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Op-Ed: News vs Privacy — First Amendment vs sleaze

Miami - People were saying before the Hogan vs Gawker case that it was an important case to determine privacy issues. It was, in fact, one of the biggest cases ever, in terms of claim for damages and public profile.

New surveillance technology can watch a large area for hours

Dayton - New camera surveillance technology from Persistent Surveillance Systems can spy for hours on a single large area, as tested in Dayton, Ohio.

License Plate Readers track your every move

Atlanta - I’m sure most people have seen these little ‘Red Light’ cameras popping up at busy intersections for the past several years. Even in small towns, the local news will broadcast when a new camera goes into service for the first time.

Topless Kate photos: France launches formal criminal probe

Paris - A French judge has placed the publisher of a celebrity tabloid and a photographer under criminal investigation over the topless photos of Kate Middleton sunbathing in France published last September, the prosecutor's office said Thursday.

Op-Ed: New Raytheon Big Data surveillance can track ‘trillions’ online

Sydney - …And yet more surveillance software. This time it’s Raytheon’s Riot software, a Big Data behavioural analytics program. Given the fury about other types of electronic surveillance, RIOT may be a very apt name for this software.

California bans employers and colleges from social media snooping

This week California became the most recent state to ban the social media snooping conducted by many employers and universities.

Op-Ed: Surveillance gets much more invasive, but what are your options?

Sydney - Surveillance technology is big news, but its capabilities are usually underrated. The current technology is perfectly capable of creating a police state. If this technology had been available to Stalin, the Gulags would have been ten times bigger.

Is your cellphone watching you?

Spy software embedded in most cell phones is tracking and reporting on your calls, texts and location, reports researcher Trevor Eckhart.

Op-Ed: Say goodbye to your privacy — Total face recognition is here

Sydney - Do they hire technocrats solely on the basis of their total inability to see how technology can be abused? It looks like it. The new, ultra-efficient face recognition technology is about to become part of surveillance systems.

‘Shared vision’ agreement with US could impact Canadians’ privacy

Ottawa - A scathing new report on an anticipated security and trade agreement between Canada and the US reveals personal privacy of Canadians is at risk and there are no guarantees of reducing red tape at the international border for Canadian businesses.

Social networks oppose UK gov't call for ban during civil unrest

In the wake of the recent UK riots, calls have been made to regulate social networks during times of civil unrest. Representatives from Twitter, Facebook and Research in Motion meet home secretary Theresa May today to warn against this move.

Finland Eyes Action Against Google Street View

It’s only been a month since Google’s Street View went public in Finland, but the complaints are pouring in, leaving officials wondering how to handle them.

Google executives found guilty of violating privacy laws in Italy

Internet freedom was struck a serious blow today after three Google executives were convicted of violating privacy laws.

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