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Protesters News

Company says DAPL will be completed, despite the protests

The company at the middle of the Dakota Access Pipeline protests plans on completing the project despite continuing protests, its chief executive officer told PBS NewsHour Wednesday night.

Op-Ed: Maduro calls out troops claiming U.S. plans to invade Venezuela

Caracas - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's embattled socialist government has been dealing with widespread protests, some of them violent, since last Wednesday. To quell the demonstrations, he called out the military.

Hawaii: Hundreds of protesters block controversial telescope

Honolulu - On Hawaii's Mauna Kea volcano, construction on what would be one of the world's largest telescopes was blocked once again by protesters who say that the $1.4 billion dollar project would desecrate sacred land.

Op-Ed: Protester getting 'ready for Ferguson' shoots herself in the head

St Louis - A St. Louis woman and her boyfriend, preparing for increased unrest in Ferguson, purchased a gun for protection and accidentally shot herself in the head on the way home.

Hong Kong protesters add helmets to their umbrellas

Hong Kong - When Anson Lau first joined Hong Kong's pro-democracy rallies he carried little more than a raincoat and a bottle of water.

Taiwan to review minimum wage after thousands rally on Labor Day

Taipei - Dozens of trade union members, labor rights groups and student groups marched in the streets Thursday, protesting against low pay and the use of temporary workers.

Op-Ed: Protesters face 10 years in prison for glitter 'oil spill'

Oklahoma City - Four protesters went to jail Friday at the Devon Energy Center over what turned out to be harmless black glitter. The protesters were staging a mock oil spill. Police originally detained 11 people over the incident.

Thai PM to dissolve Parliament amid heightened political unrest

Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has announced she will ask for the dissolution of the Thai Parliament amid a widespread anti-government protests that could turn violent as thousand of protesters threaten to take over vital government facilities.

Turkish police can detain 'possible' protesters under new law

A new law will allow police in Turkey to detain people who possess the risk of conducting a protest. Possible protesters will be able to be held from 12-24 hours without the demand of a judge or prosecutor.

Op-Ed: Egypt begins its transformation into a terrorist State

The Muslim Brotherhood supporters return to Cairo's streets as the death toll reaches over 600. Egypt’s Brotherhood vows to bring down military takeover of its government. And analysts believe Egypt could transform into a terrorist State by years end.

Op-Ed: Solidarity sing along, peaceful protesters arrested for singing

About 2 years ago, Wisconsin elected a new governor. Governor Walker took office in January of 2011. A month later he introduced a new budget that would change certain rules and could cause many people to lose their jobs.

Egyptian Vice President ElBaradei condemns killing of protesters

Egyptian Interim Vice President Mohamed ElBaradei has condemned the killing of pro-Morsi protesters today, calling it an "excessive use of force".

Op-Ed: Egyptian protesters expose Obama’s failed Mideast policies

A massive wave of anti-Obama sentiment in Egypt has been utterly ignored by the liberal media because the hard left does not want to expose Obama’s failed Mideast policies. The Egyptian protests are probably the largest in Mideast history.

Women protest in Turkey Special

Istanbul - About half of the protesters in Turkey are women, and they often take the forefront as they speak out for their personal freedoms and national democracy.

Turkish doctors protest by striking Special

Istanbul - Today in Turkey, doctors walked off the job to protest the police violence against protesters and the arrest of doctors in Istanbul.

Erdogan begins crackdowns against Turkish protesters Special

Istanbul - In a pre-dawn raid, police drove protesters out of Taksim square in Istanbul as Prime Minister Erdogan rallies his supporters, arrests lawyers, and issues threats.

Social media worst menace to society, says Turkey's Erdogan

Turkish police detained 25 people and were searching for 13 more on accusations of using social media networks such as Twitter to spread false details about the anti-government protests and police reaction to them.

Erdogan’s Deputy PM apologizes to protesters, blaming opposition

What started as a peaceful sit-in over plans to demolish a park in central Istanbul has grown to become the biggest protest movement against Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan since he was elected more than 10 years ago.

Madrid — European protest capital with 1,628 demos so far in 2013

Madrid - It's only May, and already the Spanish capital has had the highest number of European street protests, surpassing even Berlin, with 1,628 street demonstrations so far in 2013.

IMF chief heckled by students at University of Amsterdam (video)

Amsterdam - Christine Lagarde barely got a chance to open her mouth when giving a lecture at the University of Amsterdam, when student hecklers rose up and started a typical Occupy mic check.

Canada: Mining company sues Idle No More protesters

HudBay Minerals Inc. is in a legal battle with northern Manitoba First Nation over two Idle No More rallies that were held this past winter.

Actor David Hasselhoff stands with protesters at Berlin wall

Berlin - On Sunday, American actor David Hasselhoff joined thousands of protesters at the Berlin wall against plans to remove a section of wall to build a luxury apartment block.

Health experts continue to debate on safety of self-diagnosing

San Diego - Access to a medical physician isn't always within the realm of possibility. At certain times, individuals may want to know what their blood type is, if they're missing certain vitamins in their diet or even if they have diabetes.

Pro-Christopher Dorner protesters rally at LAPD HQ

Protesters rallied outside the LAPD HQ in Los Angeles on Saturday in support of Christopher Dorner, the former LAPD police officer suspected of killing four people, including a police officer during a shooting spree.

Police use water cannon on protesters of Delhi city bus gang-rape

Delhi - Thousands of furious protesters have gathered in Delhi over the gang-rape and brutal beating of a 23-year-old medical student on a city bus. The government is accused of insensitivity after police turned water cannons on protesters.

Naked protesters storm Speaker Boehner's office

Washington - Seven protesters, four men and three women, stormed the office of House Speaker John Boehner on Tuesday, protesting a proposed $1.2 billion in cuts to HIV/AIDS funding.

Walmart claims Black Friday success despite protests

Despite protests by union-backed workers over wages and working conditions, Walmart declares best ever Black Friday event.

Pro-Israeli & pro-Palestine protests ignite across the world

As the the fighting between Israel and Gaza continues, the international community is calling for diplomacy. In response, protests have taken place across the world.

'Global Noise' takes on the world against austerity (videos)

All over the world people were banging pots and pans and generally making themselves heard on Saturday, in the popular "Global Noise" movement against austerity.

Video: In Ohio, protesters interrupt Mitt Romney's rally

Westerville - While sharing the stage with golf legend Jack Nicklaus on Wednesday morning, Mitt Romney was interrupted by a handful of protesters calling for equal rights during a campaign rally in Westerville, Ohio .
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Protesters Image

 Koch Party  - Protesters outside Koch s Southampton  N.Y.  estate to demonstrate against the Koch b...
"Koch Party" - Protesters outside Koch's Southampton, N.Y., estate to demonstrate against the Koch brothers and their wealthy friends they feel are trying to buy the election for the 1%.
screenshot via video
Richard Gottardo Photography
3 protesters break into the Oak Ridge Nuclear Storage Facility in Tennessee.
3 protesters break into the Oak Ridge Nuclear Storage Facility in Tennessee.
Video screen capture
Protesters in  Raleigh.
Protesters in Raleigh.
A tent in Pearl Roundabout  Manama.
A tent in Pearl Roundabout, Manama.
Toronto is host to the G20 conference June 26-27  2010. The city has erected 6-foot steel and concre...
Toronto is host to the G20 conference June 26-27, 2010. The city has erected 6-foot steel and concrete fences around a "hot zone" in the downtown core to keep protesters out.
Lawyers protest the arrest of their fellow lawyers in Istanbul
Lawyers protest the arrest of their fellow lawyers in Istanbul
Turkish Protests News
Protesters put a police barricade over burning tires during clashes with Israeli police during a dem...
Protesters put a police barricade over burning tires during clashes with Israeli police during a demonstration showing solidarity with Bedouin Arabs who are against a government displacement plan for Bedouins in the Southern Negev desert in the village of Hura in southern Israel November 30, 2013
With permission by Reuters / Baz Ratner
Protesters in Tel Aviv  Israel on August 4  2012
Protesters in Tel Aviv, Israel on August 4, 2012
Video screen capture
Riot police.
Riot police.
Union protesters march peacefully through downtown Izmit  near Istanbul
Union protesters march peacefully through downtown Izmit, near Istanbul
Day 2  September 18  of the protest Occupy Wall Street
Day 2, September 18, of the protest Occupy Wall Street
David Shankbone
People carry a man who was injured when Libyan militiamen opened fire into a crowd of protesters in ...
People carry a man who was injured when Libyan militiamen opened fire into a crowd of protesters in Tripoli November 15, 2013
With permission by Reuters/Stringer
New York City: Occupy Wall Street
New York City: Occupy Wall Street
Phillip Stearns
Policemen behind the G20 fence.
Policemen behind the G20 fence.
 Zombie  invasion at Bank of America. Fayetteville  Ark.  April 18  2011
"Zombie" invasion at Bank of America. Fayetteville, Ark. April 18, 2011
US Uncut Arkansas
Occupy Wall Street protests.
Occupy Wall Street protests.
Ferguson protester Becca Campbell seen on Aug. 18 arguing with a cop.
Ferguson protester Becca Campbell seen on Aug. 18 arguing with a cop.
Paul Campel
Protesters at OccupyNWA.  Fayetteville  Ark.  10-15-11
Protesters at OccupyNWA. Fayetteville, Ark. 10-15-11
Photo courtesy of Kelly Hampton Eubanks
Some of the shops in Taksim were closed because of protests
Some of the shops in Taksim were closed because of protests

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