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Exam students vent their frustration at Edexcel GCSE maths paper

16-year-old school students have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration at a maths exam paper by British exam board Edexcel, taken today. The trend has led to thousands mocking the "impossible" questions by turning them on their heads with memes.

Chef Jamie Oliver's website infected users with malware

A spokesman for celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has acknowledged that malicious code on his self-branded website contained malware that could have given hackers control of users' computers as they browsed for recipes.

Pentatonix soars into the Top 5 on the Billboard 200 charts

A cappella group Pentatonix's third studio album, "PTX, Vol. III" was well-received on the Billboard 200 all-genre charts, debuting in the Top 5.

Review: Pentatonix charms on new music video for 'La La Latch' Special

A-capella vocal group Pentatonix has released their music video for their track "La La Latch," and it has already gone viral.

Rocket with US-Russian crew misses ISS rendezvous

Baykonur - A Soyuz rocket carrying two Russian cosmonauts and a US astronaut failed to dock as planned early Wednesday to the International Space Station, the Russian and US space agencies said Wednesday, citing a problem on approach.The rocket, which took off wi...

Easyjet leaves behind 29 passengers in Málaga, Spain

Due to an "issue" at the boarding gate, Easyjet managed to leave behind 29 passengers in Málaga airport on Saturday. Their luggage flew home with no problem, but the passengers didn't.

Small town near Madrid solves doggie poo problem in unique way

Brunete - Brunete is a small town of only 10,100 inhabitants, situated on the outskirts of Madrid, Spain. It may be a small town, but it had a big dog poo problem. The town hall came up with some novel solutions, including mailing the "deposit" back to the owner.

Former PM Tony Blair says there is a problem within Islam

In a column the former Prime Minister of Britain, Tony Blair, urged governments to be honest and to address radical Islamization.

Woman, 104, too old for Facebook, had to lie about age

While some ladies have been known to lie about their age, Marguerite Joseph is nothing but proud of her 104 years. Only one problem, Facebook's settings say she is too old and automatically makes her 20 years younger.

Dennis Rodman's child support problem

A judge in Orange Country decided to teach Dennis Rodman a hard lesson after Rodman was held in contempt for not paying child support.

Op-Ed: Rick Perry attacked for racial slur on family's ranch sign

Two men have become Rick Perry’s moral watchdogs as he runs for the Republican 2012 Presidential Race. One is Al Sharpton and the other is Herman Cain, both powerful African American men pushing the black N-button, kind of like the Staples red button.

South Africa prepares to fight pirates, but issue is complex Special

Cape Town - South Africa’s defence minister, Lindiwe Sisulu, says the cabinet is discussing adding South African Navy (SAN) ships to the anti-piracy forces ranged around the Horn of Africa and in the Indian Ocean.

Toyota's other pedal problem: Lawsuits

A growing amount of lawsuits are being thrown at Toyota by consumers who say that their vehicles suddenly acceralted on their own or may do so and now they want Toyota to pay.

Smelly armpits? No sweat

Richard Brydon, a restaurant manger from the UK has become the first in the country to undergo surgery to cure the problem of his excessively sweating armpits.

Problem Teachers Exposed

A Florida Newspaper made public a previously private list of around 24,000 teachers who have had action taken against thier certifications. The NASDTEC list was made in hopes to keep problem teachers from jumping state to state.

Just One Won't Hurt, Or Will It?

There is a disorder many people have and don't know about it. Their mothers drank while pregnant. Fetal alcohol syndrome hits more people than ever before. The syndrome doesn't care what alcohol is consumed, rot gut or an apple martini.

Rickets Still Plague Some Canadian Communities

Rickets a disease a disease that weakens the leg bones and stunts growth and that we often believe to be long gone or confined to poor underdeveloped countries is still a problem for some communities in Canada.

NASA Chief Says Global Warming is Nothing to Worry About

The global warming debate was turned up a notch recently, when NASA chief Michael Griffin issued a statement saying he was unsure if global warming was an issue to be "wrestled with" at this time.

iPods Help Doctors Recognize Heart Problems

Doctor's use stethoscope to listen to the heart beats. But it has been found that the diagnosis by using stethoscope is only 40% correct.Use of ipods help doctors to recognise heart problem properly and make diagnosis 80% correct.

Binge Drinking a Problem in Four Nations

Binge drinking continues to be a problem in Ireland, Britain, Finland and Denmark, according to a European Union survey of alcohol consumption released Wednesday.

Surgeon general: Teen drinking a problem

There should be a nationwide awareness of problems arising out of underage drinkers, acting Surgeon General Kenneth Moritsugu said.

News Flash: Scots have a drinking problem

Scotland's alcohol-related death rates are the worst in the UK, and the government appears to be doing little about it.

Labeling problem on Digital Journal

People have to pay more attention when labeling.

village drain


Rising number of unhappy new home buyers

There is an increasing number of complaints about poorly built new homes.

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