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Tesla says no need for capital as Model 3 production rises

In its first-quarter filing on Tuesday, Tesla quashed any speculation it might need to raise more capital this year, driving the company’s battered shares higher as it announced it built 2,020 of its cheaper Model 3 sedans in the last week of March.

Problem falling to sleep? Simple method puts you out in 60 secs

Having problems falling asleep? Well, a new method called 4-7-8 could be the answer. In fact, Harvard-trained Dr Andrew Weil, who invented the technique, promises that you'll soon be nodding off in just 60 seconds.

More Lollipop issues: Nexus 5 camera problems widely reported

After recent reports that Android Lollipop has been permanently bricking Nexus 5 and 7 devices, Nexus 5 owners are facing even more issues. Many users have reported that the camera often fails to start or immediately force closes in several apps.

Executives watching porn are the leading root of malware problems

Employees may get the brunt of the blame for security breaches at the companies for which they work, but a new study reveals that execs are doing a good amount of damage too.

Lesbians, single women denied public-funded IVF in Spain

Madrid - If the government passes the proposal, single women, lesbians and older couples will be barred from access to assisted reproduction techniques such as in vitro fertilization in Spanish public hospitals.

NASA's Landsat finds problems under Yellowstone's Old Faithful

Yellowstone National Park - NASA's Landsat satellites have been tracking Yellowstone's underground geothermal activity, a deep heat that is stored 4,000 miles into the earth's core. But there are areas where these energy levels are becoming erratic. Old Faithful could be in trouble.

FDA warns Magic Coffee has undeclared Viagra type ingredient

Washington - The FDA is warning Magic Power Coffee has a little more then magic in its list of ingredients. An undeclared chemical similar to that of Viagra has been found in this powerful java. When mixed with other medicines the effects can be deadly.

Rise in tourism to the Galapagos may introduce harmful mosquitoes

The fauna of the Galapagos Islands is attracting tourists in even larger numbers. However, a mosquito carrying West Nile fever brought from the mainland with the tourists could prove more harmful to the animals than the tourists ever will.

Whats good for the body may be deadly for the iPhone

The iPhone is under some weighty issues that point towards sweat and while no confirmation of the allegations has been given, the company is getting a bit of a workout of its own.

Op-Ed: Who's to Blame when Your Computer Dies?

Think your IT department is to blame when your laptop at work acts up? You'd be wrong. The chances are it is the fault of the user. Yes, that would be you. Case in point? Houston's Municipal Courthouse is closed today because of a computer virus.

Obama Appointees Hit by Tax Problems

Tom Daschle, the former Senate majority leader whom President Barack Obama had nominated for secretary of Health and Human Services, withdrew his nomination Tuesday amid growing criticism over his late payment of more than $120,000 in back taxes.

Small Hand Gestures Could Indicate Aggression: Non-Verbal Cues In Communication

We all communicate in one way or another. But did you know that tiny movements of the body can be indicators of aggression, anxiety and even lying? Non-verbals can signal certain problems when the communication goes awry.

Five UK Children A Day Suffer Undetected Strokes

Experts at a top UK University have found through recent research that up to five children a day in Britain alone suffers a stroke. These go undetected and throws out the understanding that strokes only happen to people in their final years

Disabled Veterans Returning From Iraq and Afghanistan Face Problems With Education

Unfortunately, those who return from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan are often not spared of medical problems. As these recovering vets attempt to create a life of normalcy by getting a college education, more problems seem to arise from the depths.

National Institutes of Health: Too Much Cola Can Cause Kidney Problems

Researchers from the National Institute of Health claim colas are linked to kidney stones and other renal problems. Drinking two or more cola drinks a day causes a twofold risk of chronic kidney disease.

The Rescue Effort For The Six Trapped Miners Has To Be Studied For Safety Issues

The heartbreaking decision had to be made in Utah to stop the rescue attempt of the six trapped miners. At this point there is not a safe plan for rescuers to go into the depths of the mine plagued by "mountain bumps".

Madonna And Guy's Adoption Of Little David Hits a Snag

Last year we were greeted a weekly Madonna and son David pic gracing all the rags. Looks like Madonna may have some problems with the adoption. The court ordered social worker who is in charge of the adoption was denied permission to travel to Britain.

Microsoft to Spend $1 Billion to Fix Xbox Problems, Offering Warranty and Apology

After what seemed like a long and hard battle against the Red Ring of Death (Xbox 360 sign of system failure) Microsoft has come to see the light. All Xbox 360s now have a 3 year warranty wrapped in an apology from Microsoft.

XBox 360 nuisance for Microsoft: Dribbles of information, NYT scrapes up a story

Comments and information about the mess haven’t been too forthcoming. The New York Times has really scraped a brief but interesting few more facts on the sorry saga. The Xbox 360 has been an all round pest for everyone, particularly Microsoft.

Application System Crashes For Over A Hundred UK Charities

Gone are the days when we had to get on a bus to go to college to learn how to do something, yet since the revolution of the super highway, training has meant that millions can now comfortably sit at home to study, until the system lets us down

Millions Of Children In India Are Still Being Sold Every Year As Slaves

In the last month, countries around the world have come together as one to help in the hunt for missing Madeleine McCann, yet in India, thousands of people, many children, go missing every week

Blockbuster Online Denies Problems

According to bloggers and a flood of angry comments on the Internet, operations at American DVD rental service, Blockbuster Online, have come to a screeching halt.

Knee Surgery and Anxiety don't mix

I hope my surgeon plays lots of video games.....

Morales: Don't blame coca farmers for drug problems

The indigenous Bolivian president, Evo Morales, said on Friday that coca farmers are not equivalent to cocaine traffickers and rich countries should fight the demand for cocaine instead of shutting down coca farms.

5 Reasons To Take a Pass on Vista

5 possible show stoppers for Windows Vista

Re-Inventing The Spare Wheel - Carmakers Compete For A Solution

COLOGNE, GERMANY (dpa) - Suffering a puncture is one of the most annoying things that can happen to you while driving a car. In statistical terms a motorist is only likely to have a puncture once every two years, as major maker Goodyear points out, ...

Ring The ''PC doctor'' For Help: Local Rescue Services Prove Popular

Berlin/Washington - Picture this: you're working at your computer, and all of a sudden, a program shuts down for no reason. Then, a friendly message appears, asking you to reboot the machine: "Unsaved data will be lost." Does that mean that everythi...

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