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Processed meat News

New warning issued over processed red meat consumption

A new study draws out some warnings associated with excessive red and processed meat consumption, drawing a correlation with heart disease and early death from diseases like cancer.

Cancer risk from chemicals used to cure processed meats

A new study has added to the body evidence about cancer risks from certain chemicals used in the processed food industry. This time the focus is with chemicals used to cure processed meats.

Eating processed meat could be bad for asthma

A new health warning has been issued in relation to processed meat. Following on from general concerns about cancer, the new warning is about such meat products making asthma symptoms worse.

Consumer group says French getting stuffed by watery turkey meat

Paris - An online petition doing the rounds in France should be a wake-up call to consumers worldwide to make reading the packaging part of the routine of any weekly grocery-shop.

Op-Ed: Processed chicken free of human body parts says factory worker

The confessions of a chicken processing plant worker caused much clucking on a Reddit thread but when it comes to chicken nuggets, the insider gave re-assurance that processed chicken products contain nothing in the way of human body parts.

UK: Horsemeat scandal romps home as police raid two meat plants

The scandal involving horsemeat in foodstuffs and ready-made meals was portrayed by the UK government as a fraud involving criminal gangs outside the UK but yesterday, events took a new turn as food inspectors and police raided two UK based meat plants.

Study: Regular consumption of red meat linked to premature death

A new study links eating red meat with chronic disease, cancer and early death. It found that reducing meat consumption to just 1.5 ounces per day could prevent one in ten early deaths in men.

Bacon and sausage diet linked to pancreatic cancer

Stockholm - Researchers in Sweden report a higher-than-recommended diet of processed meats, including bacon and sausage, can increase a person’s risk of pancreatic cancer, with the risk increasing as processed meat consumption increases.

Processed meat should come with warning labels, lawsuit urges Special

Imagine seeing this label on hot dogs: "Warning: Consuming hot dogs and other processed meats increases the risk of cancer." That's the label a vegan advocacy group wants to slap on processed meat products in New Jersey.

Processed meats are carcinogens so where's the outrage?

The World Cancer Research Fund announced that eating just one sausage a day increases the chances of developing bowel cancer by 20 percent. Worldwide, the broad consumption of animal flesh across a society’s population is considered a luxury.

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