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Probiotics News

Probiotics can protect pollinators from colony collapse disorder

Research into honeybees shows that the use of probiotics can be part of a solution to address the issue of colony collapse disorder and hence to protect pollinators, which are vital for agriculture.

Probiotics are essentially 'useless': Research

For some years there has been disagreement among scientists and nutritionists about the value of probiotics. A new study, aiming to be the most comprehensive ever, concludes that probiotics 'are almost useless'.

Probiotic shows reduction in bone loss in older women

Researchers have used a probiotic to determine whether there is a reduction in the rate of bone related mineral density loss in older women. The results are encouraging, suggesting further study is worthwhile.

Lowering cholesterol thanks to artificial prebiotics

Budapest - A new study indicates that a naturally synthesized prebiotic can target and increase the growth of bacteria in the human gut which lead to a reduction in cholesterol levels. The research comes from the University of Reading in the U.K.

Can probiotics reduce symptoms of depression?

Can probiotics help to reduce the symptoms of depression? The answer appears 'possible', based on new research. McMaster University scientists have shown a beneficial connection between the microbiota-gut-brain axis.

Study: Probiotics reduce stress and anxiety

A study on animals suggests that increased knowledge about gut health could lead to the use of probiotics to alter the microorganisms of the gut and modulate behavioral responses to stress.

Beneficial bacteria protect against breast cancer

New research suggests that women who avoid breast cancer have a different microbial profile (microbiome) to those who are at a greater risk of contracting the disease.

Dealing with cavities by taking a pill

A new study suggests that a newly found bacterium could help address cavity formation, by keeping harmful bacteria at bay. The bacterium could be processed and be made available in pill form, as a type of oral probiotic.

Bayer - no charge that probiotic is wrongfully promoted (update) Special

Washington - The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has accused drugs maker Bayer of illegally promoting the effect of its probiotic, a collection of bacteria that it says “support digestive health.” However, the Justice Department will not pursue the charge.

Probiotics are more effective in conjunction with dairy

Probiotics are more effective when used in conjunction with dairy products compared with other foodstuffs or beverages, according to a new study. The study does have some limitations.

Woman to be sentenced for performing dangerous butt enhancements

A woman from Newmarket, Ontario will be sentenced on March 26 for injecting silicone into the buttocks of numerous women. The women had answered her ad and were looking to enhance their buttocks.

The bacteria in your gut may help you destress, says new research

A recent study has found a link between the kind of bacteria you have in your gut and your mental anxiety levels. This throws up some interesting questions in the study of anxiety relief.

Many dietary supplements are 'a risk'

Washington - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken the unusual step of issuing an alert about dietary supplements. It warns that those that are “probiotic” are a risk to people with weak immune systems.

Fermented milk improves the skin of young women

Tsukuba - Bizarre as it may seem, one team of scientists have declared that fermented milk, produced using a probiotic, can benefit the skin of young women.

Antibiotics administered early in life can affect immunity

Different antibiotics, taken early in life, can adversely affect the bacteria that play a positive role in promoting a healthy immune system, according to a new study.

Protecting good bacteria from antibiotics

Antibiotics kill pathogenic bacteria. However, they can also kill beneficial bacteria and upset the human body, especially in the gut. Scientists have developed a way to help protect ‘good’ bacteria from antibiotics.

Probiotics help with liver conditions

Probiotics are effective in helping with cirrhosis of the liver, according to a new study. This involves the ingestion of "good" bacteria in order to combat an over-growth of potentially harmful bacteria.

Dr. Oz says best 2013 weight loss strategy is adding probiotics

Dr. Oz, the U.S. TV doctor whose following keeps growing ever larger, said on his Dec. 11 show that there's a great weight loss tool that came along in 2013. Ingesting probiotics, he said, is effective in weight loss and the supplement is easy to find.

Making a probiotic chicken to beat food poisoning

A probiotic chicken could be reared, with friendly bacteria added to the coat of the chicken, as a way of warding of food poisoning bacteria.

Probiotic drinks may trigger hay fever

A study has shown that a daily probiotic drink changed how cells lining the nasal passages of hay fever sufferers, leading to a higher level of out-of-season incidents.

Should the FDA regulate probiotics?

A leading scientist has called upon the U.S. FDA to regulate the probiotics market, as a way of protecting consumer health.

Probiotics can help fight Salmonella infections

New research has revealed how a probiotic bacterium used to treat irritable bowel syndrome can soothe gut bacterial infections caused by Salmonella.

Probiotics can 'benefit brain function'

Scientists now argue that beneficial bacteria ingested in food ('probiotics') can affect brain function in humans. This is based on a study of women who consumed probiotic yoghurts.

Probiotics may assist in combating blood cancers

New research suggests that probiotic microorganisms, such as those more commonly used in yoghurt, could help bone marrow transplant for patients with blood cancers.

Probiotics prevent colds and improve response to flu vaccine

Probiotics can help prevent upper respiratory infections (URTIs), which include the common cold, and improve the response to flu vaccines, according to new clinical trials. Probiotics are micro-organisms that can exert beneficial effects on our health.

Probiotics combat diarrhea caused by antibiotics

A new science study has shown that consuming probiotics can reduce the risk of developing the diarrhea that can be a common side effect when taking antibiotic medicines.

Fecal Transplant Restores Intestinal Bacteria Balance

Fecal transplants, or fecal bacteriotherapy is used to restore the balance between good bacteria and bad bacteria in the colon.

Probiotics: maybe not as safe as you were told

A nationwide study of the effect of probiotics in people with a severe acute infection of the pancreas in The Netherlands, has shown that people who receive the treatment have a higher chance of dying than people who don't receive the treatment.

Probiotics Can Help Preemies Against Bowel Infections

Good bacteria can help battle bowel infections in premature infants. Necrotizing enterocolitis is a sudden deadly condition in premature infants that can kill in hours.

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