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Hacker forces 150,000 printers to spew out robot pictures

A hacker has hijacked over 150,000 Internet-connected printers that have been left unsecured. Over the weekend, the devices were forced to print out a warning message, advising owners to disable remote access to prevent the printers being used in botnets.

Epson printers perpetually rebooting after Google code change

Epson printers have been caught in a continual reboot loop after Google made a change to one of its cloud services. The crashes have affected scores of owners of the internet-connected printers. Epson has confirmed it's working on a fix.

HP backs down from blocking third-party printer inks

Earlier this month, reports hit the media that a timebomb in HP's printers caused thousands of devices to simultaneously start blocking third-party inks. The company has now apologised to customers, saying it will issue a new update to reverse the block.

HP printer 'timebomb' leaves third-party ink cartridges unusable

HP printer owners recently woke up to find their printers no longer recognise the third-party budget ink cartridges installed in them. After initially dodging the complaints, HP has admitted the printer's firmware now intentionally blocks the cartridges.

HP to buy Samsung's printer business for $1.05 billion

HP has announced it is buying Samsung's printer business in a deal valued at over $1 billion. The U.S. computing giant will use Samsung's printers and copiers to drive innovation in the stagnant industry and increase its own market share in Asian markets.

Making ‘smart bandages’ with ink-jet printing

Medicinal silk inks, laced with healing enzymes, can be produced on an inkjet printer to create ‘smart’ bandages that assist with the healing process.

Squids provide the blueprint for 3D printing

Squids have been used by people for centuries, as food and for their ink. Now squids have a new application in the modern technological realm of 3D printing. This is in the form of a thermoplastic.

Op-Ed: HP launches Instant Ink subscription service for U.K. users

Hewlett-Packard is trying a new tack in the competitive world of ink cartridge sales that could mean a big change for their business model.

Teen engineer develops a braille printer out of LEGOS Special

San Francisco - One of the greatest challenges for lowering the cost of printed braille is making braille printers affordable to everyone. A seventh grader, though, has made a solution that may eradicate this problem entirely.

Photoshop now '3D ready'

Adobe's Photoshop software has recently been updated to allow users to produce designs ready to become 3D-printed objects.

Report says HP printers at risk from hackers, ID theft and fires

Are you at risk for your printer getting set on fire? Security researchers say yes, this is possible, along with some other potentially serious risk factors.

Digital Journal Tech Showcase: Printers, Cameras, Hi-Tech fans Special

Digital Journal regularly reviews interesting and useful products hitting the market. Find out what tech products are worth your time and money.

Op-Ed: The Hottest tech of the year: Part 4 Special

Printers: There were few new thrills with printers, but manufacturers still seem to be more hung up on awful marketing tactics

CFL: Montreal Alouettes Break BC Curse

Montreal - The Alouettes win their first game in BC since 2000 at Empire Field ending a nine-game losing streak in the stadium. The Alouettes still haven't won at BC Place though.

Print Amazing 3D Objects With a $5,000 Desktop Printer

Printing 3D objects has always been a costly affair, as the printer alone would set you back five figures at least. But now, Desktop Factory is releasing a $5,000 printer for homes, universities and offices.

Digital Journal TV: Everything You Need to Know About Printer Ink

Digital Journal TV sits down with Epson to talk about why ink costs so much, we look at rumours that third-party ink can actually damage your printer, what goes into making ink and what you can do to improve your photo prints.

HP Announces Biggest Product Launch Since LaserJet - But You Can't Buy One

'Edgeline' technology printers will be HP's biggest product launch ever, but they will not be available to consumers. Consumers are only allowed to purchase the printing services they provide.

14 Hewlett-Packard Company Secrets From A Former Employee

A former Hewlett-Packard worker could barely wait for their non-disclosure-agreement to end so they could spill 14 company secrets.

A Printer that Delivers 1,000 Pages a Minute?

Another hmmm. after all these years what ever happened to a "Paperless Office?". Wasn't that what we were suppose to be shooting for all this time with computers?.

Product Review: The Brother P-touch QL-550 Label Printer

Digital Journal — Today's all-in-one printers tend to be overachievers; they print, fax, scan, copy, manage documents, print photos and do more than some people actually expect out of a simple printer. They’ve been enormously popular in the marke.

Xerox: The Icon of Innovation

Digital Journal — As a child, Donna Wittmann wanted to be an executive secretary when she grew up. But today, she’s the vice-president of small and medium business for Xerox’s North American operations. Helping lead a company like Xerox is no smal

Brother Canada: The Triple Crown Company

Digital Journal — As the newest president of Brother Canada, Martin Featherston has an uncanny ability to predict business trends before they happen. Credited with building Brother’s sales department back in its early days, Featherston has led Brother

Burn Baby Burn: HP LightScribe Lets You Burn and Label CDs and DVDs

Digital Journal — Today you can add just about any function to your desktop or notebook PC simply by connecting a new device through a USB port; almost every digital camera, external hard disk and DVD burner uses high-speed USB 2.0 connections (n..

Epson Makes Photo Publishing Easy with StoryTeller

Digital Journal — In the pre-digital age of photography, you came home from your vacation with dozens of rolls of film, processed them, and wound up with hundreds of photos. The plan was to someday compile these into an album about your wonderful vacat.

Epson PictureMate Wins Digital Journal Best Product Award

Digital Journal — The digital camera boom has really become a high-growth market: Digital still camera shipments surpassed 63 million units worldwide in 2004, up more than 35 per cent over the year before, according to Lyra Research. Now, that trend ha.

Weird Science: Printing a New Body

TORONTO, Digital Journal — You’ve been shooting back whiskey your whole life and your liver is screaming for mercy. Knowing how uncomfortable a liver transplant could be, you opt for a safer route: Drop some cells off at the doctor’s office and wait

Hot Stuff: Digital Journal's Gadgets for Spring 2004

Fellowes PowerShred PS70-2CD | $444 Headlines on identity theft have boosted paper shredder sales recently, and the PS70-2CD fits those high-volume duties be they mundane or malevolent. It shreds 15 sheets or one CD per pass, dropping 0.2-inch strip...

Samsung Unveils New Laser Line with Affordable Colour Printing

TORONTO (djc Features) – Most people would never guess it, but Samsung Electronics is the second-largest manufacturer of laser printers in the world. Over time, the company has slowly and quietly built a reputation on the strength of its black-and-whit.

Deja Vu: A Look Back at the Photo Copier

No company has morphed more into a verb than Xerox. Blame brand loyalty or the company’s ubiquitous service, the underlying notion remains — we love our photocopying. So what if we sometimes want to take a shotgun to it (like an Illinois country she.

DJ Inside: The Xerox Phaser 7300DN Sets the Bar for Laser Printing

With the features this printer comes with, it’s practically in an echelon of its own. Equipped with a single 550-sheet paper tray, the 7300DN can also handle sheets up to 12 by 18 inches, proving that bigger is really better. But the Phaser 7300DN i..
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