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As protests ebb and flow, Hong Kong activists bank on creativity

Fpo - Notifications for the "War Room" WhatsApp group ping relentlessly as an organiser of Hong Kong's biggest political rallies in decades explains the challenge of keeping an exhausted, battle-weary protest movement on the streets.

Mexican 'professional protester' has outfit for every cause

Mexico - Some fashionistas pride themselves on having an outfit for every occasion. Julia Klug, a Mexican activist and veteran protester, prides herself on having an outfit for every demonstration.

HK activists, Beijing supporters demonstrate in London

London - Demonstrators backing the democracy activists in Hong Kong marched in London on Saturday, as counter-protesters staged a rival rally.More than a thousand people took part in the two demonstrations in the British capital.

Zimbabwe police beat protesters defying regime 'worse than Mugabe'

Harare - Riot police in Zimbabwe on Friday fired teargas and beat demonstrators who defied a protest ban, as the opposition accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa's government of surpassing Robert Mugabe's regime in brutality.

Young, educated and furious: a survey of Hong Kong's protesters

Fpo - The vast majority of Hong Kong's pro-democracy protesters are university-educated, almost half are in their twenties and nearly everyone loathes the police, according to an academic survey that sheds new light on the movement.

Mexico City suspends six police in rape investigation

Mexico - Mexico City's mayor said on Tuesday that six police officers were suspended as part of an investigation into the rape of two teenage girls, after demonstrations by hundreds of women demanding justice.

Flights departing Hong Kong airport after protest chaos

Fpo - Flights were departing Hong Kong airport largely on schedule on Wednesday morning, a day after pro-democracy protesters caused chaos with a disruptive sit-in that paralysed the busy transport hub.

Kremlin defends 'justified' police response to protests

Moscow - The Kremlin on Tuesday defended the police response to a wave of protests demanding free local elections in Moscow and downplayed the huge demonstrations.

Stranded passengers voice support for Hong Kong protesters

Fpo - Travellers in Hong Kong's airport voiced support for pro-democracy demonstrators on Tuesday, despite an overnight occupation of the international transit hub that saw tens of thousands of passengers stranded.

Mexico march demands justice for girls allegedly raped by police

Mexico - Protesters in Mexico City demanded justice Monday for two teenage girls who say police officers raped them, dousing the capital's security minister in pink glitter and smashing the glass doors of the local prosecutor's office.Shouting "Justice!

Russia warns of 'foreign meddling' after protests

Moscow - Russian lawmakers will hold a special session next week to discuss alleged "meddling" by foreign powers after huge protests in Moscow, following a government warning to YouTube.

'An eye for an eye': sea of black at Hong Kong airport protest

Fpo - The protesters streamed into Hong Kong airport and quickly transformed the arrivals hall at one of the world's busiest transport hubs into a sea of black.

Tourism in trouble: Hong Kong demos hit economy

Fpo - Empty hotel rooms, struggling shops and even disruption at Disneyland: months of protests in Hong Kong have taken a major toll on the city's economy, with no end in sight.

Protester dies, scores arrested in Indian Kashmir lockdown

Srinagar - A protester died after being chased by police and more than 100 people were arrested during a curfew in Kashmir's main city after the restive region's autonomy was scrapped by India, officials said Wednesday.

Hong Kong lawyers march in silence to support democracy protesters

Fpo - Hong Kong lawyers held a silent march in support of anti-government protesters on Wednesday, highlighting the movement's enduring broad appeal despite increasingly ominous warnings from Beijing.

Hong Kong financial workers stage flash protest

Fpo - Hundreds of financial workers braved pouring rain to gather in central Hong Kong Thursday, giving that sector's support to mass protests that have roiled the territory for weeks.

China's military warns HK protesters with slick video

Fpo - China's military has released a slick propaganda video showing a drill of armed troops quelling a protest in Hong Kong, as its commander for the city voiced determination to maintain law and order following two months of pro-democracy rallies.

Years of ignoring peaceful protests fuels Hong Kong violence: jailed activist

Fpo - Hong Kongers are becoming more accepting of violent protests because the city's pro-Beijing leaders have ignored years of peaceful demonstrations, a leading democracy activist has told AFP in letters penned from his prison cell.

The two weeks that toppled Puerto Rico's governor

San Juan - After Puerto Rico's under-fire governor Ricardo Rossello announced late Wednesday he would quit, here is snapshot of the two weeks that led to his resignation.

Puerto Ricans celebrate after governor says he will resign

San Juan - Puerto Ricans waved flags and danced to thumping drum beats Thursday as they celebrated the resignation of the US territory's governor, who is embroiled in a scandal over homophobic and misogynistic messages he and his aides exchanged.

Embattled governor of Puerto Rico resigns after protests

San Juan - Puerto Rico's embattled governor Ricardo Rossello announced his resignation late Wednesday following two weeks of massive protests triggered by the release of a chat exchange in which he and others mocked gays, women and hurricane victims.

Six Shiite protesters dead in clashes with Nigerian police: witnesses

Abuja - At least six Shiite protesters were killed in clashes with Nigerian police in the capital Abuja on Monday, witnesses told AFP."I am right now in front of six dead bodies, one of them is an underage boy," a Shiite protester, Abdullahi Musa said.

Mexico says political conspiracy behind police protest

Mexico - The Mexican government said Thursday there is a political conspiracy behind a protest by federal police angry over their imminent transfer to President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's new National Guard.

China slams Trump's 'gross interference' in Hong Kong

Bejing - China on Tuesday rebuked Donald Trump for "gross interference" in Hong Kong's affairs after the US president said protesters who stormed the city's legislature wanted democracy for the financial hub.

Honduran forces fire on students, 5 hurt: officials

Tegucigalpa - Honduran military police opened fire on protesting students at a university on Monday, wounding at least five, campus and hospital officials said.

Memes, cartoons and caustic Cantonese: the language of Hong Kong's protests

Fpo - Viral artwork pummelling city leaders, clever word plays and Cantonese cursing that would make a sailor blush -- Hong Kongers have displayed a characteristically riotous embrace of satire during their huge anti-government protests.

Hundreds of climate activists occupy giant German coal mine

Garzweiler - Several hundred climate activists evaded police to enter an open-cast mine run by energy giant RWE in western Germany Saturday, a day after tens of thousands campaigned against the use of coal.

Three killed in Honduras protests as army deploys

Tegucigalpa - Troops patrolled the streets of the Honduran capital Friday after three people were killed in violent protests against President Juan Orlando Hernandez, authorities and relatives said Friday.

Climate activists rally, seek to occupy coal mine in Germany

Viersen - Tens of thousands of climate activists noisily rallied in Germany Friday to demand action against global warming, now one of the hottest issues on the European political agenda.

Hong Kong's 'leaderless' protesters mull next move

Fpo - Hong Kong's "leaderless" demonstrations brought millions of people onto the streets and forced the city's pro-Beijing leadership into a rare climbdown. But with no one directing the action, where does the movement go now?
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Protest Image

The day s schedule for Sunday  October 2nd.
The day's schedule for Sunday, October 2nd.
Protests prior to Slovenia presidential elections  November 30  2012
Protests prior to Slovenia presidential elections, November 30, 2012
Prisotnost Steje OccupyLjubljana
Trade union march
Trade union march
As part of the G20 resistance in downtown Toronto  the Aboriginal people  organizers and supporters ...
As part of the G20 resistance in downtown Toronto, the Aboriginal people, organizers and supporters of the Natives protested and marched from Queen's Park to downtown Toronto and back.
Starke resident Daniel Cooney and his two sons defended the separation of church and state by showin...
Starke resident Daniel Cooney and his two sons defended the separation of church and state by showing up to protest the monument.
Málaga 12m - protest on May 12  2012 - Plaza de la Merced
Málaga 12m - protest on May 12, 2012 - Plaza de la Merced
Food is provided to all protesters in Toronto
Food is provided to all protesters in Toronto
Since Israel s raid of a Gaza-bound aid flotilla  the world s attention has been captured and focuse...
Since Israel's raid of a Gaza-bound aid flotilla, the world's attention has been captured and focused on the Middle East. Supporters of Israel and Palestine stood in front of the Israeli Consulate in Toronto to show their support of their respective side.
Anti-Dalton McGuinty sign.
Anti-Dalton McGuinty sign.
Tens of thousands of Torontonians gathered at Queen s Park in downtown Toronto where many lounged ar...
Tens of thousands of Torontonians gathered at Queen's Park in downtown Toronto where many lounged around, smoked pot and listened to the music. Merchants also supplied many marijuana supplies such as bongs.
Thousands of people gathered in St. Jamestown in downtown Toronto at Wellesley and Ontario to protes...
Thousands of people gathered in St. Jamestown in downtown Toronto at Wellesley and Ontario to protest the government's policies on immigration. Many also promoted the ideologies of socialism and communism, while a group performed music.
Occupy London Stock Exchange
Occupy London Stock Exchange
Eman Jueid / Aslan Media
Florida state director of American Atheists Bridget Gaudette  right  oversaw the event.
Florida state director of American Atheists Bridget Gaudette, right, oversaw the event.
Chinese residents protesting at the town hall in Fuengirola to ask for justice after 4 youths robbed...
Chinese residents protesting at the town hall in Fuengirola to ask for justice after 4 youths robbed a Chinese bazaar, killing the owner for a bottle of rum.
Protest in Madrid calling for the resignation of PM Mariano Rajoy
Protest in Madrid calling for the resignation of PM Mariano Rajoy
The lone protester  Province House  Charlottetown PEI 
Prince William and Kate Canadian tour 
July 2...
The lone protester, Province House, Charlottetown PEI, Prince William and Kate Canadian tour, July 2011
BIll C-51 protest in Edmonton on April 18  2015.
BIll C-51 protest in Edmonton on April 18, 2015.

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