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Donald Trump quotes Mahatma Gandhi, turns out it's fake

A day before his big Super Tuesday win, Donald Trump decided to quote Mahatma Gandhi on his Instagram account. Only problem, it wasn't actually Gandhi that he was quoting.

Clinton to confront racism in major speech

Hillary Clinton is bringing the issue of systemic racism to the agenda on Tuesday in a high-profile speech in Harlem, New York. She is set to identify her solutions to racism and discrimination as individual problems to be tackled.

Chile’s President signs bill regulating vote of Chileans abroad

Santiago - Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet signed Friday 16 the bill that allows the vote of Chileans living abroad, and establishes the procedures to vote in presidential elections and national referendums.

Trump and other GOPers give their 2 cents on Obama's re-election

With the re-election of Democratic incumbent Barack Obama as US President, notable Republicans have weighed in and given their respective two cents.

Latino voters weigh in on the 2012 US Elections

On Election Day, Latinos and Latino voters weigh in on Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. While Obama's expected to get high support from Latinos, there are Latino voters disillusioned with him.

Facebook unveils interactive real-time Election Day voting map

For Election Day, Facebook is doing its part in getting the vote out by unveiling an interactive voter map and counter that is updated in real-time.

Video: 'Gangnam Style' inspires 'Romney Style' & 'Obama Style'

"Gangnam Style" by Psy has become quite the international craze as the video went viral. It's made its way into entertainment and politics.

Paul Ryan: Obama's policies threaten Judeo-Christian values

As Election Day on November 6 draws closely near, Paul Ryan the GOP VP candidate has made a last ditch attack saying that Obama's policies "threaten Judeo-Christian values."

One day until US Election Day, Palin finally 'endorses' Romney

With Election Day being one day away, Sarah Palin, the former VP running mate to John McCain in 2008, gives her last-minute endorsement to Mitt Romney.

Romney and Obama silent on Mexico drug war during campaign

On the United States presidential campaign trail, foreign policy is a major issue as many topics were brought up. However, both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were silent on Mexico's drug war.

Focusing on storm recovery instead of campaign could help Obama

Instead of hitting the campaign trail, US President Obama is focusing on recovery efforts. A recent tracking poll launched gives good news for Obama.

Spirits of Latino voters are high for 2012 US Elections

Latino voters are making their voices heard as their spirits are high in respect to the 2012 US Elections. It shows that the Latino vote remains a relevant and crucial voting block.

Final third-party candidate debate to be broadcast live (updated)

Washington - It's down to Libertarian Party candidate, Governor Gary Johnson and Green Party's Jill Stein to debate live in the second and final third-party debate on November 5.

Romney leads Obama in daily Rasmussen poll

Washington - A major U.S. daily tracking poll published Thursday shows Mitt Romney coming back after conventions to edge Barack Obama by a point.

Op-Ed: Class warfare and the U.S. presidential race

Washington - While a Forbes' article describes an unseen class war as deciding the presidential election the system itself ensures class warfare is properly contained so that capital wins no matter which party or presidential candidate wins.

Tens of thousands protest Mexico presidential election results

Mexico - Accusing President-elect Enrique Pena Nieto of electoral fraud, around 32,000 protesters marched through Mexico City on Sunday.

Video: Presidential candidate wants France out of Eurozone

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, a Gaulist candidate in the French presidential elections, says if elected, he wants France out of the EU bloc.

Porn stars inspired by Santorum to launch a campaign

Now he's done it. Having promised to wage a war on porn if he is elected, Santorum will now be targeted by the adult film industry, but in a fun way.

Asia's newest nation East Timor holds presidential elections

East Timor, Asia's newest nation, is holding presidential election Saturday, 10 years after the United Nations declared it a sovereign country in 2002 after years of occupation by Indonesia

Senegalese singer Youssou N'Dour to run for president

Senegalese singer Youssou N'Dour, who collaborated with international musicians like Peter Gabriel, Sting, and Neneh Cherry, will run for president in his home country.

Arizona Lawmakers pass Presidential Birth Certificate Bill

Phoenix - The Arizona Senate and House have passed a bill which will require all presidential candidates to provide documentation proving they were born in United States before their names can be included on the state ballot.

Op-Ed: Jaroslaw Kaczynski - Portrait of the fallen politician

Warsaw - It's scary to think he could have been a president of Poland – a small, envious, malicious and simple minded individual. Some call him “a patriot” so let it be. Let’s redefine a simple word of “patriotism” or confirm its meaning, shall we?

Op-Ed: A Day to Remember George, Tom, and Abe

While some people roamed the malls to shop, there are those today who remember George, Tom and Abe. But what would most people think of them in the United States political climate now?

US Presidential Hopefuls Prepare For New Hampshire Debates

US Presidential hopefuls and rivals prepare to square off in the New Hampshire debates which are three days before the January 8 Democrat and Republican primary polls. Two Democratic candidates have dropped out after losing in Iowa.

US Religious Right Faces Tough Decisions

The Religious Right of the United States has a strong dilemma on its hands in regards to picking a candidate. So far, no GOP candidate seems to represent them. Primary elections are 75 days away.

Support from African-Americans Gives Clinton Edge Over Obama

A recent poll taken said that Senator Hillary Clinton’s (D-NY) lead over Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) is increasing amongst African-American voters whom are registered Democrats.

Op/Ed: A Foreigner’s View of the US Presidential Race

For non-Americans, unless you’ve spent years studying the place, America is more than a mystery. Politically, it’s just incomprehensible, unless you’ve spent at least a decade on the subject.

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Protesters in Mexico City on July 22  2012
Protesters in Mexico City on July 22, 2012
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