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Jon Stewart presidential debate petition attracts 277,000

A New Jersey teacher created an online petition asking that political satirist Jon Stewart moderate one of the 2016 presidential debates, which has generated more than 277,000 signatures.

Op-Ed: The Anger in Ann — Ann Coulter calls Barack Obama a 'retard'

Ann Coulter is joined at the hip to Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and Ted Nugent, no? Yes. Each says things that on first blush, and on second, are offensive. It's the anger in Ann that does it and Monday her anger made her call Barack Obama a "retard."

Op-Ed: Why are there only two presidential candidates in the debates?

Washington - There are two other candidates running for president who run in enough states that they could theoretically be elected president. Neither of these two candidates can take part in the presidential debates. Why?

Op-Ed: Analysis of First Presidential Debate

Denver - The first presidential debate of the fall campaign took place last night at the University of Denver. Neither President Obama or Mitt Romney landed a knockout blow or commited the sort of serious blunder that would instantly change the presidential race.

Op-Ed: Top 10 presidential debate moments in United States history

Washington - On the eve of the 2012 United States presidential debate, it would be a good time to look back at the top 10 televised presidential debates that have transpired since Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard Nixon.

Op-Ed: Did Sarah Palin just hint about a coming Gingrich endorsement?

Your attention please. Your attention please. The 2012 elections are still more than a year away. In fact, not one primary has been held...

Final Presidential Debate Protester-Veterans Face 15 Separate Trial Dates For Action

In a follow up to the arrest of the Iraq Vets protest at the final Presidential Debate,reporter Stephen Dohnberg talks with member Sgt Chiroux about the charges faced,support they are receiving,tactics of the Nassau County Police, and Sgt Morgan's injury.

Iraq War Vets Plan to Crash Presidential Debate, Demand Face Time to Ask Question

Members and supporters of Iraqi Vets Against the War (IVAW) plan to crash the final Presidential debate on Oct. 15 at Hofstra University if the IVAW representatives are not permitted to address a question to both Sen.John McCain and Sen.Barack Obama.

The Open Debate Coalition Ask McCain And Obama To Open Debates

A new coalition has been formed including Conservatives and Liberals and they are asking John McCain and Barack Obama open the remaining presidential debates to the public domain.

Commission Rules Obama-McCain Debate to go Ahead as Planned

The Commission on Presidential Debates issued a statement saying the planned presidential debate scheduled for September 26, 2008, will be moving forward as originally scheduled.

McCain, Obama Issue Joint Statement Regarding Agreement For Presidential Debates

John McCain and Barack Obama have issued a joint statement, as the two agreed to participate in three presidential debates, and one vice presidential debate, naming dates, locations and term agreements.

ABC and Fox: Narrowing the Field

ABC News, WMUR-TV (Channel 9) and Fox News are reducing the debate fields for their latest debates and/or Forums, thinning the herd so to speak, with each listing their reasons or criteria for doing so.

Op-Ed: Election 2008 Debates and Campaign Coverage

With what's been offered so far in the 2008 election cycle, it appears that the term “debate” is used loosely. Instead, these events seem more like 90 minute, multi-person, press conferences, geared toward raising campaign funds and network ratings.

The Stage is Being Set (literally) for June Presidential Debates in NH

Hopefully, this round of debates will offer more substance than show and will help voters learn more about the various candidates.

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