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Two priests should be tried in altar boys abuse case: Vatican

Vatican City - An Italian priest accused of sexually abusing altar boys in a seminary and another priest who allegedly facilitated that abuse have been referred to Italian justice, the Vatican said Tuesday.

Pope warns gossiping priests, nuns to 'bite your tongue'

Vatican City - Pope Francis told gossip-loving priests and nuns to bite their tongues on Monday, and warned those breaking their vow of obedience to fall into line sharpish.

Neurotic priests scare me, says Pope

Vatican City - Pope Francis on Friday described some Catholic priests as so scary and neurotic he keeps well away from them.

Pope Benedict defrocked 400 priests for molestation, report says

A newly revealed report revealed that Pope Benedict XVI defrocked 400 priests for molestation in two years of of his Papacy.

Pope Francis calls for 'decisive action' on sex abuse by priests

In his first comments about clerical sexual abuse, Pope Francis has called for action to combat and end clerical sexual abuse on minors.

U.N. accuses U.S. of not dealing with sexual abuse by clergy

The United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) issued a scathing report, accusing the United States of failing to properly deal with "sexual abuse committed by clerics and leading members of certain faith-based organizations."

Priests of the Catholic Church: Marriage or God

With a growing decline in numbers of young Catholic priests, Edward Daly, former bishop of Northern Ireland, has recently called for an end to celibacy in the Catholic clergy.

Gays may become Church of England bishops – if they stay celibate

The Church of England looks set to allow openly gay clergy to become bishops. But there’s a catch: unlike their heterosexual counterparts, they will have to remain celibate.

Gay priests recorded on hidden camera

Rome - Using hidden cameras, a journalist from Panorama magazine filmed three priests visiting gay nightspots and taking part in homosexual activity.

Church rejects even celibate would-be priests – if they’re gay

Even some celibate candidates for priesthood are being shunned by the Catholic Church as it vets those who want to take their oaths. But mainly gay ones.

Sex scandal could hit Catholic Church coffers

The Catholic sex-abuse scandal could have a devastating effect on the church’s finances in Italy, Vatican officials fear.

Catholic Cardinals Being Sued for Concealing Child Abuse

A Mexican citizen is suing two Catholic cardinals, a Mexican and an American, for trying to conceal abuses committed by a priest on several children. The suit alleges the Cardinals knew about the cases of sexual abuse by the priest.

Mexican bishop says TV to blame for abuse by priests

A Roman Catholic Bishop in Mexico has suggested that television and the Internet are responsible for abuse carried out by priests.

Mexico's Roman Catholic Church Seeks Pardon for Child Abuse

In Mexico, the Roman Catholic Church is seeking pardon for sexual abuses committed by its founding priest on children under its care. The apology includes a promise to allow civil authorities to intervene to apply the law in church-linked sex abuse cases.

Controversy erupts over ex-bishop saying ‘Jews are God killers’

A furious transatlantic row has erupted after news circulated about a retired Italian bishop accusing Jews of stirring up hatred of the Catholic Church over the scandal of child abuse.

Teacher sex cases in U. S. public schools unreported, unpunished

An estimated 4 to 5 million U.S. public school students may be at risk or become victims of sexual assault by school employees and teachers. Even so, media outlets and public officials remain tight-lipped, cover-up allegations, and fight disclosure.

RC Church in Ireland has lost ‘all credibility’ over paedophiles

The Roman Catholic Church in Ireland has lost “all credibility”, according to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams.

Ireland Catholics to Get Pastoral Letter from Pope

A pastoral letter from the Pope is expected to be signed Friday and sent to Bishops in Ireland to be read during the mass in churches on Sunday. The pastoral letter is expected to touch on the alleged sexual abuse on children by some priests in Ireland.

Two Roman Catholic Priests were Jailed for Stealing

A Florida court sentenced two catholic priests to varying prison terms for stealing and misappropriating funds of their church.

Priests fear driving bans over altar wine

Roman Catholic priests in Ireland are worried about tough drunk driving rules because if they celebrate more than one mass a day, it may push them to trouble by exceeding legal drinking limits.

When Priests Pilfer

Just when the Catholic Church in the U.S. was beginning to recover from the sordid sexual-abuse scandal of 2002, it may be staring at a new crisis. In a recent study co-authored by Zech and Villanova accountancy professor Robert West, 85% of the 78 U.S.

Update: Roman Catholic Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie Bishop's statement on sex abuse lawsuits

Allegations of sexual misconduct against four priests have led to a statement by the bishop.

Priests act over child marriage

In West Bengal, India some Roman Catholic priests have taken action against some Christians who were practicing child marriage

Millions stolen by Two Priests.

Is Church even safe anymore to give your money too?

In Tiberias, Keep Goin' If Your Name Is Cohen

TIBERIAS (dpa) - Any staunchly religious Jew who is planning to visit the historic town of Tiberias in the near future and who is also called Cohen would be better off revising his plans. The main street of this busy tourist attraction is namely off...

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