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Presidential debate News

Clinton takes high road, doesn't bring up Trump rape allegations

In Sunday's debate Donald Trump took the ball and ran it into the political gutter with allegations of sexual assault and rape against Hillary Clinton's husband. But here's this: she could have pointed out the same allegations have been made against him.

Trump-Clinton debate put to music, karaoke style

A lot of people watching the second debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton thought they looked like they were singing a duet. So portions of the debate have been put to music and posted on social media.

Donald Trump says if you don't like government don't pay taxes

In Monday night's presidential debate Donald Trump seemed to admit that he does not pay federal income tax and stated the reason he doesn't is because he does not like how the U.S. government spends tax dollars. It's not the first time he's said that.

Special Olympian responds to Coulter's use of the word 'retard'

Three day after Fox News' guest political commentator, Ann Coulter, called President Obama a "retard", a Special Olympics athlete has responded to Coulter's use of the word as an insult.

Op-Ed: Foreign Policy Calls For Diplomacy, Not Bravado

Diplomacy is no joke. Foreign policy is not a pissing contest. And pure bravado does not diplomacy make. Watch the 3rd Presidential debate in its entirety to get the facts straight before forming your opinion about the candidates' foreign policy position.

Op-Ed: Looking Presidential enough for GOP?

At some point during Monday’s debate the Romney campaign panicked at the sight of their candidate taking a shellacking from President Obama, and frantically sought for the proper “spin” to camouflage what America – and the world was witnessing.

Op-Ed: President Obama commanding in final debate

Boca Raton - With the exception of Romney surrogates, conservative radio hosts and the folks at Fox News Channel, the world saw President Obama take Mitt Romney to school in the final presidential debate last night at Lynn University in Boca Raton Florida.

'Horses and bayonets' sensation going viral

The third and final 2012 Presidential debate is done, and refusing to be outdone by Mitt Romney's infamous "binders full of women" meme in the last debate, President Obama started his own internet buzz with the "horses and bayonet" comment.

Op-Ed: What would a Mitt Romney presidency look like?

As Mitt Romney gains a lead over President Barack Obama in some polls many may wonder what an administration under a President Romney would look like. Key advisors to his campaign give a clue to who he may pick for key cabinet posts.

Op-Ed: Preview of Final Presidential Debate — Foreign Policy takes stage

Boca Raton - The final presidential debate takes place tonight at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida and the topic is foreign policy. Expect fireworks to fly as each candidate seeks advantage in the final weeks of a campaign that is going down to the wire.

Video: Mitt Romney in 'Binders Full of Women'

The moment Mitt Romney uttered the words "binders full of women" the internet began buzzing with tweets, Facebook post and news articles and op-eds.

Op-Ed: Mitt Romney's 'binders full of women' were not what he claims

Mitt Romney's story about "binders full of women" has had quite an impact on the Internet. There is a slight problem with it however: it is not true.

Twitter death threats to Romney after presidential debate

Death threats are being issued against the Republican candidate Mitt Romney on Twitter. Several websites that reported death threats against Romney on Twitter before the presidential debate are now reporting an upsurge in threats following the debate.

Op-Ed: Second presidential debate — President Obama rebounds

Hempstead - If President Obama was lethargic in his first debate, last night it appeared as though he had consumed a gallon of an energy drink as he took on his Republican challenger Mitt Romney at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York.

Op-Ed: US Presidential slogans – Mangled words, Mischief & Mumbo-jumbo

Obama urges electors "Forward" whilst Romney extols "Believe in America." Simple phrases, so what could possibly go wrong? But in Election 2012, so far, Romney's managed to put Obama's "Forward" into reverse.

Romney widens lead in Thursday Reuters poll

Washington - A fresh Reuters Poll out Thursday afternoon shows Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has extended his lead over incumbent Barack Obama.

Fresh Reuters poll has Romney leading Obama

Washington - For the first time in more than a month, Republican Mitt Romney has pulled ahead of U.S. President Barack Obama 45 to 44 percent in a fresh Reuters poll released Wednesday.

Romney's 52-point debate victory is the biggest in Gallup history

The full extent of Romney's defeat of Obama in the Denver presidential debate is revealed in the latest Gallup poll results which show that 72 percent of Americans who watched the debate said Romney won while only 20 percent said Obama won.

Latest Gallup poll: Obama regains 5-point lead over Romney

President Barack Obama has regained his top position over Mitt Romney in Gallup's daily tracking poll, after the GOP presidential nominee's initial post debate sugar high surge.

Op-Ed: 30 Days To Victory — Facts & Fiction of the Presidential Debate

After a lack luster performance at the debate, Obama's team was quick to accuse Mitt Romney of lies and half truths. As the President swings into action with Hollywood to raise money - here is a look at some of the facts from the debate.

Op-Ed: Barack Obama at the first debate

The first 2012 US Presidential debate is in the history books. Much has been made of the President's performance, I take a slightly more personal look at what I saw.

Obama sits down with Diane Sawyer in first post-debate interview

On the eve of the Vice Presidential debate, President Barack Obama will sit down with ABC's Diane Sawyer at the White House for his first post-debate interview following Wednesday night’s debate.

FactCheck: Romney's '$90 Billion' green energy tax break whoppers

Fact checkers say Republican nominee Mitt Romney rattled off two dozen factual misstatements in 38 minutes at Wednesday's presidential debate, several involved green energy projects in the stimulus bill.

At debate, Romney loves 'Big Bird', puts him out a job anyway

Denver - Wednesday night's presidential debate sparked anger online when Mitt Romney said if elected president he would give beloved "Sesame Street" character, Big Bird, the pink slip.

Viral photo: Obama, Romney switch hair in presidential debate

While analysis of last night's debate at the University of Denver between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney was just kicking off, an Oregon designer had more important questions on his mind: What would Romney and Obama look like if they exchanged hairstyles?

Op-Ed: Candidates fall flat in first debate Special

The first debate of the 2012 Presidential debate was set to be a game changer if either of the candidates was able to clearly outshine his opponent; however, neither candidate effectively did so.

Round #1: What to expect in Obama vs. Romney presidential debate

Denver - With all of the hype surrounding the first presidential debate between President Barack Obama and his challenger Republican Mitt Romney on Wednesday, what can viewers expect to see? Here are six predictions.

YouTube to livestream presidential, vice-presidential debates

Washington - For the first time since its launch, YouTube will live-stream four United States presidential debates and the one vice-presidential debate. It will also feature eight YouTube Election Hub partners, including Al Jazeera, Larry King and ABC News.

Op-Ed: McCain Should Study Lessons of Reagan During Tonight's Debate

The pivotal event of the 1980 presidential campaign was the single debate between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. What started with President Carter slightly ahead before the debate, became a comfortable Republican victory in the General Election.

Presidential Debate October 7th, What to Expect

What to expect from tonight's presidential debate as McCain's campaign switches into attack mode in the face of falling poll numbers and Obama seeks to continue his momentum on economic and health care issues.
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Presidential debate Image

Second US presidential debate: Obama versus Romney
Second US presidential debate: Obama versus Romney
Mitt Romney on the ropes after President Obama accused his opponent of being untruthful at the secon...
Mitt Romney on the ropes after President Obama accused his opponent of being untruthful at the second presidential debate at Hofstra University.
Screenshot via Twitter
Second US presidential debate: Obama versus Romney
Second US presidential debate: Obama versus Romney
Registered voters overwhelmingly think Romney won the debate
Registered voters overwhelmingly think Romney won the debate
Second US presidential debate: Obama versus Romney
Second US presidential debate: Obama versus Romney
Illustration showing Romney and Obama
Illustration showing Romney and Obama
Hillary Clinton shakes hands with Donald Trump after the first presidential debate at Hofstra Univer...
Hillary Clinton shakes hands with Donald Trump after the first presidential debate at Hofstra University in New York on September 26, 2016.
Jewel Samad, AFP

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