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Carnivorous mushroom provides insight into human immune system

Scientists have been examining how edible oyster mushrooms eat spiders and roundworms. The proteins at play are similar to those found in the human immune system. So, what can we learn?

Green tea shows promise in killing oral cancer cells

A compound found in green tea could trigger a cycle that kills oral cancer cells, and, at the same time, leave healthy cells intact.

New protein detonates bacteria from within

Tel Aviv - By sequencing the DNA of bacteria resistant to viral toxins, scientists have identified novel proteins capable of stymieing growth in pathogenic, antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Tackling cocaine addiction with bacteria-protein cocktail

In a new study, a modified bacterial protein is able to trigger a robust immune response against a cocaine-linked molecule in mice. The creators hope it will stop addicts from taking the drug.

Turning Ebola against itself to fight the viral disease

Paris - A research project has been looking at how the most common protein the makes up the Ebola virus can be blocked. This is seen as importance since the protein mediates replication of a new viral particle.

New genetic link to autism

Scientists have identified a molecular network that includes many genes previously linked to autism spectrum disorders. Narrowing this down, one specific molecular pathway appears responsible.

Is the protein furin the answer to stopping Ebola?

There are many investigations taking place into tackling the Ebola virus. One stream of research is looking into the protein furin. This protein is responsible for activating other proteins that allow the virus to spread within the human body.

Maybe entomophagy will be trending in time

Vancouver - Entomophagy the consumption of "bugs," may become much more prevalent in the future especially to supply protein and ensure that a food supply is available for the world's growing population.

Natural proteins kill hospital ‘superbugs’

Belfast - Scientists have made a breakthrough in the fight against the most resistant hospital superbugs. Researchers have developed an innovative antibacterial gel that can break down the thick jelly-like coating (biofilms) which cover bacteria.

Potential new drug may bring hope for Alzheimer's sufferers

New York - Experiments conducted by researchers at Sidney Strickland’s Laboratory of Neurobiology and Genetics at Rockefeller University have discovered a compound which may stop the progression of Alzheimer’s.

Study: New protein use may improve immune system response

A new molecule allows the body to better handle infection by allowing the T and B cells to change their reaction to certain bacteria. When given NFATc3 the cells produced more of the nitric oxide (NO) needed to fight infections.

Introducing protein powder made entirely of insects

A company by the name of BugMuscle has a protein powder that is made with just bugs, and it is the first protein powder of its kind.

New drug can fight radiation

A protein that protects the cells that line the gut may be able to prevent gastrointestinal damage following radiation, which can often be fatal, according to a study.

Compounds that control Ebola identified

Compounds that could reduce the ability of viruses that cause diseases such as Ebola, rabies, HIV and Lassa fever to spread infection have been identified.

Protein discovery could help prevent malaria deaths

Stockholm - Malaria can be mild or deadly. However, there is no way to tell which patients are at risk of developing more dangerous forms of the disease. New research suggests that different proteins affect the seriousness of the disease.

Protein clue for schizophrenia origin

Copenhagen - As part of a hunt for the causes of schizophrenia, researchers have analyzed proteins in the brains of rats that have been given hallucinogenic drugs.

New way of treating cancer

Solna - Scientists have identified a new way of treating cancer. The concept is based on inhibiting a specific enzyme called MTH1, which cancer cells, unlike normal cells, require for survival.

Is a low protein diet healthier?

Two new studies suggests that low-protein diets are linked to longer life spans in mice and humans. These findings cast doubt on the widespread dietary trend of reducing carbohydrate intake and loading up on protein.

This is national nutrition month

National nutrition month has been running in the U.S. For this, people are encouraged to choose the most nutritionally-packed foods they can from each of five key food groups every day.

Cancer killing protein examined

Cornell University biomedical engineers have demonstrated the destruction of metastasizing cancer cells traveling throughout the bloodstream. This has been achieved by attaching a cancer-killer protein to white blood cells.

New attempt to slow down heart disease

Researchers have developed a potential treatment for atherosclerosis that targets a master controller protein, which appears to trigger the process.

Searching for a new way to halt malaria

A research team have identified a way to stop malaria parasites from multiplying. It is hoped that this could become the basis of a new treatment.

Breast cancer trigger identified

A new study has shown how a reduction in DNA content in certain cells leads human breast cancer cells to take on aggressive, metastatic properties.

What’s the secret behind the world’s longest living rodent?

Naked mole rats live in excess of 30 years. Scientists think that the secret behind the mole rat is a special protein contained within the mole rats’ genetic code.

Alzheimer's disease protein varies between patients

Alzheimer’s disease proteins may contort differently in every patient, according to new research. This means that universal treatments may not be the answer.

Parkinson's disease protein might kill TB

A protein which is being studied as part of Parkinson's disease research has been found to play a key role in causing the destruction of bacteria that cause tuberculosis.

Key protein helps to fight tumors

Scientists have identified a key protein that influences the body's immune function. The protein could help the body to attack cancerous tumors.

Universal protein may offer Parkinson’s cure

Bethesda - A tiny protein found in most living things could hold the cure for a variety of diseases, including Parkinson’s disease.

Is protein water the newest sensation in vitamin water market?

Manchester - For the past few years, the trend on the market has been vitamin water. Everywhere you’d go, you would see countless customers purchasing and consuming vitamin water in order to quench their thirst, attain their necessary vitamins and enjoy the taste.

UN issues report recommending insects for human consumption

Responding to global hunger concerns, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is recommending the incorporation of insects into human diets.
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