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Prince Harry News

Queen Elizabeth vows to address Harry and Meghan racism claims

London - Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II on Tuesday responded to explosive racism claims from her grandson Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, voicing deep concern and sympathising with their troubles with royal life.

Pressure builds on palace after Harry and Meghan racism claims

Los Angeles - Britain’s royal family was under pressure on Tuesday to respond to Prince Harry and his wife Meghan’s claims of racism, triggering a crisis for the institution not seen since the time of his late mother, Diana.

Op-Ed: For England, Harry, and … Saint Media?

London - The public row within the Royals regarding Harry and Meghan is the tip of a very unimpressive iceberg. Harry, serial vertebrate as he is, has taken a very understandable dislike to the ever-brattish UK tabloid media.

Prince Harry, Ed Sheeran join forces for World Mental Health Day

Global pop music star Ed Sheeran and Prince Harry have joined forces, in an effort to raise awareness for "World Mental Health Day."

Op-Ed: Just who is paying for the royal wedding?

Windsor - The royal wedding between Prince Henry (otherwise known as Harry) and Rachel Markle (otherwise known as Meghan) will have supporters and detractors. But just how much does the jamboree cost and who is paying for it?

Facial recognition to be used by Sky News at Prince Harry wedding

Sky News has announced that it will use facial recognition to identify celebrities and other luminaries at the forthcoming royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry joins war against poachers in Africa

Prince Harry has joined the fight against rhino poachers in Africa. The prince has joined a specialist army unit in Kruger Park.

Pacquiao traveling to Florida, London to attend social function

While waiting for a word from potential opponent Floyd Mayweather, Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao will soon be traveling to Florida, USA and London, England to grace important social functions.

Daily Relief: Friday 28 March

A light-hearted look at the odd events happening in the world. Today includes a new TV show starring Prince Harry, a weird tattoo and a shocking look at the effects of drug abuse.

Princess Diana movie gets hostile reception from critics

A film about Diana, Princess of Wales – the tragic UK princess killed in a Paris road tunnel in 1997 – has got a cool reception from critics.

Op-Ed: The archaic stupidity of monarchial reverence

So, a new monarch has been born. Reluctantly, I know this; and only because the tv screens at my gym won’t shut up about it.

Former soldier tells how Prince Harry prevented homophobic attack

A former British soldier has revealed how Prince Harry prevented a homophobic assault against him in at a training camp back in 2008.

UK: Islam convert threatened death to Prince Harry

London - London Metropolitan Police announced yesterday that a man had been arrested the day after Drummer Lee Rigby was murdered after making threats to kill British Royal, Prince Harry.

Op-Ed: Good news — UK Government announces 5,000 more redundancies

This is good news because those being made redundant are soldiers; the big question is, will they be thrown on the scrap heap and left to rot?

Prince Harry boasts about killing Afghans

Great Britain's Prince Harry is boasting about killing Afghan militants resisting the US-led invasion and occupation of their country.

Op-Ed: The latest news from Stop-the-War

London - The Stop-the-War Coalition is running at full throttle. Hopefully, it will have a better record this century than did its predecessors in the last one, but so far things aren't looking good.

The Taliban says Prince Harry is still in danger

Last week the Taliban attacked the base where Prince Harry is stationed in Afghanistan. According to the Taliban, the latest threat comes from fellow UK citizens, who have been trained as "turncoat fanatics" to kill Prince Harry.

2 US Marines killed in Taliban attack at Camp Bastion over film

Two US Marines were killed and several others wounded when the Taliban attacked the Camp Bastion base in southern Afghanistan, over the film "Innocence of Muslims." It's the same military base where Britain's Prince Harry is stationed.

Op-Ed: French magazine publishes topless photos of Kate Middleton

Last month, Prince Harry was caught with his trousers down, literally. Now, the gutter press has gone one step further publishing topless photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Taliban threatens to kidnap or assassinate Prince Harry

Just days after the British Ministry of Defence announced Prince Harry was in Afghanistan for a 4-month deployment, the Taliban is threatening to do all they can to "eliminate" him.

Prince Harry returns to the front line

Kabul - After spending time enjoying all the festivities of the London Olympics and learning that not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, Prince Harry is ready to get back to business, heading to Afghanistan for his second tour of duty.

Prince Harry deployed to Afghanistan for second tour of duty

Prince Harry is back in Afghanistan for his second tour of duty in the war-torn country. Captain Wales, as he's called when in uniform, will spend the next four months at Camp Bastion.

Prince Philip's wardrobe malfunction — flashes photogs in a kilt

Edinburgh - It seems Prince Harry isn't the only royal making a splash for nude photos. Harry's 91-year old grandfather Prince Philip accidentally flashed photographers while wearing a kilt at the Highland Games.

Did Princess Diana's death change the paparazzi?

Fifteen years after the death of Princess Diana, which many blamed on the paparazzi, celebrities still complain of harassment and out and out bullying by the paparazzi. However, Diana's death did change the way some paparazzi conduct themselves.

You can see Prince Harry naked online but not in Brit papers

London - Prince Harry's naked butt has been plastered all over the internet following a weekend of partying in Las Vegas. But it seems Brits won't be able to find the photos in their favorite papers.

Naked photos of partying Prince Harry surface online

Las Vegas - It seems what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas, at least for royalty. Photos of a bare-assed Prince Harry are making the rounds online after a weekend party included a game of strip billiards.

Op-Ed: Who is stealing the pensions of British workers?

The trade union movement is on a collision course with the government for a winter of discontent, but the real problem lies neither in Westminster nor at Congress House, but in the City of London.

Who is Prince Harry's new girlfriend?

Last week Prince Harry said that he was single. Not only did he tell the press that he was single, but he said he was “100% single” but this may not have been the whole truth.

Prince Harry not getting married?

Chelsy Davy, Prince Harry's girlfriend, has revealed she has no intention of following Kate Middleton by marrying a Prince.

T-Mobile ad of fake Royal Wedding entrance dance goes viral

A video ad of actors playing the British Royals and dancing at the William-Kate wedding ceremony has become wildly popular online, accumulating 4.6 million views within four days.
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Prince Harry talks to fellow soldier
Prince Harry talks to fellow soldier
Screen Capture
Prince Harry standing next to Apache Helicopter at Camp Bastion
Prince Harry standing next to Apache Helicopter at Camp Bastion
Corp. Paul Morrison/Crown Copyright/MOD 2012
Royal Australian Navy
Royal Australian Navy
Prince Harry during the Royal Wedding of William and Catherine Duke & Duchess of Cambridge
Prince Harry during the Royal Wedding of William and Catherine Duke & Duchess of Cambridge
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Harry and Meghan handed out the first Invictus medals earlier on Saturday
Harry and Meghan handed out the first Invictus medals earlier on Saturday

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