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How canvas prints can help those bare home office walls

As working from home is becoming the new normal for so many as a result of the COVID pandemic, it only makes sense to invest some time and energy to upgrade the space that you’re spending eight-plus hours in a day.

Scientists deploy 3D printer to print glass

Scientists have developed a 3D printing technique to to print glass, for the first time. The printer represents another step forwards with additive manufacturing. The fabrication of chalcogenide glass will enable the manufacturing of optical components.

Review: Paladin 3D, an affordable, all-metal SLA 3D printer Special

Set to launch in April 2019, the Paladin 3D printer provides an affordable and durable SLA 3D desktop printer designed for small businesses or for the home. Digital Journal was given the opportunity to review an advanced release of the device.

Breakthrough in smart-printed electronics

Dublin - Progress has been made with printed electronic circuits and these pave the way for further advances with smart devices. The flat printed circuits can be embedded into flat structures, such as plastic and cardboard.

HP backs down from blocking third-party printer inks

Earlier this month, reports hit the media that a timebomb in HP's printers caused thousands of devices to simultaneously start blocking third-party inks. The company has now apologised to customers, saying it will issue a new update to reverse the block.

3D Printed wheelchairs and other advances announced

3-D printing (additive printing) continues to advance, with the latest round of innovations including a 3-D printed wheelchair. Digital Journal takes a look at the latest 3-D printing news.

Simpress, a printing service company, will be acquired by Samsung

Samsung will be acquiring Simpress, Brazil's largest printing service company. The acquisition will be announced on Monday.

3D printer successfully used in space

A 3D printer has been used in space for the first time on board the International Space Station (ISS). The first item produced was a ratchet and the technology paves the way for astronauts to produce their own essential items.

New 3D-printed hand set to change prosthetics

A company based in Bristol, UK, has combined 3D scanning and 3D printing techniques to produce a revolutionary new prosthetic hand that could transform available solutions for amputees with improved-quality, lower-cost functionality.

Incredible 3-D printed keys that can unlock almost anything

Technologists have utilized 3-D printing technology to produce "bump keys". These are keys capable of opening millions of locks.

Amazon Fire phone gaining popularity slowly but can it compete?

The Amazon Fire smartphone was up for sale just a week ago and few smartphone users are excited about the release. This isn't very surprising considering Amazon does not have an established customer base for smartphones.

Artist turns your brainwaves into 3D-printed sculptures

A New York artist has made an astronomical technological breakthrough. Ion Pompian, located in a gallery six floors above Broadway has developed a tool that turns people’s brainwaves into 3D-printed sculptures.

Teen finds changing typefaces could save millions of dollars

A 14-year-old boy has discovered a very easy way to reduce printing costs across the United States — use a thinner typeface.

Chemists unveil 'water-jet' printer

Paris - Like any ordinary printer, this machine ingests a blank page and spits it out covered in print. But instead of ink, it uses only water, and the used paper fades back to white within a day, enabling it to be reused.

3D printing produces first ever consumer electronics

Researchers based at Cornell University have printed a working loudspeaker using 3D technology. The printing process has seamlessly integrated the plastic, conductive and magnetic parts together.

Scientists print retinal cells

Scientists have printed healthy rat retinal cells using a simple ink-jet printer. They hope this the the first step towards tissue printing.

Globe and Mail redesigns newspaper, website

Toronto - The Globe and Mail newspaper has changed its format today. The new design features a glossy, 11-inch style for print news and a relaunched online Life section featuring more videos and blogs.

Students Bound to Like New Book-Printing Technology

The University of Waterloo in Ontario has installed the latest state-of-the-art printing machine which will give students a chance to print a high quality paperback book with colour cover, at a fraction of the cost.

Paperless office is pure fiction.

We talk about it, we try to implement it, we really try, but the dream of a paperless office seems to elude us. In fact the use of paper in the office has doubled from 20 years ago.

Need a missile? Just print it.

Falling prices and increased availability of CNC mills, 3d printing and rapid prototyping are making it easy for anyone to create anything, anywhere.

Printing Fuel Cells

I am amazed at some of these advances but I wish they would reach their goals alot sooner and provide us this technology now... The sooner we replace batteries & other sources of energy the better...

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