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New Hampshire, Iowa voters unimpressed with all but one candidate

Iowa and New Hampshire voters apparently aren't impressed with the current crop of candidates running in the primary-election races for president in 2016, and only one candidate gained a positive favorability rating.

Gary Johnson: More Conservative and More Progressive Special

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is a third-party U.S. presidential candidate who is more conservative than Mitt Romney and more progressive than Barack Obama, and he is finally attracting attention. Digital Journal got an exclusive interview.

Wall of heroes speaks of Portland leadership in women’s rights Special

Portland’s progressive experience has been highlighted nationally; but its reputation came with struggles of its own, many of them inspired by newcomers and youth and no better outlined than at Portland State University and its wall of women heroes.

New Nationalism reflected in White House policies

In 1910 President Theodore Roosevelt inspired at the time by Herbert Croly's book "The Promise of American Life", gave a speech preaching the verses virtues of big government.

Progressive Christians Urge Spiritual Creed on Health Care

In the midst of right wing rhetoric, there are those Christians who seek balance and favor a spiritually-oriented approach to the solutions for health care. One group has put together a creed to provide Christians with a guide for reasoned discourse.

Getting Ready for HDTV

On February 17, 2009, U.S. television will change forever. However, those who are still watching “over-the-air” analog transmissions on that date will only see snow.

The Pre-Caliphate Purge Has Begun in Iran

Ahmadinejad has begun clearing Iran's universities of "secular, progressive" professors. For what can we suppose he is preparing the way?

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