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A newsman asks co-worker to canoodle him live on television

A newsman has risen to fame this week, after accidentally propositioning his co-worker on television. Since that time, the CTV Vancouver Island news anchor has become a viral video sensation. The proposition has made the pair famous.

California Cannabis 'Entrepreneur' Leads Charge for Legalization

In March, John Hoeffel of the Los Angeles Times reported a man named Richard Lee, an Oakland marijuana entrepreneur, is leading the chard in the debate over legalizing the possession and use of the drug outside of medical need.

Oil industry attacks California Greenhouse Gas legislation

California put greenhouse gas legislation into place in 2006, aiming to cut greenhouse gas emissions 1990 levels by the year 2020. The law will not be in effect until 2012, but naysayers are hoping to defeat the legislation in this fall's election.

California gay-marriage ban will have to stay – for now

The ban on same-sex marriage is set to remain in California, after too few signatures were gathered to secure a vote on whether to dump the controversial legislation known as Proposition 8.

Same-Sex Marriage Debate To Turn Into Political Maelstrom

The issue of gay marriage continues becoming a very heated issue in the United States as of 2009. However, perhaps we get to see both the religious and political fallout in that respect.

California Supreme Court to hear arguments on Proposition 8 today

California voters banned same-sex marriage on a ballot amendment last November. Today, the state's supreme court will hear arguments on whether the ban is constitutional.

California Attorney General Asks Proposition 8 To Be Overturned

The battle against Proposition 8 is far from over. The California Attorney General has asked the Supreme Court to overturn Proposition 8.

Op-Ed: Ken Starr Targets Sex Again

Bill Clinton was targeted by Ken Starr for having sex at the office, i.e. in an office belonging to the United States. He has his opinions, but those opinions kept the government fixed on the private life of a President, who had a lack of discretion.

It's The Gay Flu, Call In Gay Day Set For Wednesday

Supporters of same-sex marriages have proposed people against the vote in California for Proposition 8 to "call in gay" Wednesday. The official title is "Day without A Gay" is set to coincide with International Human Rights Day.

Opponents of passage of Prop. 8 say supporting churches violated tax-exempt status

Those who opposed Proposition 8 are saying those churches that supported it have violated their tax-exampt status. With the weekly protests lawyers are now investigating the matter according to Geoff Kors, a member of the No on 8 executive committee.

Prop 8 Battle Far From Over As It Heads To California Supreme Court

Even though Proposition 8 has passed in California, the battle still wages on. This time, it is set to go to the Supreme Court.

Op-Ed: Media Spin Cycle: Gay “Enemies list”, and shock horror from mainstream

In a democracy, if you’re going to disenfranchise anyone, you can expect fireworks. The other big fire raging in California is likely to be keeping the headlines at a pretty incendiary level. US media seems to be having a hard time understanding that.

Proposition 8 Fallout Continues, And It Isn't Pretty

After Proposition 8 had passed in California, the fallout still remains. More importantly, the fallout is very unpleasant.

California experiences turmoil over Proposition 8 outcome.

California has been experiencing protests across the state from gay rights supporters. Protests in some areas have caused the State Patrol to shut down roads nearby.

California Votes to Ban Gay Marriage

In one of the most hard-fought, controversial propositions in California political history, a verdict by the voting population has finally been reached.

Op-Ed: Why I Voted 'No' on 8

I voted "no" on prop 8. Many people I know voted "yes". It has been a divisive issue in California with much protest and sign waving. This is why I went against the grain of my friends.

Fighting Against Prop. 8, A Personal Mission For Same-Sex Marriage Supporters

In regards to the Proposition 8 campaign taking place in California, there are those that are making it a personal mission.

Magic Johnson Voices Opposition To Prop. 8

As the issue of same-sex marriage continues to get heated up in the state of California, Basketball Hall of Famer Magic Johnson is voicing his opposition against Proposition 8.

Business Leaders Threatened By Supporters of Proposition 8

The Proposition 8 campaign is one of the most heated let alone one of the costliest in the state of California. So far, it seems that businesses that oppose Proposition 8 are being threatened.

California's Mormon Community At Risk Of Division Over Proposition 8

As Proposition 8 is one of the costliest and most heated campaigns in California, it is revealed that it is dividing up the Californian Mormon community.

Apple Will Pledge $100K to Fight Proposition 8

In regards to the Proposition 8 hanging down over the state of California, Apple Inc. has stated that it will pledge $100,000 to defeat Proposition 8.

Proposition 8, One of California's Costliest Campaigns

California is going through one of the most expensive campaigns in United States history as both proponents and opponents of Proposition 8 have been pouring in millions of dollars to either attack or support gay marriage.

Gay Couples Rush To The Altar In California Hoping To Outrun Proposition 8

Gay couples from California are rushing to wed before Election Day. The rush to the altar is because of an initiative aimed at banning same-sex marriages due to be voted on in November.

Obama Favors Pebble Mine In Alaska Building Earthquake-Proof Dams

Barack Obama and Fairbanks, Alaska Mayor Jim Whitaker have one thing in common: they oppose Proposition 4 which would ban large metal mines from discharging large amounts of toxic chemicals into salmon streams and drinking water supplies.

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