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Princess diana News

Op-Ed: For England, Harry, and … Saint Media?

London - The public row within the Royals regarding Harry and Meghan is the tip of a very unimpressive iceberg. Harry, serial vertebrate as he is, has taken a very understandable dislike to the ever-brattish UK tabloid media.

Chatting with Mark Edward Wilows: Interviewing the Interviewer Special

Acclaimed journalist Mark Edward Wilows chatted with Digital Journal about his career. While he is mostly known for conducting the interviews, this time he had the tables turned on him.

Op-Ed: Feminist weddings, real statement, or new racket?

Sydney - Feminist weddings have been around for a long time, but they’re now hitting mainstream media like most sales pitches. The usual problem with feminist ideas is cosmetic feminism, and it looks like a lot of people are getting on the gravy train.

Op-Ed: SAS troops think Diana was murdered — Too many doubts remain

Sydney - The inquest into the death of Princess Diana has produced some interesting information as well as the usual garbage. The Special Air Service, the UK’s elite special forces unit, have now spoken out. Other issues, including cause of death, remain vague.

Mandela movie gets warts-and-all treatment, says actor

The British actor playing Nelson Mandela in a new biopic says the movie doesn’t shy away from the former ANC leader and South Africa president’s less flattering characteristics.

Spanish engineer claims he has solved the Princess Diana mystery

Francisco Javier Carretero López, an engineer from Málaga in Spain, wishes to claim a $20 million reward for information proving that the death of Princess Diana was not an accident.

Op-Ed: Royal sick bags to the ready, not everyone is a monarchist

Feeling nauseous after all the sycophantic hype surrounding the birth of yet another parasitical drain on the British taxpayer? Then look no further.

Op-Ed: An idiotic attack on Kate Middleton by British novelist

London - The novelist Hilary Mantel has made an astonishing attack on the Duchess of Cambridge, branding her a plastic princess. Is she for real, or is this simply sour grapes?

The 'not to be published' photo of Princess Di sold for $18,306

Amherst - Earlier this month, it was reported that a rare photo of Princess Diana, relaxing with a young man other than Prince Charles and marked "Not to be published", had been found. It has now been sold on auction and the mysterious young man identified.

'Not to be published' photo of Princess Diana up for sale

A photograph of Diana Spencer, relaxing with an unnamed young man just two days after the announcement of her engagement to Prince Charles, is up for sale at an auction in the US.

Katie Couric on Kate Middleton: 'I think she needs to eat more'

Katie Couric’s dream of having Kate Middleton as a guest on her new talk show, may more than likely remain just that –– a dream –– after calling the Duchess of Cambridge just “too thin.”

Did Princess Diana's death change the paparazzi?

Fifteen years after the death of Princess Diana, which many blamed on the paparazzi, celebrities still complain of harassment and out and out bullying by the paparazzi. However, Diana's death did change the way some paparazzi conduct themselves.

Diana, Princess of Wales, 15 years since her tragic death

Princess Diana, 'the people's princess,' was a public phenomenon. The shock of her death on August 31st, 1997 caused by a fatal car accident after leaving the Paris Ritz hotel with Dodi Fayed led to an unprecedented international outpouring of grief.

Charles' toast from the royal wedding sells for £230

Buckingham - This is one piece of toast that nobody wants to eat. The thirty one year old piece of toast was left over by Charles on the morning of the royal wedding.

Kevin Costner says Princess Diana was to star in The Bodyguard 2

Kevin Costner has revealed that Princess Diana was keen to play the lead role in a sequel to The Bodyguard, the 1992 Whitney Houston blockbuster movie.

Naomi Watts to play Princess Diana in new movie

Los Angeles - British actress Naomi Watts has landed the role of Princess Diana in a new movie to be directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. The movie focuses on the last two years of Diana's life.

Documentary 'Unlawful Killing' getting buzz in Cannes

She was trouble to her husband's family. She predicted her own death years saying it would happen exactly the way it did. No one was brought to trial for her death. A new documentary explores this woman's death. Her name is Princess Diana.

Op-Ed: United States obsessed with Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding attracted thousands to the streets of London and it also glued the eyes and ears of millions to their TV sets Friday.

New novel influenced by late Princess Di

A novel based on Princess Diana explores through fiction on what her life could have been if she had not died in 1997. The book is due out right before Prince William weds this spring.

Prince William wants Earl Spencer to make wedding speech

The 28-year-old future British King who is due to marry Kate Middleton on 29 April next year at Westminster Abbey has reportedly asked Earl Spencer to make a speech at his wedding.

Prince William gives Kate Princess Diana's engagement ring

London - HRH Prince William has given his fiancée the engagement ring that once belonged to his late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

Ex-French president writes of affair with British princess

"A fortnight before my marriage, my future husband told me that he had a mistress and was determined to continue his relationship with her," Princess Patricia tells her French lover President Lambertyne in the book. Could this be Diana and Giscard?

Op-Ed: ‘This is not America’

First of all music is a personal thing. If it wasn't then I’d love the Spice girls, Bruce Springsteen and Michael Jackson.

Is Sarah Palin America's Princess Di?

Is Sarah Palin, the vice-presidential moose-hunting, gun toting, America-loving mother of five, America's princess Diana?

Is Princess Diana The Most Stylish Woman Ever?

So says The Daily Express in a list of the Top 10 Elegant Women. Some may agree and some disagree, but the fact remains any of the women in the list could hold their their own era and beyond.

Mohamed al Fayed: Prince Philip is a Nazi

In the Strand today, the Old Bailey has heard Mr al Fayed speak in the dock as he claims that Prince Philip and Tony Blair conspired to the crash which killed Dodi and Diana as well as their driver, Henri Paul.

Op-Ed: Weighing In on Britney

How much is too much media exposure? Do photographers go too far in looking for the "perfect picture?" What will it take for the celebrity crazy public to realize that they have lives of their own, and don't have to go into every aspect someone else's?

Princess Diana's mother called her a 'whore'

Princess Diana's former butler said her mother disliked Diana’s choice of boyfriend and called her a whore for dating Muslim men. He said Diana then broke off her relationship with her mother.

Princess Diana's Former Butler Says Murder Theory 'Impossible'

According to the former butler of Princess Diana told an inquest that he believed that it was impossible for the royal family to issue orders for her murder. Her butler had shot down the theory of a conspiracy by the royal family.

Britain marks death of a princess as "Diana effect" stays on

London - This time, there is no question that Queen Elizabeth II will interrupt her summer holiday in Scotland to travel to London to pay tribute to Princess Diana. This Friday The Queen, 81, will lead a congregation of 500 at a memorial service.
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In The Playroom  Diana s Dead
In The Playroom "Diana's Dead"
Jonathan Hobin
File photo: Wearing the engagement ring owned by his mother  Diana Princess of Wales  Prince William...
File photo: Wearing the engagement ring owned by his mother, Diana Princess of Wales, Prince William poses with his fiance, Kate Middleton.
The Alma tunnel in Paris  where Princess Diana died
The Alma tunnel in Paris, where Princess Diana died
Princess Diana on a royal visit for the official opening of the community centre on Whitehall Road  ...
Princess Diana on a royal visit for the official opening of the community centre on Whitehall Road, Bristol in May 1987.
Princess Diana s coffin borne through the streets of London
Princess Diana's coffin borne through the streets of London
Paddy Briggs
Diana  Princess of Wales.
Diana, Princess of Wales.
Jelly version of St Paul s Cathedral  London  UK. Photo taken by Greta Iliev.
Jelly version of St Paul's Cathedral, London, UK. Photo taken by Greta Iliev.
Wikimedia Commons

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