confirm that a smaller, lighter PSP is set to appear.

PSP music making grows up

Eidos unveils a new music making system for PSP, giving budding portable musicians an option that doesn't rely on homebrew software.

God of War PSP this year

God of War looks set to be heading to PSP, after a teaser ad has been spotted on the back of the instruction manual for GoW II.

Lucasarts' Clone Wars heads to handhelds

LucasArts has started work on a handheld title based on its CG Clone Wars TV show, according to Develop magazine.

Sony's Phil Harrison respects PSP Homebrew But Doesn't like it

Harrison shares his thoughts on homebrew development for the PSP.

PSP makes a comeback

In a surprising turn of events, the PSP has beaten off the Wii and PS3, selling more than both consoles in Japan last week.

Why has PSP failed to overtake less powerful Rival?

The rise of the handheld console

Why PSP is failing us...

...and how Sony can save it

New serving of Virtua Tennis 3 PSP screens

Sega's latest tennis sim is dominating lunchtimes here at GamesRadar, with four-player doubles games kicking off as soon as lunch begins. And with the PSP one looking this sweet, we'll probably be hammering it out on the train to and from work as well.

New Driver '76 screens break the law

Driver, the once-massive franchise is going back to basics for its PSP debut tempting us with the Hollywood car chases that made us love it so back in the day, rather than the wannabe GTA elements that plagued later installments.

Planet Moon drops PSP exclusives

Planet Moon Studios has revealed it now create games for other platforms, after announcing itself as a PSP exclusive developer.

Xbox 360 beats PS3 & PSP in Most Played Survey

Nintendo systems voted most played over holiday season.

SingStar Pop jams on PS2

Sony belts out another one.
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