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Prosthetic News

Woman powers robotic arm wirelessly

Pittsburgh - A paralyzed woman has used her brain to move a robotic arm wirelessly. This is said to be the most dexterous movement yet accomplished via a brain-machine interface.

Man uses only his mind to control two prosthetic arms

A man from Colorado, who lost both his arms in an electrical accident 40 years ago, has succeeded in controlling two prosthetic arms using only his mind.

New 3D-printed hand set to change prosthetics

A company based in Bristol, UK, has combined 3D scanning and 3D printing techniques to produce a revolutionary new prosthetic hand that could transform available solutions for amputees with improved-quality, lower-cost functionality.

Mind-controlled robotic prosthetic arm gets FDA approval

A team led by the US Defence Department's advanced research agency has been granted permission by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to begin producing a robotic prosthetic limb.

Mother-of-one wants bionic arm replacement

Nicola Wilding, a 35 year old mother of one, has announced that she wants her 'useless' right arm replaced with a bionic prosthetic, reports The Independent.

Dog with 4 prosthetic paws becomes online star

A dog who lost all four paws due to frostbite is now able to run with the help of prosthetics, and has become a star on the Internet, as people watch video footage of him in action.

Miniature horse gets artificial leg

Denton - A miniature horse in Texas, who was born with part of one leg missing, is now able to run thanks to his new artificial leg.

Doctor alleged to have fitted wrong prosthetic foot on amputee

Edinburgh - A city doctor faces being struck off after it's alleged he fitted the wrong prosthetic foot on an amputee. He also failed to notice his error on two separate occasions within seven months.

It May be Possible for Amputees to Feel Through Prosthetic Limbs

Ground breaking surgery performed by a team of U.S. scientists has successfully rehabilitated a sensation of feeling in the prosthetic arms of two patients by rerouting their nerves.

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