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Potatoes fight cancer and heart disease and other health news

Scientists have bred potatoes that fight cancer and heart disease. Others have found that coffee can kill you. Those were just two of latest reports about health news from the Internet.

Op-Ed: How to curb cyberattacks

The internet has brought many benefits from communications to accessibility, and even to job creations. However, it has also brought the need to protect ourselves with the latest tools to prevent identity theft, breaches, and more.

Judge in the U.S. says that victims' bodies can prevent rape

A judge in Southern California is being publicly admonished after he said that a rape victim "did not put up a fight" during her assault.

A Cup Of Coffee A Day Keeps The Twitches At Bay

At last, a good word for the drink many of us need to get us started in the mornings - Italian researchers claim that drinking coffee can stop you going blind by preventing a condition called blepharospasm

Echinacea 'can prevent a cold'

US researchers find the herbal remedy Echinacea taken daily reduces the risk of catching the common cold by half and also reduces the duration of the common cold by a day and a half.

Op/Ed: Killing to Prevent Extinction -- What Happened to Natural Selection?

A very interesting ethical and philosophical dilemma has presented itself, as Federal scientists seek permission to kill Galapagos sharks in an effort to save Hawaiian Monk seals.

Good Taste: Top 5 Foods to Prevent Bad Breath

Top 5 foods to prevent bad breadth caused by oral hygiene and gastrointestinal health.

Microchips could be used to possibly help prevent child abductions

Microchips have been a key method when it comes to a missing pet,now a new break through might be used to locate abducted children

Researchers claim Black soya beans may help prevent diabetes

Scientists say Eating black soya beans could help control weight, lower fat and cholesterol level and can prevent diabetes.

Vitamin D may reduce risk of certain cancers

Two new vitamin D studies revealed the possibility of preventing up to half of the cases of breast cancer and two thirds of colorectal cancer.

How to Deal with Hypothermia before the Ambulance arrives

Researchers have immersed themselves in ice-cold water to simulate cold-water experiences.

Juice may help prevent Alzheimer's disease

Drinking juices can help protect you from Alzheimer's disease.

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