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Programming News

Apple programs focus on introducing women and students to tech

Apple is launching a new program designed to address the technology industry's scarcity of women in executive and computer programming jobs, as well as free “Hour of Code” sessions at its stores around the world.

Microsoft launches preview of its quantum development toolkit

Microsoft's launched a preview of its quantum development kit. The set tools include a quantum programming language designed to help developers get started with quantum models. It includes everything needed to run quantum programs on a regular computer.

AWS, Microsoft unveil new deep learning framework for developers

Microsoft and Amazon Web Services have announced a new deep learning library that makes it easier for developers to get started with machine learning. Called Gluon, the interface offers built-in components that can be connected to form neural networks.

AI is transforming how programmers write software

Artificial intelligence is moving into new sectors as machine learning gains more capabilities. A growing trend is to use AI in software development, allowing programmers to be more efficient. In the future, machines could create their own code.

Programmers who use spaces instead of tabs make more money

Programmers who indent their code using space characters make more money than those using a single tab. The surprising discovery was made after scrutinising survey data. It has astounded the survey creators who are unable to explain the trend.

Apple launches coding course for high school and college students

Apple has launched a new app development course aimed at teaching high school and college students to create fully-fledged mobile products in its Swift programming language. The full-year course delivers all the basics required to create a complete app.

NASA wants you to make its ancient software 1,000 times faster

NASA has launched a competition designed to attract programmers familiar with an obsolete language used to build one of its mission-critical design systems. The company now wants the program to run orders of magnitude faster, using the ancient technology.

Minecraft's new feature lets kids build new worlds with code

Microsoft has announced a new feature for Minecraft: Education Edition that's designed to introduce children to coding. Based on a new open-source platform, it delivers the fundamentals of programming in an open-world Minecraft setting.

Insecure Samsung Tizen is riddled with security flaws

Samsung's Tizen operating system, used on the company's smart TVs and smartwatches, contains over forty serious security vulnerabilities that put devices at risk. The discovery was made by a security researcher who detailed Samsung's poor quality code.

BBC micro:bit to teach 'hundreds of millions' to code

The BBC has handed over control of its micro:bit mini-computer to a non-profit organisation that will promote it worldwide. For the first time, the tiny educational device will be available internationally, exposing "tens of millions" of children to code.

Pocky hopes to educate young consumers about coding with new app

Have you ever though to yourself, “Hey, don’t you wish chocolatey snacks could teach small children to code via a cartoon-character oriented mobile app?”

New processing chip makes computations up to 18x faster

MIT has unveiled a new processing chip design that could allow future devices to operate as much as 18 times faster as today's PCs. The chip relies heavily on multi-core technology and parallel processing to dramatically speed up programs.

Augmented reality app lets you solve a Rubik's cube in 20 moves

An undergraduate has written a program as part of his degree that helps you solve a Rubik's cube by overlaying hints on its faces using augmented reality. By putting on an AR headset, you can be guided through completing the puzzle in less than 20 moves.

You can now buy the BBC's palm-sized computer to get kids coding

The BBC micro:bit, a £13 computer handed out for free to schoolchildren in the UK, is now available to buy online. The hackable device was created by the media organisation to get kids coding, following the spirit of the BBC Micro in the 80s.

Oracle's claim over Android's use of Java dismissed by jury

A judge has ruled that Google did not infringe on the copyright of software giant Oracle by using its Java programming language in Android without paying royalties. Oracle intends to appeal the decision which has been welcomed by software developers.

UK police campaign to target teenage hackers aged 12-15

Britain's National Crime Agency has launched a new advertising campaign targeting the parents of teenage hackers. Research has found the average age of hackers has fallen to just 17, prompting the police to alert parents to tell-tale signs.

The Raspberry Pi Zero is a $5 computer on the front of a magazine

The Raspberry Pi Foundation today announced the latest addition to its range of super-affordable pocket-sized computers designed to get people coding. The Pi Zero costs just £4 ($5 in the United States) and fits in the palm of the hand.

The month in which you were born could affect your later health

According to a new UK study, babies delivered during the hottest months of the year have a better chance of enjoying a healthy adulthood, due to early exposure to sunlight.

Study finds school children would rather learn coding than French

A study of UK school children and parents has found most kids would rather be taught how to program than how to speak French. It follows the introduction of a compulsory computing curriculum by the government.

Revealed: Google's coder recruiting tool hidden inside search

Google has secretly hidden a tool inside its search results that recruits talented new programmers for the company. Searching for some complex programming terms can lead to access to a series of online puzzles. Solving the puzzles can lead to a job.

BBC reveals the micro:bit computer — free for all UK children

The BBC has revealed the details of its new pocket-sized computer that will be given away free of charge to all 11- and 12-year-olds in the UK as part of the organisation's initiative to get more children interested in computers and coding.

Windows 10 will be able to run Android and iOS apps

Microsoft has confirmed at the Build developer conference that Windows 10 will be capable of running apps originally written for Android and iOS. The feature will make it easier for app creators to bring their designs over to Microsoft's platform.

Satya Nadella emphasizes the power of developers

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella kicked off the Microsoft BUILD keynote today by emphasizing the company's commitment to help developers create great apps to run on top of the company's platforms, stating "we are a development company".

Want to learn more about technology? Try these courses

Whatever your experience level, there are some great courses available online to teach you more about the world of technology. Covering skills from programming and web development to network management, everybody can learn new skills in their own time.

Op-Ed: Should kids learn to code and program in K-12?

Currently we hold the belief that our youth is entitled to explore all subjects, and later on choose one to pursue as a career. At a young age, it would be harder to teach a student why coding is important than actually teaching them to write it.

Op-Ed: Will TV become obsolete?

With the constantly growing technological world in which we live, one must question every form of technology and its potential demise, including television.

Op-Ed: If It's Good TV, They Will Come, Demographics be Damned

Slow as they’ve been, the television industry caught up to me. For years I’ve asked why all the focus on youth-oriented programming, when it’s geezers and geezerettes who inherited the geezers money, who have all the liquid cash; not teens.

Changing TV Channels

According to CNN, there is a decreasing audience for live prime time viewing of Television. However, just because ratings are down, does not necessarily mean that people are not watching.

Five Fabulous Failures that Failed to Find Fans

In Hollywood, you succeed fast or you get the boot. But what happens to the good ones that don't get a chance to shine? These are the top five television shows that never had a chance to find a fan base.

Female wins awards in computers

Frances E. Allen, 74, was honored for her work at IBM Corp. on techniques for optimizing the performance of compilers, the programs that translate one computer language into another.
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Programming Image

Programming algorithms.
Programming algorithms.
Pexels / Kevin Ku
Google s secret  programmer recruiting tool  built right into search
Google's secret "" programmer recruiting tool, built right into search
Matt Rosett, The Hustle
The AI had not been taught to complete sentiment analysis
The AI had not been taught to complete sentiment analysis
Pexels / Markus Spiske
Donald Knuth: ‘The Art of Computer Programming’
Donald Knuth: ‘The Art of Computer Programming’
AI helps programmers to be more efficient
AI helps programmers to be more efficient
Pexels / luis gomes
Google s secret  programmer recruiting tool  built right into search
Google's secret "" programmer recruiting tool, built right into search
Matt Rosett, The Hustle
Programming algorithms on a computer monitor.
Programming algorithms on a computer monitor.
Lorenzo Cafaro / Pexels
The BBC micro:bit computer.
The BBC micro:bit computer.
The BBC micro:bit computer
The BBC micro:bit computer

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