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Profiling News

Makeup giant Sephora to close for training after racial profiling

Los Angeles - Cosmetics powerhouse Sephora has announced it will close all its US stores, distribution centers and corporate office for an hour-long employee training session just weeks after a racial profiling incident involving Grammy-nominated singer SZA.

Apple patent looks in your bank account to target advertising

Apple has filed a patent for technology that would hook directly into the contents of your bank account to make advertising even more targeted than it is today. It would mean Apple would only display adverts for products that you can afford.

Op-Ed: It's time to unite the entire St. Louis area

Ferguson - The recent violence in Ferguson is indicative of a greater problem in the whole St. Louis area. Lafayette Square, where I grew up, is one of the success stories. we can't stop there.

Op-Ed: Profiling — Common sense and nonsense

The Trayvon Martin and Trayon Christian cases have led to much wailing and gnashing of teeth over so-called racial profiling. Profiling has both its uses and its limitations.

Boston's Logan Airport accused of blatant racial profiling

Boston - Federal agents taking part in a program at Boston's Logan Airport to spot mannerisms of potential terrorists, now say the operation has evolved into racial profiling, targeting people from the Middle East as well as blacks, Hispanics and other minorities.

Op-Ed: It's time for the TSA to start profiling

The Obama administration's increasing efforts at commercial airports across the country to prevent terrorists from getting on a plane have resulted in a debacle that has the American traveling public revolting.

New screening measures in effect for airline travel to US

In an effort to “mitigate evolving terrorist threats,” the US will begin an enhanced screening program of US-bound air passengers.

Are Pit Bulls Victims of Profiling by the Media and Public?

Newspaper reporters deal with conflict regularly. Little did I know the level of the conflicts concerning pit bulls until I wrote a news story about them.

Op-Ed: Profiled Based on Their Appearance?

When a traditionally-dressed Muslim family was removed from an AirTran flight last Thursday, it provided another opportunity for Muslim advocacy groups to claim profiling based on perceived race, religion or national origin. Was it a set-up?

Was Profiling The Reason AirTran Refused To Rebook Family?

Nine Muslim passengers were ushered off of an AirTran flight yesterday when one of the party asked innocently where the safest place on the plane would be. That question, along with being in Muslim garb, lead one of the party to think they were profiled.

Asians thrown off flight

Police marched four Asian men off a plane after a passenger said their behavior made him nervous.

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